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The Featured Member Bosses are in charge of the Featured Member feature. Their job is to choose the user that will have the honour of being featured on Main Street for a whole month.

If you have any problems or questions about how this feature works ask any of the Featured Member Bosses listed below and they'll gladly help you with it.


The Featured Member Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Featured Member Bosses Veterans#FM Bosses


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2004-07-19 [Sagacious Turkey]: i want a badge! n e badge!

2004-07-19 [Sheepy]: This isn't really the place to say so.. not there there is a good place. If you want a badge, then you need to do things that benefit elftown, be that contributing art, writing poetry, or finding bugs. You don't get one just because you want one.

2004-07-27 [deedee0923]: just a question how do I contibute a poem

2004-07-28 [Sheepy]: Try daily_poem.

2004-08-03 [Left_Side#11]: how do u find bugs for that matter what are bugs?

2004-08-03 [Sheepy]: Questions of this nature should be directed to the Newbie Forum. Please do not post any more unrelated questions here, or they will be deleted.

2004-08-18 [Draconius]: i would like to be apart of the feautered member

2004-08-18 [Sheepy]: We do not need any more bosses, but please feel free to nominate people at featured member or the forum 3:)

2004-10-13 [e.coli]: wuzzup? blah blah blah, hmmm so hmm, how can i help to make elftown a better place?

2004-10-19 [Amos the Flame]: Um... hi? Yeah, some may recognise me from other parts of such... like the guards page, I am posting there. But, to the point... I haave been looking around elftown... and I do have some ideas for the featured members. You see, I had several people help me out, and though some of them have already been featured, I would like to put an Idea or two up on the chopping block.

2004-10-19 [Sunrose]: There is a forum to suggest ideas for featured member things. The link is on Featured Member. ;)

2004-10-20 [Amos the Flame]: Thank you. ^_^

2004-10-20 [dominoe]: i want a badge

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: to get a badge you have to work for it...check out how do i get badges

2005-01-08 [lady nytmare]: remember simba... remember who you are... no, hold on. wrong page :p Remember, if you ppl need help, don't hesitate to yell for me! :)

2005-01-08 [Sunrose]: okay! :)

2005-01-12 [mine4me567]: lol. that was a long break! you can go ahead and put me up as retired. ttyl :)

2005-01-12 [Sunrose]: Okay, will do that :)

2005-01-17 [mine4me567]: good luckk with everything :)

2005-01-18 [Sunrose]: LOL! Thanks! And you too...with whatever you're doing! :)

2005-01-18 [mine4me567]: :) ty

2005-02-10 [M_Sinner]: I understand that this is a difficult job (to say the least) and that it is shortly staffed seeing as most of the bosses have retired... but am I the only one that is tired of seeing [WestFactor] on mainstreet? Lol. just thought that it was wierd. Lol.

2005-02-10 [Sunrose]: [WestFactor] has been featured as long as the other members have been featured. Mostly we work with 3 people and we do the best we can :)

2005-02-10 [M_Sinner]: Ohhhhhh.... I am sorry... I am kind of new here, and only saw that he had been up for what seemed to me a very long time. Lol. I am very sorry to have assumed and misunderstood.

2005-02-10 [Sunrose]: It's fine *hug* , we try to get a new one every week, but that's not always possible working with the 3 of us and thus most of them are featured longer :)

2005-02-12 [M_Sinner]: Lol... after two days of clicking "view random member" and trying to find someone who both followed the rules and had an original bio/house... You guys need a hug!!! Lol. I have the utmost respect for *anyone* who has *ever* done this job... Lol.

2005-02-12 [Sunrose]: LOL!! :D

2005-02-13 [Kayne]: 31515 :p

2005-02-13 [Sunrose]: Yes that's your membernumber..mine is prettier :P

2005-02-15 [Kayne]: Nope. Mine.

2005-02-15 [Sunrose]: Mine can be mirrored...

2005-02-20 [Kayne]: I saw it. Still mine is prettier.

2005-02-20 [Sunrose]: :P

2005-06-28 [esghalis]: I want to be a featured member!

2005-08-12 [Erestor]: Sunny, if you ever need any help just drop me a line and I will help you out however minor the job may be :)

2005-08-12 [Sunrose]: Ahw thanks *huggles* ^_^

2005-08-13 [Erestor]: No problem :)

2005-09-04 [~Cerys~]: can i nominate someone?

2005-09-04 [Sunrose]: Yup :)

2005-09-04 [~Cerys~]: i would like to nominate [Vader]

2005-09-04 [Sunrose]: [Vader] has already been nominated :)

2005-09-04 [~Cerys~]: okies =)

2005-09-07 [Alias.]: I would like to nominate [Thunder Cid].

2005-09-07 [Sunrose]: Thank you, it has been noted :)

2005-10-20 [Teufelsweib]: I would like to nominate [BlackDragon], since she puts so much time in her house and her wiki's :)

2005-10-20 [Sunrose]: Great, thanks for the nomination :)

2006-01-28 [light.]: I choose to nominate [IX.Dollface]. She puts alot of effort into her wonderfully photoshopped pictures, and the look beautiful. (^_^)

2006-01-29 [Sunrose]: Noted :)

2006-02-01 [farawaygone]: I would like to nominate you [Sunrose] You have so many beautiful badges but I couldn't see one in your house for featured member :)

2006-02-01 [Sunrose]: Ahw thanks hon :) It's because we have a policy that we don't feature crewmembers (and certainly not featured member bosses :p). *hugs* :)

2006-02-27 [Lady of Lore]: I'd like to nominate my honey [Son Goku] ^^

2006-02-28 [Sunrose]: Noted ^^

2006-03-22 [Hedda]: I was a long time since anyone got featured now. Time to add a new crew-member to make this going?

2006-03-22 [Sunrose]: Punk and I have discussed it, but not yet selected anyone. There are interviews ready for featuring, he just needs to write them into a story. But you're right, will be fixed :)

2006-05-04 [dracula the legendary vampire lord of u]: can i join the featured member wiki and have my picture on main street

2006-05-04 [LadyMoon]: In order to be featured on the Mainstreet you have to be nominated by someone :)

2006-05-04 [Sunrose]: You can technically nominate yourself though. But you won't be featured until we choose you.

2006-05-15 [MissionGenocide]: I nominate [Clairey] because her house is masterfull and stuff ^w^

2006-05-15 [Sunrose]: Thanks ^^

2006-06-01 [lady nytmare]: So many good houses, so little space to nominate :p

2006-06-24 [RiddleRose]: mmm... i'd like to nominate [Asrun] becaue of her beautiful artwork and general awesomeness... ^_^

2006-06-24 [LadyMoon]: Noted :) Thank you

2006-06-29 [Ocean Soul]: Are the interviews of the past featured members stored anywhere?

2006-06-29 [Sunrose]: On Mainstreet :) Only the names are listed here: Featured member of the week..

2006-08-19 [Iron-Man-429]: I nominate [skoolsux] because he recently passed away. He never got a chance to post any of his art here due to his family having to give up internet, but he would come on whenever he could.

2006-08-19 [Sunrose]: I'm sorry for your loss :(
The problem is that we want and need active members. We can't interview him and other members can't talk to him. We also seek members who have in some way made their presentation really special and/or have contributed to Elftown in some way.
From what I can see on his house your friend doesn't seem to be what we're looking for, I'm sorry :(

2007-02-26 [Linderel]: I have a question. Shouldn't there be a proper archive of old featured members and their interviews, and if there is, then where is it? :P

2007-02-26 [Paz]: There's an archive of past featured members but minus the interviews. For those one would have to dig in the mainstreet postings >.>
We could archive it though...

2007-02-26 [Linderel]: The existing archive doesn't seem to be very organised, either. <_<

2007-03-05 [Linderel]: So... Would anyone be particularly miffed if I took it upon myself to create a thorough index/archive of all the featured members? :3 (Unless it's being done already.)

2007-03-05 [Paz]: I sort of fixed the current one: Featured member of the week

2007-03-05 [Linderel]: Okies then, nevermind. ^___^ Note to self: put every sub-page on watch. xP

2007-03-06 [Paz]: lol, Thanks for the offer though! ;3

2007-08-06 [Hobbit teen]: I would like to nominate...[Elwyne] for she is like a sister to me^^ she is my inspiration and is a great person to talk to, maybe she coud come on here?

2007-08-07 [Hedda]: Just a thought: You Featured Member Bosses have been here like forever... You're doing a good job, but why not train some new slaves... eh... I mean "leaders"!

Apply to the crew have plenty of people to select from, for example. And some of them might have a special interest in wandering around houses and so on.

I know it's so much easier to do everything on your own, but then Elftown would die... And it's better that you replace yourself before you get bored of it and can be around and help out the new-comers.

2007-08-07 [Sunrose]: Actually I had added 2 people not too long ago, but both kind of dropped out (temporarily?). So it's not like we haven't done this :)

2007-08-09 [SilverFire]: If official pages are supposed to use British English, 'honor' should be 'honour'. Sorry, my ultimate pet peeve spelling.

2007-08-09 [Linderel]: Damnit, how could I miss that? xP

2008-11-26 [Thunder Cid]: I think you all are doing a great job and all and I know that you have real lives and everything. However I was wondering when a new featured member will be selected?

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: Pretty much now.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: Well I saw it now :P

Keep up the good work bosses ^^

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: There's really no need for praise in every comment left here. I mean, I don't mind it and it's kinda nice, but it's not an obligation.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: Well I wouldn't leave it if I didn't want to. I just thought a little praise for your work would be nice.

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: It's welcomed. But, y'know, I'm a grouchy kind of person.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: I can see ^^

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: But, being serious, it's not with you but in general: when there's some kind of "complain" (can't think of the proper word right now) like that we are late or that we made a mistake or whatever) I prefer them without the praise. Mostly because it makes them look less important, but also because it adds a certain "I don't want to offend you but..." feeling to them that goes against my "talk freely" vision of the world.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: I can understand that (and the word I think you were looking for is complaint).

I'll tell you what. I watch the mainstreet and all of its contents all of the time. If I see the featured member up for too long I'll swing by and and point it out in a professional assertive manner. Sound good?

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: Or maybe "reclamation"...

Thanks, that would be appreciated.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: No problem at all.

2009-10-21 [Thunder Cid]: Possibly time again for a new featured member?

2009-10-22 [All_Most PUNK]: But the one we currently have has been up just for 15 hours! ;)

2009-10-22 [NOOOPE]: Wow-ho! Tricksy tricksy!

2009-10-23 [Thunder Cid]: *laughs* My fault :P

2010-03-28 [Chel.]: *Hand raise to help*

2010-07-29 [sweet.tx.tea]: I'd be more than willing to help with this, if need be. :D

2010-10-14 [Calico Tiger]: *pokes* Since you're not reading the forum, I'm harassing you here :P Current member has been up since April. Time for an update ;)

2010-10-14 [Chel.]: Agreed! I actually thought of that last night too. I would be up for changing it if I had a little bit of guidance. :P

2010-10-14 [Calico Tiger]: We'll hold Punk down and tickle him till he pees. Or gives that guidance. Whichever comes last ;)

2010-10-14 [NOOOPE]: I made a tutorial for you Chel. It should make everything easy. And, uh, I put up the last 5 members so... I'm gonna be difficult and demand someone else stand up for once.

2010-10-14 [Chel.]: Oh that's right! I need to dig that up again.

2010-10-14 [SilverFire]: When you dig it out, can you send me a link to it, so I can add it to the general page of crew tutorials? :)

2010-10-14 [NOOOPE]: chel tutorial This tutorial should be open while you're poking around. Seeing it in the tutorial is different from seeing it for real.

2010-10-14 [Chel.]: Thank you darling.

2010-10-18 [All_Most PUNK]: Thanks for the tutorial. Will add it to the wiki page I was preparing with a tutorial :P

2011-07-07 [Alexi Ice]: Can you nominate a featured member?

2011-07-09 [Akayume]: Yes. (:

2011-07-10 [Alexi Ice]: Sveet!

2012-09-13 [Mortified Penguin]: If I can't ever be a featured member (for whatever reason), can I at least be a boss? I wanna interview people... the current interviews are always so plain and boring... nobody ever gets asked those hard questions like, "Do you butter your poptarts?" or "WHERE IS SHE?"

2012-09-14 [SilverFire]: Who the hell would butter POPTARTS? O_o

2012-10-09 [Alexi Ice]: I wanna' be a featured member. Oh, and Silver, buttered poptarts (the strawberry kind with no frosting) is actually DELICIOUS !!!

2012-10-09 [SilverFire]: I don't think they sell the kind with no frosting on over here. I didn't even realise they came non-frosted. <_<

2012-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: I wish they didn't. The non-frosted ones are only eaten by savages.

2012-10-12 [Alexi Ice]: Really? I think I'm the only person anywhere who eats them anyway. Lol but they do exist! And they are yummy!

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