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Fantasy fighter Characters

Welcome to the character page. To join, copy the info below and fill it out then message it to me. If it dosent show up it means i found it to powerful or something was wrong (either way i will probaly message you). Dont worry about the level leave it as it is i will level you up based on your combat performance. 

Elftown name:
Prefered weapon:
short history:

Name: Steelheart
Age: 17
Race: Warrior/Elemental Magician
Gender: Male
Job: Protector of Good
Residence: Traveler
Gear/Weapons: Swords,guns,armor,ect.
Ability: Turns any metal into any weapon he likes as long as he is touching it
Weakness: Water
Desciption: 5'8" blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, ying yang short sleeve shirt, no sleeve vest, headband, long baggy pants, and steel chain wraped around waist and leg for easy axcess
Prefered weapon: Long katanana
short history:The last of an anceint clan with the ability to control all metals. His family was assassinated to end the Nakini bloodline but he survived. He traveles the world fighting anyone and taking any challenge in hopes to find the ones responsible for his famlies death. He can call on Arkania the gaurdian of the Nikini family in a tight spot(very costly energy wise).

Elftown name: [NamelessMerc]
Name: Antanos Kilikas.
Age: 34
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Residence: Traveler.
Gear/Weapons: Treated, red oak Jo-staff (4-feet); Two treated, red oak Escrima sticks (2 feet each); Pauldrons, leather; chest plate, leather; bracers, leather.
Ability: Can call down lightning as an attack; Extreme speed due to light armor and training (speed can double for up to thirty seconds in a fight).
Description: About 5’9; Black hair cut at the shoulder, held back with a ponytail; Brown eyes; White cotton, baggy trousers, tied at the knees; Open-toed sandals, leather; Blue silk sash, tied at waist; staff held in hand; Escrima sticks hooked in sash.
Preferred weapon: Jo-staff.
Short history: Born in a small village south of a military camp, Antanos spent his younger days learning to fight using non-bladed weapons. He travels the world preaching against killing and honing his own skills with his staff and sticks, believing harmony comes from training both body and mind.
level: 2

Elftown name:[Akayume]
Name: Elieen
Age: 130
Race: elven
Gender: female
Gear/Weapons: daggers, sometimes bow and arrows, a small pack to carry her things in
Ability: acurate aim, stealth
Weakness: men, and fear
Desciption: Tall, and a quiet person. She has silver hair, and piercing ice blue eyes. She wears a black outfit, that consists of a corset, and pants, and boots.
Prefered weapon: daggers
short history: She is unsure, she was knocked out, and cant remember anything before that.

Elftown name:[kalo55]
Gear/Weapons:Asalt rifle,5 days rations,Short sheild,leather helmet, short bow, quiver with 20 arrows
Ability:Tame anamals, ride anamals
Desciption:is muscular with lots of scars and pains.
Prefered weapon:Asalt rifle
short history:father was killed by the devil cause of defence for kalo. kalo then adventured to find the devil to avenge his father.

Name: Cyto Zeon
Age: 18 in human years
Gender: Male
Race: Wood Elf
Occupation: Teaching magic and selling rare items and enchanted jewlery.
Appearance: I am about 6'9" and I have rough and dirty skin. I have messy brown hair that has bangs so long that it goes down to my eyes that are as blue as the night sky. I wear a short sleeved white baggy shirt, with brown pants, and leather shoes that are both flexable and comfterable. I also have a black cloak for cold places. I carry a dark green backpack that contains my cloak, pencils, paper, maps, charts, both types of compasses, an protractor, 30lbs of food, 20 lbs of water, flint, a knife, herbs, books, and scrolls.
Personality: I am nice for the most part, but fierce in battle. I am very intellegnet in and out of battle and I always think before I attack.
Skills: I am a Geomancer therefore I have magic over the earth and flora. I can also enchant jewlery and trun things into the exact same amount of money it is worth.
History: I came was born on the sea and came to a village by elftown. There I was raised in the arts of geomancing, enchanting, and gold alchemy. I came to elftown to escape, something that I don't want to disclose.
Other: I will accept almost any fight and I don't back down.

Elftown name: [~Vash~]
Name: Vash the Stampede
Age: 151+ (Uncertian)
Race: Genetically engineered plant
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: .45 colt revolver/ hidden machine gun
Ability: Agility/ High pain-tolerance/ Marksmanship
Weakness: Killing (Weakness wanning)/ alcohol/ donuts/ women/ love
Desciption: The legendary red-coated outlaw who's essence has been carved into the fifth moon by a power seemingly un-reconable.
Prefered weapon: Specialized Revolver
Short history: Has been abused and generally outcasted all his life. Gained reputation for being the most infamous outlaw on Gunsmoke, having wiped out two cities completely -including the residents- and carving a hole in the fifth moon of the plant. But all the outlaw really wants is love and peace.

elftown name:[ardae]
name:lance pananaluna
race:psyco human
gear weapons:2 girkas and a mallet
ability:he can get drunk at random
weakness:being sober
description:loves drunken bar fights
prefered weapon:his drunken fists of furry
shot story:he used to be a school boy until he got drunk and forgot his way home now he just travels around looking for challengers

Elftown name:[Balancer]
Age: ???
Race: orc/elf
Gender: male
Gear/Weapons: 5"6 staff made of unknow wood that is both black and silver and helps him to controll his powers
Ability:can sumon anything his amagination can comeup with but it dos take a lot of energy to do this. a cloak made of unknow material that can withstand any attack from mortal weapons but not anything that come from speaicail ablitays
Weakness: Elvin fir chains
Desciption:6"4 with waistlenghth hair. eyes are black and sliverwith no whights. hi weres a
Prefered weapon: his staff and cloack
short history: he wonders from dimention to dimention in the hope that he will oneday find a dimention h can rule over

Elftown name:[Pyroking]
Age: 15
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: 2 steel Katanas
Ability:Transforms into a giant fire elemental and burns down own health at rate of 2 per sec
Desciption:6'2 with brown eyes and red hair and has big feet
Prefered weapon: Katanas
short history: Hobo, drunk alot dosent noe were he came from

Elftown name:[dragonfireil]
Age: 19
Race: elf
Gear/Weapons: two swords
Desciption:tall elf brown eyes 6'11
Prefered weapon: sword
short history: was killed made a deal with the reaper to serve him but escaped and now fights for freedom and justice

Elftown name:[shiro tagachi]
Gear/Weapons:2swordbreaker daggers/a spear/Silmaril(a magical juel that drives away the forces of darckness
Ability:to call a volley of arrows out of no where
Weakness:sexy chicks
Desciption:Noble elf of the ancient Noldor race of middle-earth
Prefered weapon:his spear barasen
short history:exiled from his people he wanders the country trying to find a place he can call home.

Elftown name:[Balla C]
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: Platinum Sword, Platinum Gaurd Sheild, Platinum Full Helm
Ability: Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt
Weakness: Wind attacks and Earth attacks
Desciption: Young Black male with black dreadlocks. Baggy camo. shorts and no shirt.(armour over bare skin)
Prefered weapon: Platinum Sword
short history: Lives on the streets with his friend. Dad died when Rome was 13 and mom passed away shortly after.

Elftown name:[bloodmut]
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: none
Ability:Use blood from oppenent or from its own body to use as a weapon and sheild
Desciption: burnt skin mut dripping blood
Prefered weapon:Blood
short history: Bloodmut is the leader of Satans hellhounds summunded to be used by a powerful druid named Kia the king of brea. The druid summunded the beast but his oppenent knowing the lust for blood of his beast he threw a knife at the king and the beast killed him making it kill anything it wants

Elftown name:[miklik]
Race:black mage
Gear/Weapons:elimental staff
Ability:control of fire,lightning,water and ice
Desciption:wears a black robe can't see face thru hood glowing red eyesand always wears durty red gloves
Prefered weapon:staff
short history:was casted out of a town full of humans that fear the use of magic. was feard by everyone he met. he finally found someone who loved him but she soon died.she was murderd by a wizerd now his soul is filled with hate.

Elftown name:[alexmidd]
Age: 13
Race: White
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: Two swords, Knight armor, Sheild
Ability:To levatate objects
Weakness: People who can also levatate objects
Desciption: Blue eyes, tall, fit, sandy blonde hair
Prefered weapon: An Awesome Sword
short history: i just got this account

Elftown name:[sox]
Gear/Weapons:Katana mischief blade(combat knife), kenga's(throwalbe small blades), silencer 9mm(for that silent kill)& a six piece revolver.  
Ability:shadow stealth, somewhat healing factor, & basic elements being placed into blade.
Weakness:damage to the heart
Desciption:Full heavy metal ninga.Bounty hunter also servent for the true king Alexender.
Prefered weapon:Combat knife & gun
short history:slaughter family & friends, promise revenge by King Alexender.(revenge fefilled)Right-hand of king of Darkhearts(Alexender)

Elftown name:[jiggles]
Age: 17
Race: king/dark elf
Gender: male
Gear/Weapons:(left hand) golden plated hand-claw when necessary. A gaint 2 handed barbian blade & Golden magnum 45 4 that royal dismissel.
Ability: furies hand to hand & swordsmen cobat nearly sick & no mercy tactics. Dark elements & basic elements.Energy drain!
Weakness:Damage to the heart.
Desciption:Black with moon shade joker-hat. Barbian steel plate on left sholder.
Prefered weapon:barbian blade
short history:I am the king of the Dark Hearts ruler of black heart clane.

Elftown name:[Tarzan]
Gear/Weapons:Hellbird,Milkwoodbow with long rang armor persing arrows,30 o' 6 (sniper rifle),skull sword,elven war hammer ,third generation Elf war armor
Ability:Camoufloge with enviorment,swift with the wind,rapid healing,brain control
Weakness:removing heart
Desciption:6'tall, 190lb, long black hair,Allways an alert & never feels emotion
Prefered weapon:Milkwood bow, War hammer ,30 o' 6
short history:Been around since the down of time.Created by the Elf Gods them selfs to bring order to the fighting for king Alexander king of the dark hearts.

Elftown name: [Dwarf Ronin]
Name: Shang Chi...a.k.a "Agile Panda"
Age: 57
Race: Human/Anthro
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: No weapons, but wear 4-ball wrist and ankle bands to block weapons and break them.
Ability: Has mastered the matrial art of "Panda Lotus" and has to ability to morph into a Panda Anthro; which increase, speed, defense, and strength. Has super-human hearing and smell.
Weakness: Has a hard time sensing energy, mind, and chi based attackes.
Desciption: Long, gray hair about shoulder length, a mid-short bread and mustash; deep, blue eyes; is about 5 foot 7 in height and weighs about 176 pounds. Wear usually his sensi out fit and a big, straw hat that covers his blind eyes.
Prefered weapon: His hands and feet
short history: A lone master of many of matrial arts form, but only uses his own creation of "Panda Lotus". He was born blind and has to survive through his childhood without seeing the world. Other children hazed and mocked him because of his disability. At the age of 35, he taught the many different art forms to his two best students, Musoskai Budoka and Bonsai Mushio. Now, Shang Chi is a simple blind man that wondering everywhere to improve his other senses.

Elftown name:[c_cidd99]
Gender: male
Desciption:long hair half man half horse
Prefered weapon: dragon sword
short history:village destroyed by elfs norks

Elftown name:[Jak Jak]
Gear/Weapons:sawed off shot gun,evil bunny
Ability:super speed ,and magic
Weakness:daisys,gettin shot.
Desciption:very tall
Prefered weapon:sawed off shot gun
short history: mom got shot by hunters and thats why weakness is getting shot

Elftown name:
Age: 13
Race: minotaur
Gender: male
Gear/Weapons: ice sword
Ability:control of animals
Weakness:lightning, and water
Desciption:funny guy who is a follower
Prefered weapon: ice sword, bow and arrows
short history:born in small town

Elftown name:[Kaiten-Okochumi]
Gear/Weapons:Long bow,short sword, armour, bracers, helmet, chainmail shirt,leather boots + gloves, cloak, dagger, small shield.
Ability:In wooded areas blends into background and has excellent aim
Weakness:Close combat
Desciption:Tall and willowy with ash blonde hair and emerald green eyes,wears dark greens and browns.
Prefered weapon:Long bow
short history: Ritaku was abandoned as a baby after her mother and father were killed in battle whilst defending her village. aftre many years of seeking for the truth she discovered the reason for her parents deaths were the fault of the other villagers who fled from the battle leaving them to fend for themselves.She has vowed to find the cowards who ran and make them pay for her loss....

Elftown name: [i have my reasons]
Name: insaine_pyro
Age: 16
Race: dwarf
Gender: female
Gear/Weapons: flaming swards
Ability: very flexable able to bend in many ways and very quicky.
Weakness: water
Desciption: very short about 3'9", has long brownish-black hair (curly), big moss green eyes, big lips lie angelina jolie's, body type is normal.
Prefered weapon: swards
short history: raised by her father (mother was killed) so she is alot like a tomboy, her father tought her how to fight scence she was the only child.

Player name: Bradley Heard

Name: [flux]
Race: Un-dead shadow warrior
Age: Lost Count
Height: 5ft9
Weight: 34kg (without weapons or clothing)
Weapons: A Finely carved staff made from the wood of the finest red oak tree in the land of “corsect”, the staff is about 6ft tall and has inscriptions up the side of all the people the staff has been passed down to including Flux.
Armour: Flux does not own any armour for over time it aged and rusted; now all he carries is a shield a staff and a unbelievably well conditioned cloak
Magic: he personally does not poses and “magical” power of such but his staff has the ability of ice element and also it can control the living forest (found on Corsect)
History: Flux is a ancient warrior from the famous War between The two gods Sefius & Lersen, Flux was in the army of Sefius, the war went for several years and Flux happened to be placed among the mages using a staff that drained his life power, yet the more he used it the more he grew in strength so he didn’t refuse to use it, after several years of using this great weapon it drain all his life and turned him into an un-dead Shadow warrior along with many of his fellow soldiers, this is how Sefius won the war!
Languages spoken: Flux speaks most main languages for he has been around for centuries

Elftown name: [supernick93]
Name: FlameHeart
Age: 24
Race: Elf/ FireMaster
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: Light Fire Armor/ Fire LongBlade
Ability: Can Conjurer Armor, Weapons, and any beast thats nature is Fire.
Weakness: Great Weakness to water and low weakness to Ice.
Desciption: 5'5" Deep Blue Eyes, Dark Brown Hair, Deep Red and Black Armor and Black Cape.
Prefered weapon: Fire LongBlade
short history: Lived in his village until it was raided by a army of Undead Bandits. He swore to avenge his Family And Village.

Elftown name: [Max11]
Age: unknown
Race: Slime(Made completaly of a liquid)
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons:No phtsicl wepons/gear but creats objects out of his oun body liquid.
Ability:can suffocate enemy,Etremely agile,transfornms arms,leges into blades,shields or any smashing item. WATRa CstA is an abillity that allous me to cover the enemy with my body and rapidly attack for 2 turns, blades do slim to none damage against me, exremely fast in water.and last, absorbs all liquids around me
Weakness:extreme heat,low hearing, dry areas,long distances away from enemy,
Desciption:A huminoid like water blob, am the color of the liquid i am liquid
Prefered weapon: self
short history: Unknown

Elftown name:[knightOFflames]
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: male
Gear/Weapons:silver short knife, silverish cloak, light cloating
Ability:stealing, quick movements
Weakness:strong hits
Desciption:5ft11inchs, blue eyes, brown hair, 135lbs, quick and energetic
Prefered weapon: knife
short history:an orphan child that raised himself in the streets of charleston by stealing cloths, food and anything he needed, honor among theives is his greatest code, and he never steals from those that are in need

Elftown name: [Pennywise Inevitable Damnation]
Age: 126
Race: Elamentalist
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: 2 small daggers made from excalibur
Ability: Able to control the four elements, (water, wind, fire, earth).
Weakness: Death a of a friend.
Desciption: Shadowvayne stands about 6'1", he is pretty broad but nothing major, he has very long pure white hair that goes down to the middle of his shoulders. He were a solid 1 peice of chain mail, made from solid white gold, with a high neck gaurd and white gold spikey shoulder pads.
and white gold boots.
Prefered weapon: Sword(sword if any at all) Shadowvayne is smart and wise, not barbaric.)
short history: He was born in a city called Palintine, and grew up to find his his destiny through out many different realms and meet many new freinds.

Elftown name: [Hiuko]
Name: Hiuko Silverbane
Age: 170
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: None
Ability: Can talk to plants, animals, and in any race’s language. He can eat as much as he wants without gaining an ouce or having stomach problems. He also is a natural and very creative when it comes to fighting unarmed, good at wilderness survival, he can play the flute, meditates, is good with logic puzzles, and through meditation he heightens his senses so he can hear, smell, and, through vibrations in the ground, feel where everything is, even if the object his in the air. (He will hear the air moving around the object). Lastly he has elven appearance magic which makes any injuring heal up on the surface quickly so he looks the same, although the pain is still there.
Weakness: Loud noises and bad smells
Desciption: Short (About 5'4") and scrawny with long silver hair that goes halfway down his back and has long bangs that go past his blind grey eyes that also seem full of knowledge past that of most people even ten times his age. He wears a gray tunic, grey leggings, and no shoes. All of his clothes are clean. He also has an alchemic symbol on his hand that keeps him bound to his pet demon cat bangs. He like most elves has pointed ears but he has a human face. He also has green rucksack that contains food, water, flint, and a hand carved wooden flute. He also has a cat named Bangs because she likes to bat around or nibble on Hiukos' bangs. Bangs is a cat as small as a kitten and has brown with white stripes, or the other way around, not sure, anyway. Bang is a demon cat so thus she looks like a normal cat but can in a startling transformation can turn into a giant black can with thicker fur, rougher fur, sharper claws and teeth, a roar that even frightens even the largest of animals, and it sprouts giant demonic wings. The wings however can be brought even in little cat form showing a small cat with small demon wings. Bangs is as old as Hiuko and travels in his rucksack. His rucksack fits around his shoulders by a rope that is attached to said rucksack.
Prefered weapon: None
short history: His past is shrouded in mystery and is blurry even to him. He does get dreams every now and then of what he thinks is the past but sometimes they are short or to blurry to tell what is happening. He does however know a tiny bit from what he pieced together in clear dreams. He does know that in the past he was born and raised in a forest where the trees were higher than the people living there. He was in a prejudice free town and was taught to fight unarmed by a human. The human training him in unarmed combat said he was a natural and that Hiuko could find many out of the ordinary attack combos. Hiuko set off on a journey to find someone although who he wasn't sure. He helps many people and made many enemies on his trip. He learned wilderness survival by himself. He was blinded by an unremovable curse and was taught to, by meditation, feel his surrounding with heightened senses. He was taught this by a half-elf. Hiuko got Bangs from birth because they were born on the same day. They preformed a ritual that bound their spirits together and each of them has an alchemic symbol where the ritual seal is. If one of them is taken away, the others ritual seal will burn red and they will unleash devastating powers and do anything to get the other back. Hiukos' symbol is on his right hand and Bangs' is on her back hidden by fur. The town only did this if two being were born on the same day. There are some people that are bound to each other, others bound to trees, although the tree gets the power to shrink to seed form and grow back to regular in an instant at the spirit partners command. He does not know how exactly he lost his memory but the people who found him saw him by a waterfall and presumed he fell and lost his memory. He got parts of his memory back from seeing his items and Bangs. He doesn't know the name of his town, were it is, who the person he's trying to rescue is or who the people who took that person are. So, he wonders randomly waiting for his memory to return.

Elftown name:[shiro tagachi]
Gear/Weapons:in sheath regular bow staff but when staff is activated (only by maligil) by thrusting in to the ground to gain the earths heat it turns into a double-ended flaming kaiser blade, molten flail, bow and never-ending quiver of arrows
Ability:absorbing heat and turning it into energy, summoning molten earth armor
Weakness:minimal sources of heat
Desciption:firey deamon of the abyss 6'8" weighs 450lbs.
Prefered weapon: the double-ended flaming Kaiser Blade
short history:he was banished from hell for not meeting the "evil criteria". Before he was exiled he was given a special blade (i.e. the Kaiser Blade) to guard him in his travels that he might one day become evil and return.

Elftown name:pewter
Gear/Weapons:A worn short sword, a medium sized sheild with a man riding a gold and silver dragon with a dead green and yellow loin in its mouth. An amulet with a blue gem in the middle and gold and silver runes ingraved in the metal
Ability: Able to summon the great silver and golden dragon, aniu to his side. And he is very srrong...... for a human
Weakness:Matters relating to his son
Desciption: A stocky man with jet black hair and light blue eyes. Had gold and silver plate mail armor cut off at the sholders. Has muscular arms and large hands.
Prefered weapon:His short sword
short history:A knight of the dragon champions. Sent far away, on a mission, from his only son. Had to leave him with his uncle since his mother disapered when he was only four. would give his life to protect son.( read my on going novel on elfwood for more off a fell for jaron)

Elftown name: [Dwarf Ronin]
Name: Musoskai Lei Budoka
and Lorcan Kael Gallagher
Age: 28

Race: Draconic/Human

Gender: Male

Gear/Weapons: Silk, bone-white robes reaching down to ankles, black leathers straps wrapped around his waist, brown leather wrapped around his hair for a ponytail, iron bracelets with the symbol of “dragon” on them, and wooden sandals with metal plates on the bottom.

“Tatsuhiro, the Dragon’s Fang” an ancient family Sakabatou passed down from generation to generation. In each anthropomorphic state, weapon changes with different weapon style of fighting. The Sakabatou contains the 6 legendary spirit dragons.

Ability: Able to consume the 6 legendary dragon spirits from his ancient family Sakabatou to transform into an anthropomorphic version of the dragon, weapon would change into the ancient dragon’s weapon and weapon style, and use its special abilities.

A. Rikuto, the Red Fire Dragon: Able to control the fire element and has increased strength (strength boost of 75%) Gains the ability to fly with newly formed wings.
Weapon: Double-Bladed Axe
Weapon Style: Glima
Weakness: Water Based Attacks

B. Keiji, the Blue Water Dragon: Able to control the water element and has increased regeneration (able to heal up to ¾ damage token.) Gains the ability to fly with newly formed wings and gills.
Weapon: Tai Sword
Weapon Style: Tai Chi
Weakness: Electrical Based Attacks

C. Kunio, the Black Earth Dragon: Able to control the earth elemental has increased defense (defense boost of 75%) Gains the ability to fly with newly formed wings.
Weapon: Double-Headed War-Hammer
Weapon Style: Berserker
Weakness: Heavy Water Based Attacks

D. Yoshio, the White Ice Dragon: Able to control the ice element and has increased accuracy (accuracy boost of 75%) Gains the ability to fly with newly formed wings.
Weapon: Katana
Weapon Style: Ninjitsu
Weakness: Electrical Based Attacks

E. Junji, the Green Wind Dragon: Able to control the wind element and has increased speed (speed boost of 75%) Gains the ability to fly with newly formed wings (increased flight speed.)
Weapons: Boa-Staff
Weapon Style: Karate
Weakness: Earth Based Attacks

F.  Tabito, the Yellow Lightning Dragon: Able to control the lightning element and has increased stamina and resistance (stamina and resistance increased by 75%) Gains the ability to fly with newly formed wings.
Weapons: Snake Sword
Weapon Style: Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū
Weakness: Earth Based Attacks

Weakness: When in anthropomorphic dragon forms; when sun is rising and setting, eyes get blurred of vision for the time being. Of course, being mortal and all, still has the same weakness as any normal man.

Description: Long, blue hair reaching down past his ankles; down to his shins with a leather strap holding it up. Aqua blue eyes that glow while it dark sometimes. Has fair colored skin with scars along everywhere. Special tattoos placed along his skin to channel the dragon spirit’s energy.

Short history: At age 20, Musoskai was fairly trained with numerous martial arts and different weapon techniques. One day, his tribe has asked him to collect meat for the big tribal festival. After 3 hours of his special errand and finally came to his village to discover death and decay everywhere. This family was scattered across the plains, blood sprayed along the huts and grass. Musoskai searches along the village for living survivors. He finds one of the old monks crawling towards the family relic. The monk handed the family sword to Musoskai and said to him that he must protect the swords and must protect himself from destruction. Musoskai agreed and went off towards the hills to train is body and mind. For eight straight years, he has mastered many different martial arts and weapon techniques and ready to revenge his village.

Level: 2

Username: [Hiro Kitaki]
Name: Zole Nikko
Race:Evolved human
Origin:Created in a lab 22 years ago, He escaped and has been wandering ever since.
Description:Zole is a firstgrade fighter, a master of many martial arts and weapon arts he is not to be under estimated.
Attire:...see image...
Personality:usually closed minded to all others and is a loner...Though if you manage to befriend him he will show no bounds on loyaltly. In battle he resembles a force of nature, Implaccable, unreasoning and nigh-unstoppable.
Weapons:A near perfect control of elemental lightning that comes from his own body and a single edged blade.
History:Zole is determined to find the person who had him created in the lab he grew up in, He heard that an informant might be taking part in the Tournament.


Elftown Name-Happy-Go-Lucky
Char. Name-Ralic
Race-Half/orc Half/human
Gear-Banded steel mail, Bastard sword of pelor, Steel spike shield, flint&steel, rations, bedroll
Ability- Being of orc orign Ralic can go into a rage in battle. When Ralic prays to his god pelor his bastard sword will ignite for 30 minutes a day.
Weakness-When Ralic gose into his rage he cant tell friend from foe.
Discription-Ralic is over 6 feet tall. And is well over 250 pounds. His skin has a gray tint to it. He has a scar across his left eye. And another over his right shoulder.
Perfered Weapon-Blessed Bastard sword of pelor.
Short History-Ralics mother was raped in an orc raid on her village when she was young. After Ralic was in his teens he moved to the city with his mother.One night walking home he noticed 2 strange men following a preist. He followed these men an when they attacked the preist he killed them both. he took the injured preist back to his temple. They thanked him and offered him a bodyguard post a the temple and he excepts.

name:Hyoga Neji.
race:Low elf.
gear/weapon:Naruto ninja equip and 2 handed sword.
ability:Unhuman fast and use chakra.
Describtion:Look like neji in naruto but without the marks on his forhead.
prefered weapon:Hands.
short history:A great ninja from Konoha. A small ninja villige.

race:merfolk(Underwater humans).
gear/weapon:sword, axe and bow.
Ability:Underwaterbreth. Very strong.
describtion:He looks like half shark half human.
prefered weapon:sword.
short history:He lived in a peacefull underwater town.
other:breth on land and in water.

Name: Caita Zatomi

Age: 1510

Race: koshitsu kage (imperial shadow)

Gender: male

Gear/weapon: a blue sword called haiku and a red sword called oreta yume

Ability: controls darkness and ice magic and can morph into a wolf.

Weakness: strong bursts of light into his eyes

Describtion: dark blue hair, crimson red eyes. moves like a beast and thinks like one too

Prefered weapon: the katana or halberd

Short history: the spawn of two demon parents ryu, the demon noble of light, and irene, the wolf temptress of the north. at a young age he began to gain control of his demonic powers, ice from his mother, but he was totally unable to use the light magic of his father. ryu enraged, accused irene of cheating on him and killed her. shortly afterward signs of his fathers magic began to show up, which only made caita feel horrible knowing that if he had only mastered it sooner his mother would be alive now. his depresion spiraled until his fathers powers were no longer detectable, instead of light his spirit developed into darkness.

Elftown name:[Tekkon KinKreet]

Name: Elson Rodston

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: male

Gear/Weapons: Two log chains that are attached to his jeans which he uses much like whips. Is also decent in hand to hand combat and always carries a zippo lighter.

Ability:Elson often uses the log chains as weapons, but also has the ability to make them meld to his lower arms in the form of guantlets. he also has limited control over fire. The only fire he can control is a flame that is already there and is incapable of creating flame out of nothing.

Weakness: He is human, and also an extremely honorable person which tends to get him into trouble during fights becuase when he could take a cheap shot to end it fast, he chooses to wait, which drags the fight on.

Desciption: He is tall, just under seven feet, and weighs nearly 270 lbs, all solid muscle. His face would seem dopish to most, but this is a carefully constructed and maintained mask.
His hair is long, kept in a braid that runs down the center of his back to his waist. The color is pure black with his short sideburns colored a crimson red.
His eyes are a bright green and seem slightly out of place on his otherwise darkly detailed upper body.
He prefers to wear a plain black sleeveless shirt, (Ripped or cut) and baggy black cargo jeans (Khaki material) with two log chains attached, crossing both in the front and back. He also wears a shorter log chain around each wrist and black combat boots.
He has no piercings, but does have a tatoo of a mountain on both fists.

Prefered weapon: Chains and zippo.

short history: Elson grew up in a loving family, but after he became aware of his abilitly he had trouble coping and turned to drugs, nearly overdosing on heroin three times. After totally breaking the habit however, he set an extreme weight lifting routine for himself, quickly growing to the size, weight, and strength he is today.
The same man Ren calls boss eventually found him and told him to go to the other's hideout to meet Ren.


Elftown name: [pewter]

Name: Crysst

Age: Unknown, appears to be 20 but you can never really tell, can you?

Race: Unknown, he looks human.

Gender: Male

Gear/Weapons: A long black cloak covers his body and a piece of black silk is wrapped around his eyes. A sharp claw is on each finger. Aside from that he carries only a gold and silver cross necklace wrapped around his left wrist. 

Ability: He is extremely well versed in many fighting styles, most of them in hand to hand combat. His claws are extremely strong, and are as sharp and as hard as the finest blades. They are also able to cut through many objects including wood and many of the softer metals. He has a rudimentary knowledge of magic and so far can only perform weak spells. He has excellent hearing and is soft on foot, and is stealthy when need be, but otherwise has no special abilities to account for when he is sane. Some times he loses himself in the depths of his mind. When like this he is very unstable, getting angry at the slightest things and may kill without reason or for the tiniest things. His strength and speed increases. His spells power increase tenfold, but all of this is taxing on his body and afterward he is only able to barely move once the adrenaline where off. He can also summon the two blades that are the source of his power. If he is fighting for himself or for selfish reasons his left arm and shoulder will glow red, and when he speaks the name “Sĕkkün” the runes will disappear from his left arm and shoulder and a broad sword will appear, red runes running down its blade. This is the demon sword Sĕkkün in its bound form. If he is fighting to protect others or fighting for a noble cause his right arm and shoulder will glow blue and when he speaks the name “Kaјΐ˘Ÿan” the runes will disappear from his right arm and shoulder and a thin longsword will appear, blue runes running down its blade. This is the holy sword Kaјΐ˘Ÿan in its tamed form. In their bound and tamed forms the blades are normal non magical swords. They do not contain magic of their own but with the restrictive runes removed from his body his power increases, therefore increasing the blades strengths, but this too has a price. Once therunes return to his body the abrupt shift in power and the toll on his body from summoning the blades, as well as the severity of his wounds may well temporarily paralyze him or worse.   

Weakness: The daytime sky, and extremely holy, or demonic objects.

Description: Long and wild black hair reaches down to his waist. His fair skin seems to glow in the darkness and his face is always lowered. His heavy black cloak covers most of his body so he is rarely noticed in dark places. If you look into his eyes you see a half sane man tormented, and alone, yet you also see a spark of light, a bit of hope, and much intelligence. His crimson pupils pierce your soul, leaving it in despair, hopeless and careless for its own body’s welfare. His sapphire iris’ pleasantly probe you, warming your body filling it with faith, happiness, and rejoice for the gift of life. The soul and the body fight each other for control eventually ripping the viewer’s body from its soul. The body having no mind and soul to control it and being unable to control itself is inhabited by a demon, now able to wreak havoc in the mortal world. The soul, now having no body to bind it to the world, is guided to the true deity. He feels all the pain of death that the viewer does times two, and raking scars mark his eyes where on numerous occasions he had tried to rip his own eyes out. Runic tattoos run up and down both arms and shoulders and down his back. At first glance he looks human, but he has the pointed ears that the elves are known for. He has the balance and grace of an elf in battle, but he has the body build and muscle mass of a young human warrior. A piece of silk covers his eyes when he’s not in battle.  

Preferred weapon: He prefers to use his own fist and claws when he can.

Short history: For a long time he roamed the earth wraith-like, not eating, not sleeping, not living. One day though, the runes on his palms vanished and he was set free. Finally released to live. From that day on he hungered for life and adventure, but he was always silent, unnoticed by the average passerby. He stayed inconspicuous, always trying not to attract attention to himself. For every time he is noticed it seems that someone is compelled to try and remove the cloth from his eyes, and most succeed because he has no power to stop someone from taking the cloth off to gaze at what he hid, and gaze they do into the eyes of death, in who’s depths lie the gate of heaven and the fiery passageway of the abyss, and they suffered a slow and agonizing death. They would live for a few more days and then when the body and soul split all of the pain that they felt was doubled and he felt it all at once. Tortured by memories of the past, he would fall into the darkness of his mind. He would burn down whole villages not flinching as he killed countless children, women, and men. Then when he woke it was like a reoccurring nightmare, the terrible memories of his past eluded him, he would wake in a sea of blood and he had done it. He would tremble with self loathing and sorrow, and he would run off into the night like a frightened animal, and he would confine himself to a cave and stay there for days without eating or drinking, he would just sit there unable to move, resting his body and healing his wounds. Now he searches for the Stone of Relh an Ancient Dragon Stone that is said to hold the true way for a mortal to reach the kingdom of the True Deity. So cursed with eyes that split the body and soul, and never being able to look at the day sky he set out on his quest an he will discover all that he wants to know and more, too much more.


Elftown name: [Lite]
Name: Osmium Intera
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric/Fire Mage
Gear/Weapons: Osmium is equipped with a staff of osmium with a crystal of topaz in its head, through which his arcane power is channeled and intensified. He also wears a topaz crystal on each hand, allowing him to cast spells unarmed, and furthering magical potential. A small sleeve dagger is kept for emergencies. He wears a neckpiece with the symbol of his god on it, which allows him to make further use of divine healing power. As users of the magic arts avoid wearing armor, Osmium wears a beautifully ornate, yet functional mystic martial suit. The suit does not interfere with the use of his spells.
Ability: Able to produce, duplicate, and manipulate all forms of fire, and up to some extent, heat. Can also heal the injuries of allies, however the healing potential is greatly reduced when used upon himself. Is able to use the ability, "fade step", which allows him to fade quickly away from his opponent, into any direction within a nine-foot radius of himself.
Weakness: Is weak in melee combat; is more of a support fighter who relies on another to take the damage. However has learned to be able to fight upclose. Also is not used to taking direct hits, and has a low defense rate. Will tire after a long period of using spells.
Desciption: Osmium is roughly six feet, with a medium build. Tousled auburn hair plays around sparkling emerald eyes that reflect kindness and wisdom beyond his years. Despite the time spent indoors pouring over old parchments, Osmium has slightly tanned skin. This reflects his love for nature which contrasts his destructive element. He is reserved, strong and silent to most, yet has a mild, easy-going attitude once you allow yourself to know him. However, mess with him, and the firey temper within is unleashed.
Prefered weapon: Fire Magic, Osmium Staff
Short history: Starting as a vagabond orphan with a strange attraction to fire, a curious wizard took him in when he noticed his strange ability, and potential. The mage trained an raised him as he would a son, and soon Osmium's skills surpassed that of his master. When he felt ready, he left for the real world just before his twentieth birthday. With time, and influence from his element, Osmium gained a destructive nature. When at last he realized this, he went and studied briefly under a priest to train as a healer in attempt to regain some of his light qualities. Now he seeks glory, to be recognized as one of greatness, to succeed as a champion of light.

User Name: [Lite]
Full Name: Asteria Starlite Aster
Alias: Shadowstalker
Race: Drow
Age: 127
Gender: Female
General- Celestia is tall for a drow at 5'6", with a slender but muscular build. Her glowing golden eyes like stars in the night sky that know and see too much and shoulder-length gossamer-silver hair are her most noticable traits. She has a fair complexion (by drow standards) with faint lavender skin. True to her alias, Shadowstalker, she has an uncanny ability to sneak up ona person without notice with her stealth. Even with the enhanced strength of the drows, Shadowstalker prefers the use of her favoured weapon, the black longbow. She relies most on her graceful and agile nature.
Apparel- Shadowstalker wears a skin-tight black leather suit that extends from just above the breasts down to her ankles, with metal bracers and spaulders. She wears black-leather archer's gauntlets, and boots of similar material. She is often found wearing a magical black cloak that helps her blend into the shadows.
Accesories- Tatooed with symbols of the sun, moon, and stars, the symbol is her insignia an is portrayed in her medallion, supposedly a gift from her predecessor, and on her armor.
Personality- Once one of the light, Shadowstalker now has a dark, mysterious and hostile aura about her. This is coupled with a sense of light dark, derisive humor. Cunning and sardonic, she enjoys taunting her prey, all the while remaining all-buisiness. She is proud and arrogant, yet passive, and always vigilant and ready to act on the spur of the moment.
Motto- Mercy is for the weak, failure is death.
Weapons/Equipment: Equipped with an exotic longbow of black wood engraved with sigils to enhance precision and aim from the Tree of Eternity, with arrows fletched with raven feathers. Also has twin blades, with which she is deadly slung across her back, and numerous hidden daggers and knives.
Preferred Weapon: Black Longbow
Weaknesses- Everyone has weaknesses, including Shadowstalker. In order to learn one's weaknesses, you must first discover their strengths. Shadowstalker prefers ranged combat, and has a deadly aim, so getting close enough for melee combat without being shot is ideal. Her element comes into play in the darkness, when she vanishes like a specter, and with her night-vision, is seemingly everywhere at once. She can also use her ability Starfall at night. If field of battle can be chosen, Shadowstalker is weakest in broad daylight. Over-confidence also leads her to underestimate her enemy.
Darkness- Brings an impenetrateable darkness, cloaking her from her enemies unless it is also a creature of darkness.
Starfall- Call's the power of the stars to aid her, dealing damage in a spectacle of raining stars, however leaves her prone to attack.
Metamorph- Ability to metamorph temporarily in to her familer.
Familers: Shadow (raven)
Alignment: Darkness
Elements: Darkness and Light (Stars in the Night Sky
Forms: Drow, metamorphs to raven
Short History: Shadowstalker is rumored to be the daughter of Celestia, High Goddess of the Celestial Realm and greater knowledge. Once a revered cleric of good shining under the light of her mother, she is now one of evil, succumbed after many years in pain. The fact that the one who gave birth to her was a Goddess of Neutrality might explain her divided loyalty. Abadoning her former aesthetic life, she enters a world of darkness, living as an outcast.
Level: 2

name: mint.
age: 14.
race: low elf.
weapons: a staff.
ability: can control energy. not the same as neji but close.
weakness:animal costumes. she like them much.
describtion: she looks like mint in galaxy angel. the anime.
prefered weapon: staff.
short history: she is from the future so her history is not made yet.

Elftown name:[Syris Wesley]
Name: Gilliam Almer
Age: 84 (Looks more like 32)
Race: Bio-enhanced Human/ Soldier
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: Bladed Gauntlets, Agueios (Right) and Lykeios (Left). Agueios and Lykeios are specially-made bladed gauntlets created solely for Gilliam. They're made of a magically-laced metal known as Aetheril that not only enhances Gilliam's lightning control but also give him some teleportation abilities by utilizing wormholes. Their relative strength also lies on Gilliam's emotions, the stronger the emotion the more powerful the gauntlet. When attacking, the small blades on the outer sides of the gauntlets are laced with electricity, forming electrical blades of varying length and strength. As a Soldier, he is also trained in a variety of martial arts to compliment his ability to control lightning.
Ability: Able to use Lightning nearly freely, since that is his natural elemental affinity. However, when he builds up the willpower he can manifest the intense flame of his soul, generating control over fire as well.
Weakness: Gilliam's main weakness is his Pride as a soldier, pushing himself far past his limit for honor. Elementally, he is weak against Earth.
Description: Gilliam wears a kind of light uniform made of a silk-like material that is light yet durable. He is always wearing his gauntlets, yet they do not seem to inhibit him from using his hands freely.
Preferred weapon: His bladed gauntlets, Agueios and Lykeios, combined with his martial arts training.
short history: A son of the prestigious Almer family of the Duchy of Carmine, Gilliam is one of a long line of soldiers. An elite soldier in the Order of the Black Steel, the special operations division of the Carmine Military, Gilliam has agreed to be the test subject to many new genetic enhancements and weapons tests. Agueios and Lykeios are a result of that, gauntlets that not only enhance his control over lightning but also allow him to slip through the dimensional weave to teleport. However, the teleporting ability is still not perfected and can only allow for small teleports without a significant amount of time to slip through dimensions. On the genetic side, Gilliam was subject to a test where he can heal at an increased rate, but his life expectancy is now no longer able to be calculated. Recently, he volunteered to go through a new program that would allow him to go to other dimensions to gather information using his gauntlets, hence why he is fighting wherever he currently is.

Elftown name: [Rook.]
Name: Poe
Age: 17
Race: dark elf
Gender: female
Gear/Weapons: Blades, a gun, chains, and pins
Ability: dark magic (though she is still learning)
Weakness: poor lighting
Desciption: a seventeen year old girl whose family was killed when she was six, impairing her vision somewhat… she has black hair, blue eyes. 5’7” and athletic, she is quick despite her handicaps, which include impaired vision, deadened nerves in her right wrist, which is burned from the killing of her family….
Prefered weapon: her double blades
Short history: she trained under anyone she came across….anywhere from minor gods, to assassins, and beyond. She is very good at what she does, and likes competition.

Elftown name: [Myna]
Name: Fay Deletoria
Age: 130
Race: Music Elf
Gender: Female
Gear/Weapons: Iron Fans
Ability: Bardic Magic
Through flue playing, she can give physical and mental boosts to people, she can heal the wounded or sick, and sometimes she can even control the wind and plants.
She also wears two earrings that play music only she can hear and she can turn it on or off mentally. When the music is playing she becomes extremely quick, agile, graceful, and deadly.
Weakness: She has a tendency to rush into things and if she losses her earrings she can get a bit clumsy.
Desciption: She has the normal pointed features of an elf and her hair is long and red going down to her shoulders. She has green eyes that can piece a person’s soul and she has a thin build. She wears a rustic red tunic with brown pants and brown leather calf high traveler’s boots. She also has a leather belt with two holsters at the sides to hold her iron fans that she uses for close quarters combat and her flute is near her right iron fan for easy retrieval. She also has a rucksack for her traveling supplies. Last of all are her ear rings which are in the shape of a little blue ball at the end of a very short gold chain. She can mentally turn them on and they make a musical noise that will course through her body and help her in fighting or making music of her own.
Prefered weapon: Iron Fans
short history: She remembers her past very well and it is not really that bad. She came from a town of musical elves and she picked up flute playing very quickly. She also learned that she could perform magic while playing too. She can give physical and mental boosts to people, she can heal the wounded or sick, and sometimes she can even control the wind and plants. She always keeps her flute in an easily reachable place even since she knew about her magic. When she was older her parents took her and her sisters on a journey and they became a family of bards. She learned many things and gained a good layout of the continent. She also saw how little people had, she learned of racism to hard way, and she also learned about the wars of the continent. When she was about to set off on her own way her parents gave her iron fans as weapons and the ear rings that create music for her. She travels around now to being hope to the people and she wants to possibly stop war. She is also on the quest of the ultimate sound like any bard. With bardic magic she believes she could be able to find it.

Elftown name:[Goma]
Name:Goma Teishoku
Gear/Weapons:Solarus axe(large gold axe)Plant fiber cloak.
Ability:Stage 0(Photosynthesis)-This stage of the ability is always active, The chlorophyll in stored in the hair and skin absorbs sunlight increasing nutrient intake and creating a mild food. The chlorophyll in the hair gives it a green color. Naturally produce microscopic pollen grains which put off an alluring pheromones which make Goma more attractive. And Goma has the ability to grow and controll plants at any rate

Stage 1(Kusabanagan-Flower eye)-Upon activation the user's iris changes into what looks like four flower petals which spin rapidly around the pupil.When this trait is active the user can see the way an opponent moves and better predict what they are about to do.

Stage 2(Keihana - Thorned flower) At this stage the user can refract sunlight using their natural pollen for the purpose of better energy output, also during this stage Goma can create Tetsukawa, or Iron bark a very dense highly defensive bark, Tetsukawa does not wear with age, however it is not indestructible.

Stage 3(Onitane- Demon Seed) At this stage the user can ingest a Seed taken from a special plant which then grows withing them in a symbiotic nature which then grows out of openings made for this particular union and take on a Plant exoskeleton which imbues them with much more strength also turning their body into a much more resilient form, however this form can only be held for so long depending on how strong the user is, after the form fades the user is almost completely exhausted, which can be seen physically in the loss of pigment in their eyes and hair, Those who use this technique require different recovery times.

Stage 4(Hanagami - Flower God) at this Stage of activation all previous stages are fully awakened as Onitane becomes a possible constant form so long as chakra reserves are available, Plant growth is boosted in the general surrounding of those in this stage at an extreme rate those who use this Stage are capable of ingesting the Shinitane or the Death seed which temporarily grants them amazing speed and endurance, But at the cost of Consciousness
Weakness:Fire,Hot Women,Hangovers
Preferred weapon:Axe
short history:Goma lives to be the best, and he will settle for no less he uses his unique skills to climb to the top. he starting off rough but things will hopefully change

Elftown name: [Evolution X]
Name: Mortimer Jace
Age: 19
Race: Mutant
Gender: Male, not that it matters anymore
Gear/Weapons: A cricket bat, a shovel, four feet of lead piping, two knives, a stretch of piano wire and a revolver with only six bullets.
Ability: Mortimer’s mutation has stripped him of all skin and organs, leaving him as a simple living skeleton. While only bones remain they are detachable and able to be rearranged, able to move from a strange form of telekinesis so Mortimer’s grip far out reaches his arms.
Weakness: While unable to have the injuries that skin brings his bones can still be broken.
Desciption: Self made hoody and trousers to hide his figure from the general public, large shoes and gloves to hide from sight as best he could. Apart from that he’s simply a skeleton, bare of any flesh, with a pair of glowing yellow dots that represent his eyes.
Prefered weapon: Any melee weapon
short history: Mortimer was born looking human, but his parents knew about his mutant genes and abandoned him at an orphanage instead of breaking his neck. He lived there for most of his life, until he was 15 when his nose fell off. Panicking he turned to anyone he could, finally discovering from a doctor that he was a mutant and not suffering from leprosy. He lived in the orphanage until he began to get noticed as pieces dropped from him, running away and starting to live on the streets where he learnt to fight.

Elftown name:[La Luna]
Age: 16
Race: Shapeshifter
Gender: Female
Gear/Weapons:Bow and arrow and too red butterfly knifes
Weakness:If she gets hurt badly in a shapeshifting form she usually changes back to human involentarally and the injury is usually much worse in human form
Desciption:Long dirty blonde hair that stops just below her sholder, Turqiouse eyes,Pale skin with freckles on her nose and cheeks,about 5'6", she wears a short black skirt with a red tank top and a red hoodie in her pack just in case.
Prefered weapon: Bow and arrow
short history: She was born in Ireland and lived there untill her village was burned down to the ground by someone and it killed everyone including her family but she managed to escape and she travels from country to country searching for adventure and the person who burned down her village

Elftown name:[La Luna]
Name:Rosetta Mint
Age:165(looks about 16)
Race:Pixie(no she is not short with wings!)
Gear/Weapons:Two small daggers but aside from her ability nothing
Ability:She can control all kind of plant life
Weakness:Darkness(no sun no growth)
Desciption:5'4",long curly shiny red hair going almost all the way down her back,Green eyes,light skined freckles EVERY were,delacite rosey lips,wears a satin green dress that she cut short because it was annoying, a necklace made of ribbion itha Emraled charm,she is very kind and nice she can be feacce at time but is very delicate
Prefered weapon:Her ablility
short history:She used to live in Ireland in the area near Tara (she went to Tara hundreds of years ago and fell asleep in the mound of hostages (thats how she became a pixie))But now she travles the globe since her family had dided off long ago

Elftown name: [Dwarf Ronin]
Name: Glen Michael McCollough
Age: 23
Race: Human before change, Orca-Polar bear hybrid
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: Large, black anchor with a 8 foot black chain connected long, sharp hook
Ability:Before his transformations: Abnormal strength, durability, and endurance. Can hold his breath underwater for 30mins, swims extremely fast, during rainy weather; body regenerates damage quickly, and has better vision in evening.
After his beast transformation: Increased strength, durability, and endurance. Able to hold his breath nearly 2 hours, speed on land or water greatly increased, during stormy weather or in water, body regenerates faster, and senses improve tremendously.
After his anthro transformation: Strength, durability, and endurance increases to full potential, underwater breathing enabled, top speed 200 mph on land or/and sea, regeneration is instant when submerged, drenched, or poured over any wounds, senses peaked to their highest, and now gains the mastery of water and ice.
In either form: Can withstand extreme cold weather conditions easily.
Weakness: Warmer climates and heat bother him mostly, can only sustain in beast form for an 2 hours; once a day and only gain anthro status on the full moon and sustain it for one hour.
Desciption: Shaggy brown hair, thick beard with mustache, very light blue eyes, scar running up left eye, wears a black wife-beater shirt, a gray zip down hoodie, torn and ragged trench coat, patched up blue jeans, and opened toe sandels with white socks.
Prefered weapon: Stated above (Large, black anchor with a 8 foot black chain connected long, sharp hook
short history: After reaching 21, broke into the tribal house in Saxman, was about to start vandalize the cravings and totem poles. After damaging great pieces, a light broke through the roof, causing Glen to fall and scream. Voice spoke out, “Troubled youth shall learn their lessons in due time. For now, you shall become the ‘Arctic Defender’ and protect that you loathe so much. After that life changing event, has been protecting the city of Ketchikan, Alaska for 2 years.
Another character sheet for you, if I can enter another one.

Elftown name:[July 47]
Gear/Weapons:lether armor and katana
Ability:healing capable hands,pro evil,and phisical trates
Weakness:not well aginest magic and weak armor
Prefered weapon:katana or long sword
short history:studied as a palidan he was rased by warriors and priests and worked for he is now teasting his battle skills

Elftown name:[ardae]
Name: Kadru Viscion
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Gear/Weapons: strengthened leather armour, 44 revolver and spiked gloves, leather holster
Ability: Improved Muay Thai, State of enhanced senses
Weakness: He can't handle having the people close to him disapprove of him, and is deriven to help people
Desciption: Brownish hair, brown eyes, rugged complexion, scar along the side of the left of his neck
Prefered weapon: His Revolver, Hands, Feet, Knees, and Elbows
short history: Kadru was like any of the other "Child Prodigies" untill his 15 birthday when he got into a fight that he couldn't win with just his regular training and then everything started to become much more clear to him, mid fight he could see every punch and kick being thrown at him, he then spent a year of intense training perfecting this State of Enhanced Senses, and revamping his Muay Thai untill it was unbeatable. Then at the age of 17 he watched a movie called "Sukiyaki Western Django" loving the movie so much and the idea of westerns he went out and bought a revolver, he trained untill perfect with it.

hey twitch. I updated weaknesses to include those i mentioned earlier. I would like to submit this to fantasy fighter for your approval

Elftown name: [shiro tagachi]
Name: Alastor Dreamseeker
Age: 19
Race: human (although he is an esper)
Gender: male
Gear/Weapons: He carries with him a backpack with food, water, and medicine for pain. He wears a bright yellow, circular stone around his neck that emanates its own aura actually visible to a watchful eye. He also carries a short sword with him for protection.
He also keeps interesting things that he has found along his journey
Ability: He has 2 abilities: vector change, and reality marble creation (via the stone around his neck). Vector change allows him to change the direction and amplitude (to a limit) of any vector that he comes in direct contact with, or just eliminate the vector all together. (for example a simple punch could be stopped the moment he touches it.) Reality marble is a technique in which Alastor creates a “separate dimension.” This dimension can encompass no more than 10 feet of true reality, but can be as vast as the universe on the inside. Nothing on the inside of reality marble can affect the outside world or escape without Alastor’s permission or unless he loses consciousness. Inside the reality marble, Alastor is able to change his own abilities, weapons, and the field at will as long as he can clearly and distinctly imagine each (for instance he could not create a 4 sided triangle or any other contradiction). This ability can also affect opponent’s abilities too, but there is a stipulation. The opponent must first agree to have the effect take place on them. Apart from magical abilities, he knows martial arts of the Kempo style, and is a master of psychological warfare.
Weakness: Despite having such impressive powers, or rather because of them, he is moderately frail for a human of his age. He cannot have more than 1 ability at once and there is a 5 second time delay when he switches his abilities in reality marble. He is particularly vulnerable to vectors that instantly damage anything they touch like an electric shock, because he would have to be shocked in order to change the vector’s direction. As with most supernatural abilities, both are very vulnerable to being dispelled. His reflexes are still the same as a normal human, so if you attack faster than he can react, he will not have time to reflect or eliminate the angle. His reality marble can only be used once per hour because the stone’s energy must recharge.
Description: Alastor is a frail, medium height (5’ 10”),thin (110 lbs.), young human. He dresses in a simple blue tunic that is slightly big on him. Despite his young age, he is very well educated with a good mind and imagination(he needs it to be able to calculate the changes in vectors). His personality is very humble, but he yearns to prove himself, so he tends to make everything a competition. But if necessary, he can be very deceitful and attack people psychologically.
Preferred weapon: unarmed
short history: Although he dresses as a commoner, his family is actually nobility. He now disassociates himself from his family however. When he was born he had an illness that would normally kill any human. However, his parents, spending a large sum of money, hired an elven hero to go to an ancient tree and bring back a root to make medicine out of. The hero completed the quest and left, but failed to tell anyone his name. He remembers one sentence that the hero said “I see in him both the potential to create a world of peace or destroy it.” After taking this medicine, Alastor was cured of the disease, but his body was still ravaged by the effects of the disease up until that point. Alastor grew up very bookish and frail and was thus the target of much bullying. He took martial arts in order to defend himself, but this proved to be little use. He cursed his powerlessness wishing with all his might that he could change reality to suit himself. As he aged, he came across the word esper in a book. Upon further investigation, he found that an esper was a person who could bend reality with their desire. He studied all he could about this and eventually found out how to become an esper. He did so acquiring his power: vector change. When he finally achieved mastery of his power, he showed it to the bullies that had hurt him, but no matter what he did, everyone still treated him as a little, insignificant, human with nothing special about him at all. He eventually became fed up with this life and ran away from home at age 17. Over the last 2 years, he has travelled the world trying to find the hero that saved him all those years ago. Along this journey he found the round stone that he wears around his neck and discovered that by harnessing the energy inside it with his own desire, he could create a pocket dimension. He wants to become a great hero just like the one who saved him, so he fights to hone his skills and increase his knowledge.
Other: He doesn’t like to talk about his past, and if something about the fight reminds him of his past he is likely to get very depressed and not fight as well. He does not wish to kill anyone, but if his opponent uses an extremely powerful technique and he reflects it back onto them, he cannot guarantee their survival. His ability to deflect and negate vectors is not unlimited. The energy limit is equivalent to 1 ton of material traveling at 100mph.
level: 1

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2009-02-16 [Lite]: Heh, nice set of weapons for Mort Evo... lol

2009-02-16 [Lite]: btw twitch... My charrie Shadowstalker wasn't given a level

2009-02-16 [Dwarf Ronin]: Maybe she is all too powerful to be ranked with a level!!!!!

2009-02-16 [Lite]: lol

2009-02-16 [Dwarf Ronin]: See Lite...if you look on my Musoskai character, I have my third character underneath his name...Lorcan.

2009-02-17 [Lite]: Sweet char - maybe I'll send in another application to twitch (wonder where I saw the 2 char rule)

2010-01-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: hey. i wanna change up my charater sheet. i need an edit button.

2010-01-05 [Hiro Kitaki]: i have the password twitch. but wheres the edit button?

2010-01-05 [twitchboy]: under the fantasy fighter return link

2010-01-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: not there. your the owner. only you can see it. you have to make it editable by others.

2010-01-06 [twitchboy]: done

2010-01-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: you gave me the wrong password twitch.,

2010-01-08 [twitchboy]: try again

2010-01-08 [Hiro Kitaki]: allright, edit successful. i'll be entering a random arena soon.

2010-09-01 [La Luna]: hey can i edit midnight i need to change somethings

2010-10-11 [July 47]: may i use my own pic from my computer?also i dont have the password can the creator message it to me?

2010-10-12 [twitchboy]: sure and just message it to me and ill pass it and post it

2010-10-12 [July 47]: thanks

2010-11-30 [twitchboy]: ok alot of people have been ptomoted to level three and can now compete for the title of king of fantasy fighter

2011-04-01 [Dwarf Ronin]: Well, I'm have lots of catching up to do. lol

2011-06-30 [La Luna]: Or Queen >.>

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