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The Featured Member Bosses are in charge of the Featured Member feature. Their job is to choose the user that will have the honour of being featured on Main Street for a whole month.

If you have any problems or questions about how this feature works ask any of the Featured Member Bosses listed below and they'll gladly help you with it.


The Featured Member Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Featured Member Bosses Veterans#FM Bosses


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2007-03-06 [Paz]: lol, Thanks for the offer though! ;3

2007-08-06 [Hobbit teen]: I would like to nominate...[Elwyne] for she is like a sister to me^^ she is my inspiration and is a great person to talk to, maybe she coud come on here?

2007-08-07 [Hedda]: Just a thought: You Featured Member Bosses have been here like forever... You're doing a good job, but why not train some new slaves... eh... I mean "leaders"!

Apply to the crew have plenty of people to select from, for example. And some of them might have a special interest in wandering around houses and so on.

I know it's so much easier to do everything on your own, but then Elftown would die... And it's better that you replace yourself before you get bored of it and can be around and help out the new-comers.

2007-08-07 [Sunrose]: Actually I had added 2 people not too long ago, but both kind of dropped out (temporarily?). So it's not like we haven't done this :)

2007-08-09 [SilverFire]: If official pages are supposed to use British English, 'honor' should be 'honour'. Sorry, my ultimate pet peeve spelling.

2007-08-09 [Linderel]: Damnit, how could I miss that? xP

2008-11-26 [Thunder Cid]: I think you all are doing a great job and all and I know that you have real lives and everything. However I was wondering when a new featured member will be selected?

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: Pretty much now.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: Well I saw it now :P

Keep up the good work bosses ^^

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: There's really no need for praise in every comment left here. I mean, I don't mind it and it's kinda nice, but it's not an obligation.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: Well I wouldn't leave it if I didn't want to. I just thought a little praise for your work would be nice.

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: It's welcomed. But, y'know, I'm a grouchy kind of person.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: I can see ^^

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: But, being serious, it's not with you but in general: when there's some kind of "complain" (can't think of the proper word right now) like that we are late or that we made a mistake or whatever) I prefer them without the praise. Mostly because it makes them look less important, but also because it adds a certain "I don't want to offend you but..." feeling to them that goes against my "talk freely" vision of the world.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: I can understand that (and the word I think you were looking for is complaint).

I'll tell you what. I watch the mainstreet and all of its contents all of the time. If I see the featured member up for too long I'll swing by and and point it out in a professional assertive manner. Sound good?

2008-11-30 [All_Most PUNK]: Or maybe "reclamation"...

Thanks, that would be appreciated.

2008-11-30 [Thunder Cid]: No problem at all.

2009-10-21 [Thunder Cid]: Possibly time again for a new featured member?

2009-10-22 [All_Most PUNK]: But the one we currently have has been up just for 15 hours! ;)

2009-10-22 [NOOOPE]: Wow-ho! Tricksy tricksy!

2009-10-23 [Thunder Cid]: *laughs* My fault :P

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