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Featured Wiki Archives from 2004


Wiki name: Comment Exchange
Comments from the bosses: The Comment Exchange is a wonderful idea, first off. This wiki-page is aimed at letting Elfwood members find other members who are interested in commenting on pieces of work. It is a sharing group, where a comment will earn you a comment. To make things even better, you do not have to be a member to benefit-Of course joining up to help is always nice. This wiki page is divided fairly neatly, includes very legible grammar and spelling, and even comes complete with links with tips on how to give kind comments, while still reflecting positive, constructive criticism. We hope that many Elfwood members can better themselves through this wiki.

Wiki name: Official Elftown Mafia Headquarters
Comments from the bosses: What sort of town would we have if it did not have a shady, darker side to it? Probably a safe, quiet one. Of course, the people behind the Elftown Mafia are not bad at all. Sure, they're a little on the sneaky side, but they have good fun. The wiki-pages are organized by 'floors', giving the reader a mental picture of what this place might look like for real. Are you brave enough to enter the ring of organized crime? Do you have what it takes to make it big? Test your wits at the Official Elftown Mafia Headquarters today!

Wiki name: Red vs Blue Fan Club
Comments from the bosses: The name might be deceiving, but this is actually a wiki based on an online cartoon, whose origins are based in the game of Halo, on the X-box. This wiki-page promises to be a lot of fun, and the owner seems friendly enough. If you have never heard of this series before, there is a link on the page for you to check out. It's worth a shot!

Wiki name: Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena
Comments from the bosses: For every competitive poet out there. But more importantly, this is one of the most original and well-organised competitions on Elftown. You know how it is said that the pen is mightier than the sword? Here this has been turned into a wonderful idea for a contest. The duels are ongoing and there are always new ones. Do you have the guts to fight with your quill instead of your rapier?

Wiki name: Writing Contests
Comment from the bosses: Now personally I have no idea how the submission to this contest page works, but it's a very useful page for writers who are interested in a challenge. Writing Contests lists all the Elftown members organised writing contests, obviously. You can easily see which contest is for you and whether or not a contest is still open. It is organised in categories based on participants rather than themes, so if you're looking for a contest with a maximum amount of contestants, it's easily found. There is also a short description about the contest so you can tell, without leaving the page, whether the topic is for you.

Wiki name: Magic Realms Poetry
Comment from the bosses: This wiki-page takes a new look at poetry. Instead of turning the writing into a competition, it showcases it in a natural, organized setting. While a relatively new wiki, it recruits members with a orderly sign-up sheet. Each participant gets his or her own page, where they are allowed to feature their poetic creations. We hope that it becomes successful.

Wiki name: Art Contests
Comment from the bosses: Similar to the Writing Contests, this wiki has a list of all the submitted art contests on Elftown. A valuable asset to the competitive artist, you can easily browse through the links in hopes of finding something that catches your interest. It divides the pages chronologically, grouping them in everything from closed contests to new contests. So not only can you find contests to enter, there are also some that you can view for the sake of seeing some great artwork. Dive right into this chance!

Wiki name: Shadow Thread
Comment from the bosses: Shadow Thread, a RPG wiki-page, takes place in the world of Sagacia, a serene place torn by a being that through hate 'devised a way to pull together all the insane, highly irrational and morbid thoughts we have' which created an abyss in the world. From this the Shadows emerged, and the RPG focuses on figuring out what these beings are and how to save the world from them. A very serious roleplay, it it has a clear set of rules, and a clean look to it. Are you ready to enter into the Shadow Thread?

Wiki name: AIS
Comment from the bosses: Another RPG, this one goes into greater detail of the worlds that it features. Complete with maps, races, religions, history, and a selection of lands, there is little more you could ask for. The creativity is strong, and the sense of excitement is even stronger. What are you waiting for? Go visit the place of Acerbus, in all its splendour!

Wiki name: GreatRoom
Comment from the bosses: With over 4800 page versions, the GreatRoom is a happening place. What contributes to its success? Why, the freedom that the writers have. The GreatRoom is a place to come and have some fun, in the typical 'Great Room' style. A gathering of folk from all sorts of places, this wiki is sure to put a smile on all your faces. Enjoy.


Wiki name: LOTR Parody
Comments from the bosses: Because sometimes even the holy cows must be taken lightly, because humour is also a way to show admiration. Because the place is well organized and actually made us laugh. And because, after all, why not?

Wiki name: Happy Birthday!
Comments from the bosses: People have put a lot of effort on this wiki, trying not only to make something they wanted to do, but also something useful or the rest of the elftowners out there. And they are still working pretty hard. Granted, they have competition in Lilo, but that doesn't take any credit our of what they are doing.

Wiki name: Scissorhands Fans
Comments from the bosses: A wiki fan page about one of the first Burton's movies, a movie dark and magical. And this wiki tries to reflect that, especially through the good use of images from the movie. It can use a little more work, but the start is really good.

Wiki name: When you are alone...
Comments from the bosses: This wiki takes on a really hard subject, and does so without becoming totally patronizing, but trying to really be a company for those going through hard times, taking them seriously and giving them a place to be listened to. It also have real testimonies, and a long list of people willing to help the others. One of those pages that really go all the way on their intentions.

Wiki name: Support Gay Marriage
Comment from the bosses: Granted, putting your name in a list won't help any cause. But it's a symbol, and a way to stand your ground, to say what you think. And this wiki is also one of the most people who don't want to judge others, just say what you think. Luckily, it's a good cause the one they defend.

Wiki name: How 2 RP
Comment from the bosses: Though perhaps lacking in more technical aspects, it serves to explain the basic rules of conduct for RPing. The heart is there and we are confident this page will help serve to build awareness of what is and is not acceptable in an RPG.

Wiki name: Writer's Companion
Comment from the bosses: This is a well-organised wiki-page-club with everything a writer could want. It has a friendly atmosphere and a clear structure. Writing is an often ignored section of art, and this excellent wiki-page-club deserves a little extra attention. If you are a writer you'll feel right at home here.

Wiki name: Safe Zone
Comment from the bosses: Safe Zone is a wiki-page to show your support (and tolerance) for the diversity of people. Safe Zone promotes acceptance, education, and understanding of all peoples, regardless of religion, gender (chosen, or by birth), beliefs, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

Wiki name: Japan Lovers
Comment from the bosses: Japan Lovers is a nice step into the true culture of Japan. It tries to explain that there is more to the Japanese society than just anime by showing examples of different things from Japan, and providing insight into what makes the island country unique. The main page is well organized, and contains links to many contests that surround Japanese art style as well. While this page is still in its early stages, it shows some promise.

Wiki name: Darkness Before Dawn
Comment from the bosses: This wiki-page takes you on an interesting tale of fantasy. Read along as the story progresses, now in its 8th chapter. If you are into fantasy stories, and enjoy reading, this wiki-page would suit your desires.


Wiki name: Templar of the Monastary of Light
Comments from the bosses: A wiki about religion, well planned, with several sections and a community organised, that tries to respect the others while still expressing their beliefs. Plus, they really seem to love what they do.

Wiki name: Town Map
Comments from the bosses: A wiki that tries to be a map of the 'town, helping people to find the wiki they are looking for. They also took the time to mark those that may be inappropriate for young viewers. We believe this could be a useful tool for Elftowners of all ages.

Wiki name: hear to dry your tears
Comments from the bosses: This wiki-page allows members to express what is troubling them, putting it out in the open. If they choose to, there are people who are always willing to try and help sort things out, but there is no pressure involved.

Wiki name: The Amazon Domain
Comments from the bosses: A really big RPG, with sections for everybody's taste, organised and well-kept, several stories and good images. Eye friendly and interesting, this is a RPG lover's dream. If you are interested in roleplaying, we suggest you take a look.

Wiki name: Guitar Players United
Comment from the bosses: A wiki about guitars, for guitars and by guitars... well, by their owners. A place to talk about your instrument with people who share your love, and therefore, aren't inclined to hit you with a club when you go on and on about the latest Fender you saw.

Wiki name: Grebos United
Comment from the bosses: A wiki for metal lovers everywhere, with a weekly contest and a place to chat. If you enjoy metal, drop in and take a look around. It can't hurt, and you're bound to stumble across something interesting.

Wiki name: evil pinkies
Comment from the bosses: People love this place... and they have their reasons! Frequent updates, sections for different tastes and an easy to understand concept makes this wiki-page a great place to be. So, if you're bored one day with nothing to do, keep this in mind. You might just find something you like.

Wiki name: LotR Fans Unite!
Comment from the bosses: We really can't spent a whole month without a LotR-wiki related new experience. And this place seems to be growing pretty fast, with members joining and contributing. If you're a LotR fan, jump right in..

Wiki name: House of Hugs
Comment from the bosses: Because a hug can be enough when you feel down, and this place helps every Elftowner to hug his/her Elftown friends. Isn't it about time that you went and got, or even gave a hug? It'll make you feel good, we promise.

Wiki name: Food lovers Inc.
Comment from the bosses:
 Because food is good and we all love it. Because sharing recipes is sharing something as deep as a taste. And because we are hungry...In fact, it is almost lunch time.


Wiki name: Elftown Graphics
Comments from the bosses: The breaking of the Uploading Art Rules is a constant problem and finally somebody is doing something about it. A wiki with images that the artists have given permission to the Elftowners to use.

Wiki name: Tristan's Life
Comments from the bosses: A wiki about the life of an Elftowner's son, named Tristan. Really cute, with pictures and comments about the little boy.

Wiki name: Communications Protection Center
Comments from the bosses: People sending stupid, useless messages in Et to people they don't know (not to mention the insulting ones) is a problem for this people. And this is the effort they are doing against that, with guidelines that can make life much easier for all the Elftowners.

Wiki name: The wiki´s wiki page
Comments from the bosses: Wikis about wikis (meta-wikis) are really helpful when trying to find something, especially when they have as many as this one has (over 500 wikis) and are well organized, with classification of the wikis by letter and some categories.

Wiki name: The Random Society
Comment from the bosses: Have you noticed how many random people seem to make ET their home? And did you know that they have a society? The weird thing is that they could do something so organized as a society.

Wiki name: Counselors of Elftown
Comment from the bosses: People who offer themselves to help other people should always be recognised in some way. This wiki is the place to talk about your problems and get some feedback about them, from people with different perspective on the situations.

Wiki name: Realms of Lemire
Comment from the bosses: A big, big RPG, with stats, something you usually don't see in text rpgs, plus many different sections on the wiki and a system of levels for the characters.

Wiki name: The Coven of Wiccans
Comment from the bosses: A wiki for all the wiccans out there, with links, banners and information. For the beginner and the experimented alike.

Wiki name: Order Of The Phoenix
Comment from the bosses: Fans of Harry Potter are everywhere... but a lot seem to be here. A long list of members; poetry, art and collaborations sections and desires to keep working on getting bigger and better make this a good wiki for the Pottermaniacs.

Wiki name: magical kingdom
Comment from the bosses: A wiki that looks good is a good thing to find. And this one looks really good. And also has a lot of chapters, characters, clear instructions. A good RPG.


Wiki name: Shorties Inc.
Comments from the bosses: A wiki-club for all the short people of the world (you know who you are). It has an original idea, and a decent orginazation. A fun club for all.

Wiki name: Fantasma
Comments from the bosses: Definitely one of the best organized and vast RPGs of Elftown. A lot of work went into the creation of this wiki. If you're looking to join an RPG - we strongly recommend this one.

Wiki name: Weather Wonders
Comments from the bosses: Small, as of yet, but an original idea and a good set-up. Honouring the rules and regulations of Elftown and having a friendly ambiance. If you love weather - this is the wiki to visit!

Wiki name: Black Hearted Poetry
Comments from the bosses: Rather well-organized this is a wiki-page for poetry lovers. It will feature three poems each week, has trivia and more. Have fun!

Wiki name: Add A Paragraph
Comment from the bosses: As the name implies, every writer adds a paragraph to a story. It's great fun and the organization is very well done. Definitely worth a look for writers and non-writers alike.

Wiki name: Wiki world
Comment from the bosses: Wiki searchers are always quite useful, and this one seems to have the right way: some categories, a contributors list and a nice, relaxed general look. Worth checking at... and contributing at.

Wiki name: Happy-Bunnies-United
Comment from the bosses: A nice wiki, looking for people that want to live their lives in a happy way. It haves a cute look and a nice "happy event of the day". Smile!

Wiki name: Anti-racism
Comment from the bosses: Tolerance must be one of our primary feelings, and this wiki knows about it. It is a great idea, specially in a cosmopolitan community like Elftown; and mostly, it does not attack to those that do not agree with them.

Wiki name: Tale spin
Comment from the bosses: An amazing bucket of tales, worth reading. You can really have a nice time enjoying them, and you will even ask for a bit more of this.

Wiki name: Hopeless Romantics
Comment from the bosses: I think we all have a little romantic person inside us, and this wiki helps us surrender to it. Well organized, and with lots of different sections. It even looks charming!.

September & November

Wiki name: Corrupt a wish
Comments from the bosses: This wiki really deserves to be checked at carefully! A very twisted game about someone asking for a wish, and someone granting it.. in a very corrupted way. Interesting and worth checking just to see how twisted our minds can be, even in something so sweet as to making dreams come truth.

Wiki name: Elvenwood Silver Years Club
Comments from the bosses: No, not everyone in Elftown is younger than 20. And if you're looking for a bit more mature way to see the life of an artist, this wiki is what you're looking for. Lots of "clubs" where people older than 21 y.o. can participate and exchange advice, play some well planned games and even talk a bit about themes for adults only... like children.

Wiki name: Elfwood Elftowners
Comments from the bosses: Elftown originally became as the official community of Elfwood... so, why not shall all off the artist have their own wiki? A wiki simple, well organized where every Elfwooder can announce their own galleries, and also check at the galleries of their fellow Elftowners. Lovely, pure and with a nice idea to join.

Wiki name: Merchandise logo competition
Comments from the bosses: The idea of Elftown merchandising has been, I think, in the head of every Elftowner some time. Well, finally somebody did it, and even better, with the main collaboration of the Elftowners themselves. Even if this contest is now closed, it's worth checking at all the beautiful and impressive works submitted. You simply cannot have just one favourite!

Wiki name: Dracology
Comment from the bosses: It is not a secret that Dragons are some of the favourite fantasy creatures. But this wiki goes a bit further, making a really impressive treat of them. An extensive bibliography, lots of links, FAQ's, a gallery and lots of other things to check at, make this one of the most complete and gorgeous wikis in the town.

Wiki name: Nothing Like Sanity
Comment from the bosses: It must be said that sanity can be a little overvalued... The state of mind, not this wiki. This wiki is something that we hadn't see up to now in the awards: a web comic. And a really funny one. It could have a little better organization, but what it lacks in this aspect is more than compensated by the humour that the strips show. Really imaginative and well done.

Wiki name: The Memoires of a Madman
Comment from the bosses: Some people may question that we feature a personal wiki. After all, they may not be interested in knowing everything about this particular elftowner. But this wiki has some interesting stuff, not limited to being the owner, but in general. Songs, poems, reflections, arts. Well done and well organized.

Wiki name: Gundam War
Comment from the bosses: Probably the biggest Gundam RPG in Elftown, at least in effort. It is going through some reconstruction and it's not fully ready, but it's well in its way. This may be an excellent moment to join and have some fun. It's easy to follow and to play and you won't be disappointed.

Wiki name: As the Night Goes On
Comment from the bosses: A good RPG needs to have constant actualizations, needs to appeal to a large public that finds it interesting and may be well written. This one fills the description and has a lot of reading to do, with gives you lots of information and background for the actions. Also, the organization is neat and everything looks clean and well thought.

Wiki name: Treasure of Roses
Comment from the bosses: A nicely done RPG, with a main quests and sub-stories. As its owner herself has defined it, it has an anime look on it. Members really interested in playing keep the action going and you may have lots of fun following the events that develop. It may need some more details, but it's still a really enjoyable experience.

Wiki name: Realms of Lemire Arena
Comment from the bosses: This wiki is a real piece of art... so much effort and work to make it very well organized and amazingly fun! It simply does not needs to ask for anything to any other RPG. Statics for every character and a well developed play. Two thumbs up!

Wiki name: The Lizard King
Comment from the bosses: This fan club is excellent, specially for an excellent musician as Jim Morrison. A cool gallery, quotes, a biography and some nice banners (respect for the Uploading Art Rules!) to put in your houses. The Doors rules again!

Wiki name: Gallery of Uselessness
Comment from the bosses: Hey, not every wiki have to be useful, you know. But even uselessness can be really fun! I find only one problem in this wiki: it can be very useful if you're having a boring day ^_^

Wiki name: Book of Fantasy
Comment from the bosses: We all know some of the most popular fantasy creatures, and some of us can even talk a bit about them. But this wiki goes a bit beyond that, giving a nice and well organized encyclopaedia of creatures. Worth checking at, and maybe you can post some unknown creatures from you own dreamland...

Wiki name: SETI@home
Comment from the bosses: A very uncommon theme in the town is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. But these Elftowners have made their own team for the search! Join them in their quest, and don't forget to ignore the signals of the playing dragons that may interfere with the project... -_^


Wiki name: The Stray Chronicles
Comments from the bosses: We start this month with Role Play wiki that is getting a lot of adepts in our community. With a really nice art style courtesy of the members, well organized sources of information, maps, background and actions, plus a still in development feel that promises great things, this wiki is a must for roleplay fans (I’m actually thinking about joining).

Wiki name: Anime guild 
Comments from the bosses: One big problem with some clubs and wikis in general is that they tend to die when the owner gets bored or decides to leave the Town. This hasn’t happened with the Anime Guild. As they say themselves, it may not be the most original wiki, but it has been with us for over a year and it’s still getting bigger and better.

Wiki name: Spiritual stuff 
Comments from the bosses: In the words of the creator herself (no, no God, [DawnUnicorn]) this place is great “because this is a place where like-minded people gather to be heard, and to find comfort in those who share similar experiences and beliefs.. People with different metaphysical abilities have even agreed to advertise them in order to help others in our 'Resident Specialists' Section.. The whole wiki serves as Elftown's own 'metaphysical/spiritual database' with links, first hand accounts and discussions.”.

Wiki name: The Moon's Blood 
Comments from the bosses: This is an anime like RPG that happens in modern Japan. But not the one filled with Japanese people (typical product of Japan) who work 14 hours a day, but one whose nights are filled with vampires and demons. It has a nice art, nice bio and backgrounds section and it is... finished! Yes, it has, sadly, ended. But it’s still a nice place to visit. A especial comments deserves the fact that it has its own soundtrack.

Wiki name: Fairys 
Comments from the bosses: A wiki with information about Fairys (hey, that’s what they say). Easy to follow, well linked (you actually have links to every section in every wiki, which makes navigation really easy), with some nice graphics here and there, information, stories, art section and some etcs. Pretty nice to see and to read.

Wiki name: The Vampire bar 
Comments from the bosses: Defined by the members as a place for the goths to hang out, it has something that few or no wiki has: a newsletter wiki. Add to it an rpg that is slowly starting and you have a wiki that may grown into something interesting soon.

Wiki name: Teenage culture 
Comments from the bosses: Teenage cultures from the last decades have important effects on our society today. Well, that said, this wiki treats the topic of “sub-groups” inside the big group of teenagers, from Goths to Chavs (without forgetting Skaters/Punk. Which deserve an important comment: c’mon, punk is a lot older than skaters and should have a different section. Especially coming from England, place where punk was born). 

Wiki name: The Magic Mustard
Comments from the bosses: After a long time, this place has been totally revamped by [Willy Witch], and has turned to, on her own words, “a highly developed establishment, where you can come and chill while online”. This chilling includes a sauna, a meditation room, a fortune telling room, a herbal remedy room and several more things. I wonder how expensive the cup of coffee is...

Wiki name: Animorphus Fantasy Fusion
Comments from the bosses: A fun rpg with an original theme: people who can change into animals (yeah, I know that’s been used lots of times, but it’s the first one I see on ET with this characteristics). The story has been going on for some time and may need more members to be even better.

Wiki name: The Creed
Comments from the bosses: And finally, we have The Creed a vampire sect, they are a devoted organisation always looking for outstanding individuals. But not only vampires. Anybody who follows the text of the creed may join. They have a lot of wikis related to the topic and a good number of members.


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