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The Featured Member Bosses are in charge of the Featured Member feature. Their job is to choose the user that will have the honour of being featured on Main Street for a whole month.

If you have any problems or questions about how this feature works ask any of the Featured Member Bosses listed below and they'll gladly help you with it.


The Featured Member Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Featured Member Bosses Veterans#FM Bosses


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- Featured Member Archives
- Featured Member Bosses
- About the Main Street Features
- The Badge Reward System

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2005-02-20 [Sunrose]: :P

2005-06-28 [esghalis]: I want to be a featured member!

2005-08-12 [Erestor]: Sunny, if you ever need any help just drop me a line and I will help you out however minor the job may be :)

2005-08-12 [Sunrose]: Ahw thanks *huggles* ^_^

2005-08-13 [Erestor]: No problem :)

2005-09-04 [~Cerys~]: can i nominate someone?

2005-09-04 [Sunrose]: Yup :)

2005-09-04 [~Cerys~]: i would like to nominate [Vader]

2005-09-04 [Sunrose]: [Vader] has already been nominated :)

2005-09-04 [~Cerys~]: okies =)

2005-09-07 [Alias.]: I would like to nominate [Thunder Cid].

2005-09-07 [Sunrose]: Thank you, it has been noted :)

2005-10-20 [Teufelsweib]: I would like to nominate [BlackDragon], since she puts so much time in her house and her wiki's :)

2005-10-20 [Sunrose]: Great, thanks for the nomination :)

2006-01-28 [light.]: I choose to nominate [IX.Dollface]. She puts alot of effort into her wonderfully photoshopped pictures, and the look beautiful. (^_^)

2006-01-29 [Sunrose]: Noted :)

2006-02-01 [farawaygone]: I would like to nominate you [Sunrose] You have so many beautiful badges but I couldn't see one in your house for featured member :)

2006-02-01 [Sunrose]: Ahw thanks hon :) It's because we have a policy that we don't feature crewmembers (and certainly not featured member bosses :p). *hugs* :)

2006-02-27 [Lady of Lore]: I'd like to nominate my honey [Son Goku] ^^

2006-02-28 [Sunrose]: Noted ^^

2006-03-22 [Hedda]: I was a long time since anyone got featured now. Time to add a new crew-member to make this going?

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