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Fantasy fighter Training Room

This room is open to anyone. The room is the size of a stadium, and is full of weights and obstical courses. Your trainer will be Steelheart. You have to train in all four areas to level up. I will erase the training when you are finished.

Steelheart was laying in the rafters waiting for students to arrive. True most will be older than him but he was wise beyond his years.

Elieen entered in, and jumped up to kneel next to Steelheart.

Poe walked in an followed Elieen and hung upside down from the rafters by a chain. She swung back and forth, looking around.

Fay walks in and asks, "Is anyone here? I need some training." She sounds a bit shy about it but she was ready for anything.

Steelheart flipped around to where he was face to face but upside down in front of Fay. "Hi! Who would you like your sensei to be me or Huiko?"

She jumped back and yelped from Steelheart flipping upside down so close. "Jeez, you scared the heck out of me. Oh, umm I'd like you to be my sensei." She kept up her act perfectly even though she was half expecting someone to pop down from the cieling. "So if it's okay with you I'd like you to train me with every type of training you've got. I'm more resiliant that I look."

"Oh..over acheiver are we? Lest go with strength to start with." Steelheart slammed his palm onto the beam above hiam and a large heavy pillar fell right above Fay.

Fay clapped her hands together and then she yelled as she braced herself and she caught the heavy pillar and held it high above her head. She wasn't even sweating of struggling with the pillar. "You want me to put this somewhere so we can get on to the heavy stuff?" She said jokingly.

"Oh..i like this one, shes feisty!" Steelheart smiled as three more blocks sequentally fell stacking on top of the first.

Fay yawned as the weights were added. "Wow, it actually feels like I'm lifting something now. Well, lets push it some more, make it so I have to drop this thing." She told Steelheart in a calm voice. She spread her lef apart a bit more to help her stance since most of lifting was about the stance.

"Lets try more pressure instead of weight." Steelheart placed his hand on the florr above his head as it began to give a of a faint glow. The floor panal on wich Fay was standing shot up and attempted to sandwich her between the weighst and floor.

Fay smiled as she started to enjoy this new training. She pushed the weights against the cieling to the point where the cieling was going to crack as she pushed down with her legs to keep herself standing. A couple more minutes and she'd have to call it quits. Maybe the cieling was break first though.

Steelheart saw the fault in the ceiling and decided he like the roof, so he would keep it safe. The floor suddenly dropped and the pillars came crashing down gaing momentium as theyfell.

While falling Fay let go of the pillars, fliped upside down then when they were close enough to the ground, she pushed up with her legs to send the pillars into the air at least a foot. Then she flipped again right before landing and caught the pillars when they fell back down again on her but only from a few feet instead of gaining momentum to make the weight impossible like Steelheart planned. "Ya, I can do that." She said with a small smile.

"Oh.. I like about wrestling?" Steelheart drew some runes on his arm with his own silvery blood after biting his thumb. He slammed his palm on the ground, a bright light emitted from the circle of runes it created and a figure began to emerge from the portal. The great steel beast stood 12 feet tall and monumentious in girth. The golam flexed its arms and chest. "Meet my personal bodygaurd familar, Arkania."

Fay threw the pillars on the ground and looked up at the golem. "I'm five foot five, how the heck do I wrestle that thing?" She says sarcastically.

"Out muscle it." Steelheart grinned. The golam brought its giant fist down over top Fay in a devistating attack.

"Come to Elftown, meet great people, get some fresh air and new adventures. The only thing missing from the pamphlet was the 12 foot golem made of metal!" She said before the the fist came down and she stopped it and started pushing it back towards the golem. She gave way for a second to dent the floor then pushed back so she wouldn't slip in the dent.

Arkanina brought his second fist down on topof his other like a mallet on a carnival game.

The floor gave way under her but the golems fists were being pushed back and she said to herself, "I'm stronger than this. I'm stronger than the golem." She stepped out of the hole in the floor and started pushing back the hands even harder.

The golam suddenly drew back and recoiled, then launched itself into Fay laterally with a devestating punch.

Fay released her hold and rolled away so the golem would punch nothing and fall on the floor from his launch. If it did she would jump on to its back and claim victory.

The goalm lost his footing and went skidding across the florr offbalance.

Fay giggled a little and jumped on top of the golem. Then in her innocent voice she asked. "Did I win or is there more?"

"no you got the best of the strength training, honest huiko and i didnt even win in the tussle with big guy here," Steelheart luaghed as he patted Arkanias shoulder.

The massive bulk of destruction grummled then heaved itself up to sit on a bench and hold its heda in its hands.

"Wait. Hiuko didn't beat him?" She looked at he hands and in amazment she said, "Wow!" She walked over and patter Arkania on the shoulder. "It's okay big guy, I'm sure we'll have another go someday." She said with a smile. After that she turned to Steelheart and in a sweet voice said, "Okay, I'm ready for the next type of training."

"Nope he didnt strength train, not the type you know. What kind do you want now?" Steelheart said while sending arkania nack to his clans temple via portal.

"What is there again?" She asked nicely.

"Lets try some speed shall we?" Steelheart armed himself with a ridiculous amount of kunia and projectile weapons from a nearby weight tree.

"Okay!" She said as she stretched her legs a bit. "So is it just dodging or is there more to it?"

"Basically its just run run as fast as you can." Steelheart released a slew of kunia at her and in a vertical wave.

Fay jumps to the left and lifts her foot to kick the bottom kunia and catches it eaily. "My my these are very sharp now aren't they? You could really hurt someone with them." She was looking at the kunai but she was ready for another attack from anywhere.

"Yes but not nearly as sharp as the wire now froming a mize around you. The kunia were only the first step." Steelheart was already three steps ahead. "Now lets test your reflexs and agility." Tiny senbom formed on the wires and shot towards Fay from multiple angles.

Fay spun around on spot knocking the senbon away with the kunai she had and only three gave her small cuts. She shifted the weight from one foot to the other and then back again and she saw the light moving down the wires so she has a vague idea of where they are.

"Let the race begin!" Steelheart slapped the nearest wall as it sprouted spikes and began sliding toward Fay rapidly, forcing her to run the opposite way and dodge the wire simultaneously.

Fay ran through the wire maze leaning to her left for glimmers form the sun on the wire and she put the kunai knife against the right wire wall, this way she figured out the maze and stayed well away from the wall.

Once again steelheart threrw in a monkey wrench. Sembon erupted from the wires again cutting off the escape route.

Fay jumped back from the blocked escape route then she focused he mind and charged through the senbon spinning in a blur of motion and she deflected thousands of senbon with the kunai knife and getting only a couple of cuts. Then she ran through the rest of the maze with blinding speed and found the exit.

"Amazing..didnt even decapitate yourself." Steelheart was impressed.

"I try to avoid doing that." She said in a sweet voice. "So anything else to this training or do we move on to the next one?"

" you demolished those two." Steelheart gazed across the room. "And honestly if i minipulate one more thing from this room it might collapse. How bout we go outside?"

Fay's head went sideways like a confused dog but then she shrugged and walked outside while stretching her arms above her head. She walked light footed in case of a surprise attack.

"This one is smarts traing. Ill present you with riddles and physical puzzles to sharpen the mind." Steelheart explained after reaching a shade tree.

"Okay test away." She said with a sweet smile as she got prepared for the test.

"In japan what turns water instantly to ice?" Steelhearts fired off the first question.

"A single mark" She said with a smile. That was an extremely easy question that she learned about not too long ago.

"Your quick...An island and the letter "t" have something in common. What is it?" Steelheart asked throwing a curve ball.

"They're both in the middle of water." She responded with an innocent smile.

"You good, too good. You better not be simply searching the net for them. A banana grower wants to transport his 3000 bananas 1000 miles across the desert to the market. All he can use is his one camel which can carry 1000 bananas at once but it needs to eat one banana to walk one mile (regardless of how many bananas it is carrying)." Steelheart asked his follow up.

"Okay and the question is?" She asked waiting patiently already thinking of the possible answer.

"How many bananas can he get to market?" Steelheart asked.

"Well... how many trips does he make? Can he carry any bananas himself, if so how many? Also I would like to know if he could get a new camel." Fay askes in a quick string making sure she got all her questions in before Steelheart answers even one.

"1. thats for you to answer. 2. No 3. No." Steelheart responded without missing a beat.

"... geez I'm only a little girl, do you have to be so hard with the question?" Fay asked retorically. "Well lets see. If he tries to make one trip for every thousand bananas he won't get any there and he would be stuck at the market place. Let me think, there are many solutions about how far he can go and such. Are there any parameters to how many he can end up having or can I just pick how many he can have out of all of the possibilities?"

"No theres a distint number and way of figuring it out. You can ask Hiuko for a lifeline." Steelheart jested pointing at the blind guy sitting in the grass.

Fay shook her head and said, "I'll figure it out. Lets see." She took out a paper and wrote on it with really small numbers and after a bit she said, I got 512 as the most. Then he sells his camel for one that doesn't need to eat bananas."

"Quite close..." Steelheart said shaking his head.

"Okay then. What is the answer?" Fay said looking over the paper she made the calculations on.

"Either 533.333... or 534 however you round." Steelheart reveiled.

"Oh, and how did you come to that conclusion?" She asked seeing if Steelheart didn't just take the answer from somewhere instead of actually doing the work.

Steelheart inhales sharply then began, "It initially seems that the answer is 0 since it would take 3 trips to the market and the camel will have eaten all 3000 bananas by then. But this doesn't take into account that his load is going to be reduced along the way as the camel eats the bananas.

Let's take it mile by mile. Since initially there are 3000 bananas and the camel only can carry 1000 at a time, the camel must make 3 trips forward: forward with the 1st 1000, back, forward with the 2nd 1000, back, and forward with the last 1000. Note that it takes 3 trips forward and 2 trips back to go the mile. For the 1st mile the camel carries 1000 bananas forward and eats 1, it eats 1 banana on the way back, carries 1000 bananas forward and eats 1, eats 1 going back, and 1000 bananas forward and eats 1. So, after the 1st mile there are 1000 - 1 - 1 + 1000 - 1 - 1 + 1000 - 1 or 2995 bananas left. So initially, for every mile traveled forward (in 3 trips), the camel eats 5 bananas.

However, after 200 miles the load will be down to 2000 bananas and the camel only needs to make 2 trips forward: forward, back, forward. For each of the next 333 and 1/3 miles the camel will eat 3 bananas to carry the load ahead. So after 533 1/3 (200 + 333 1/3) miles the load will be eaten down to 1000 bananas.

For the next 466 2/3 miles till the camel gets the market, it will eat 1 banana per mile to carry the load. 1000 - 466 2/3 = 533 1/3 bananas left. So the camel will eat a total of 200 * 5 + 333 1/3 * 3 + 466 2/3 = 2466 2/3 bananas to get the entire 3000 bananas to market so the grower will have 533 1/3 bananas left to sell. Maybe 533 because who would want to eat a banana 2/3 of which a smelly camel has eaten. The script accepted 532, 533, 533 1/3, 533.333, and 534 depending on rounding and fractions.

Also, he'll have to sell his camel there because he doesn't have the bananas to get it back."

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