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The Featured Member Bosses are in charge of the Featured Member feature. Their job is to choose the user that will have the honour of being featured on Main Street for a whole month.

If you have any problems or questions about how this feature works ask any of the Featured Member Bosses listed below and they'll gladly help you with it.


The Featured Member Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Featured Member Bosses Veterans#FM Bosses


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- Featured Member Archives
- Featured Member Bosses
- About the Main Street Features
- The Badge Reward System

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2004-07-19 [Sagacious Turkey]: i want a badge! n e badge!

2004-07-19 [Sheepy]: This isn't really the place to say so.. not there there is a good place. If you want a badge, then you need to do things that benefit elftown, be that contributing art, writing poetry, or finding bugs. You don't get one just because you want one.

2004-07-27 [deedee0923]: just a question how do I contibute a poem

2004-07-28 [Sheepy]: Try daily_poem.

2004-08-03 [Left_Side#11]: how do u find bugs for that matter what are bugs?

2004-08-03 [Sheepy]: Questions of this nature should be directed to the Newbie Forum. Please do not post any more unrelated questions here, or they will be deleted.

2004-08-18 [Draconius]: i would like to be apart of the feautered member

2004-08-18 [Sheepy]: We do not need any more bosses, but please feel free to nominate people at featured member or the forum 3:)

2004-10-13 [e.coli]: wuzzup? blah blah blah, hmmm so hmm, how can i help to make elftown a better place?

2004-10-19 [Amos the Flame]: Um... hi? Yeah, some may recognise me from other parts of such... like the guards page, I am posting there. But, to the point... I haave been looking around elftown... and I do have some ideas for the featured members. You see, I had several people help me out, and though some of them have already been featured, I would like to put an Idea or two up on the chopping block.

2004-10-19 [Sunrose]: There is a forum to suggest ideas for featured member things. The link is on Featured Member. ;)

2004-10-20 [Amos the Flame]: Thank you. ^_^

2004-10-20 [dominoe]: i want a badge

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