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The Stuff that Tickles my Fancy


Welcome to my favorites section! Here you'll have a better idea of what I like since I have more room here than on my Elfwood bio. ^_^ Wiki's are wonderful things. Now for the viewing pleasure of anyone who cares, on to the self-centered blabbing about the likes of yours truly. *wink*

Non-Elftown artists:
◦ Anry Nemo -
◦ Stephanie Pui-Mun Law -
◦ Cara Jane Mitten -
◦ Jennifer (Nambroth) Miller -
◦ Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell -
◦ Julie Dillon -
◦ Ursula Vernon -
◦ H. M. Ogburn -

Elftown Artists:
[Dr.No] - [blaz] - [Link04] - [poisoned_hearts] - [lady of azuroth] - [Chi'mera] - [WestFactor]
[prisoner#81378] - [crimson nymph] - [xDyingx Valentinex] - [Caelicorn] - [nokturA] - [Gorrem]
[Kibby^_^] - [empty_] - [PaladinKnight] - [carmen] - [liiga] - [catwings] - [tankerman] - [Amerthyst]
[Dae] - [Crystal Dragon] - [Bean5] - [Katie Staines] - [marose] - [T_Zora_R] - [the crazed artist]
[Vestaka] - [CookieDough] - [akhirah] - [Shreya] - [teptep]

◦ Trigun
◦ Cowboy Bebop
◦ Inuyasha
◦ Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
◦ Case Closed
◦ Outlaw Star
◦ Reign the Conquerer
◦ Puni Puni Poemi
◦ Saber Marionettes
◦ Lupin the 3rd
◦ Princess Mononoke
◦ Slayers
◦ Utena (Series and Movie)
◦ The Last Unicorn ( I think that counts as an anime. :o )

◦ Final Fantasy I, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2... sorta..>_>..
◦ Legend of Dragoon
◦ Zelda series. Yep. All of them. Specially Zelda: Ocarina of Time. :B
◦ Disgaea
◦ Golden Sun 1 & 2
◦ Chrono Trigger
◦ Chrono Cross
◦ Kingdom Hearts
◦ Tales of Desitny
◦ Secret of Mana
◦ Morrowind
◦ Drakan for the PC abd Drakan 2 for the PS2
◦ Black and White and B&W Creature Isle for the PC
◦ Spyro the Dragon series
◦ OLD King's Quest series (I blame no one that doesn't know what those games are... They're really old games)
◦ DDRMax and Max2
◦ Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA Vice City
◦ Twisted Metal series
◦ Metroid Prime

Moovies: I don't watch too many of those. :P
◦ Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
◦ Hellboy
◦ Lord of the Rings Trilogy
◦ Dragonheart
◦ Kung Pow ( Mindless dribble is good sometimes. ^_^ )

TV Shows:
◦ Family Guy
◦ Futurama
◦ MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge!)
◦ Sealab 2021
◦ Aqua Teen Hunger Force
◦ Harvey Birdman
◦ Who's Line is it Anyway?
◦ Food channel (Great to watch when nothin' else is on. X3)
◦ MadTV
◦ Shorties Watchin' Shorties
◦ Jeopardy (*snort* I'm such a nerd. XP)

Music/ Musical artists:
◦ Nickelback
◦ Evanescence
◦ Sarah McLachlan
◦ Nine Inch Nails
◦ Boa
◦ Nikka Costa
◦ Daft Punk
◦ Incubus
◦ Final Fantasy soundtracks
◦ Ending theme to Chrono Cross by the Radical Dreamers (That is the most soothing song ever.)
◦ Anime soundtracks (Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha.. list goes on)
◦ Classical (Russian orchestra mostly but I'm partial to the piano and violin. I like the sound of the oboe as well.)

Music Specifics:
I'm pretty much attracted to all techno. A lot of DDR music, specially "Geisha Dreams" by Rollergirl. I've actually got a taste for just about everything. Even Celine Dion, which is one of my favorites that many people seem to dislike for some reason. X3 I have a plethora of music on my computer in such quantity that it would make the RIAA froth at the mouth. :B

◦ Cheesesteaks
◦ Cheese fries
◦ Cheese.. X3
◦ Most Italian food
◦ Anything from Taco Bell. o_o
◦ Chinese anything
◦ Japanese mostly anything (Teriyaki Chicken/beef and fresh Inarizushi... Mmm *passes out*)
◦ Ramen noodles
◦ Some seafood (Lobster, crab, flounder, n' scalops)
◦ Drinkables: Tea, Green tea, Milk, Milk of the chocolate variety, Water, Ramune and French Vanilla cappuchino.

Other random junk neatly thrown into paragraphs:
I'm a huge animal lover, cats moreso than dogs. I love horses more than any other animal though. They're so graceful. :3 Um.. I like quiet places with a tad bit of white noise, like trickling water or rain. I love the rain. I also love the cold and snow. I'm very fond of water and all of its forms if you hadn't noticed. I enjoy swimming as well. Fresh water more than salty sea water. X3 I love the night, specially nights with a full moon and no clouds. I love stairing at the stars while laying in the grass. I also love alergy medication after laying in that pollen infested grass. X3

I'm very partial to people who keep an open mind. I like people that I can talk to about anything without worrying about offending them over something petty and stupid. I like people with a sense of humor much like mine. I like one-on-one, or one-on two or three, conversations, as opposed to huge groups of ten or more people. I like to feel secure and safe.

I'm also very fond of old things. Nostalgia. Stuff like that. That's prolly why I'm a packrat n' never throw anything away. I also liked my childhood and wish I could go back.

My Dislikes:
With favorite things, there's always a negative parallel. Those would be my dislikes. I didn't link that on my Elfwood bio because I really don't like to be negative. ^_^ But here for your viewing pleasure are my rants on AJay's Anti-Favorites.

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