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2005-08-15 20:07:11
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Fantasy Fighter Rules

Welcome competitors you should see this page before you fight. There will be a three strike system. If you break the rules three times i will delete you from this wiki, have fun.
The rules are plain and simple

1.No powerplaying
2.I will not alow ultra melevolent beings
3.Stick to your Characters no switching in the middle of battles
4.No immortals(you have to take a punch some times)
5.No argueing with final dicissions

The level system is used for those who want to become King(or quenn) of Fantasy fighter. AFter the Judges and I reveiw your battle we will decide who can level up. Your first level up will be to level 2. You will granted axcess to the Second arena. There only the good fighters will compete. The ones who level up from there will Make it to the finale arena(i will give you the code to enter) where they will Compete for the title of King(or Queen) of Fantasy Fighter.
See plain and simple

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2005-09-28 [Panthar73]: what is powerplaying?

2005-09-29 [twitchboy]: where you make a hit land on someone or you singally kill someone without their turn

2005-09-29 [NamelessMerc]: E.g. "A smacked B across the face, hard. A watched B fall down, laughing." B has no chance to dodge.

2006-02-08 [after_life666]: can you explain the rules and ther meanings

2006-02-08 [NamelessMerc]: For you or in general? If for you, I can message with the meanings :)

2006-03-17 [xxXblood and romanceXxx]: i dont understand the rules either....sum 1 wanna explaine

2006-03-17 [NamelessMerc]: Which bit doesn't make sense?

2008-01-11 [Rook.]: ^^ okies...i understand it all....see y'all in a bit

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