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The Featured Story Bosses are those who choose which of the nominated stories to feature on the Featured Story and Main Street.

Visit the Featured Story and nominate a story if you want to nominate a story to be featured. Old featured stories can be found on the Featured Story Archives and the current featured story can be found on the Featured Story and Main Street.


The Featured Story Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]

Trainee [Ravendust]


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2009-03-08 [Jitter]: <img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escriptores1.png> <img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escript1.png>
<img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escriptores2.png> <img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escript2.png>
<img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escriptores3.png> <img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escript3.png>
<img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escriptores4.png> <img:stuff/z/61513/bdgs/escript4.png>

2009-03-08 [Jitter]: I made them png cause my photoshop just freak out lately with gifs :/

Hope that's ok

2009-03-08 [SilverFire]: why make big versions of all of them?

2009-03-08 [Jitter]: Eh, I think on elftownbadges there are big versions of all similar badges

2009-03-09 [SilverFire]: Do they ever get used for anything? <.<

2009-03-09 [Jitter]: Nope, just look pretty in that page only *shrugs*

You made big versions of the puffin one no?

2009-03-09 [SilverFire]: Yeah, because I didn't know wtf I was doing. XP I uploaded them without forgetting to shrink them, then realised they were too big and had to go back and shrink them all.

2009-03-09 [Jitter]: Hahaha x)

Well it's the way it's been going so far so they want big, they get big. Fine by me, I have made a macro to shrink them and save them anyway :p

2009-03-09 [Linderel]: Wheeee, we has badges! :D

2009-03-09 [Chimes]: <3 LOVE

2009-03-09 [Thunder Cid]: Oh is this one new? If there's any work that I can help with please let me know.

2009-03-09 [SilverFire]: Find stuff for them to feature ;P

2009-03-09 [Chimes]: Yeah, nominate things :P Lin and I want this stroke of genius to be successful :P

2009-05-29 [Erubeus]: I adore this badge. =D

2009-09-24 [ladynightengale]: What if I want to post a story, how do I do that?

2009-09-25 [Linderel]: Post a story in what sense? To be considered for a feature... or just generally so that people can read it?

2009-09-26 [ladynightengale]: I would like to post one to be considered for a feature, if that's alright?

2009-09-26 [Linderel]: Sure, just send one of us a message with a link to the story and we'll check it out. :)

2009-09-29 [ladynightengale]: Okie dokie :D Thanks!

2010-01-21 [Alexi Ice]: ........>> (Wants to be a featured story boss really bad)

2010-01-21 [Chimes]: We already have a trainee. Sorries!

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