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Featured Wiki Archives from 2005


Wiki name:DA Elftowners
Comments from the bosses:Some of the Efltowners does not have only an account in Elfwood, but also in DevianART, and some of them wants to show this to the world! So, come to this wiki, and find out if your favourite Elftowner have a nice gallery you didn't even know. A pretty wiki that will surely grow a lot.

Wiki name:Stephen_King_Fans_Unite 
Comments from the bosses:Do you like horror? Then quite probably you're a fan of the master of horror, Stephen King. This wiki will fulfil your need for news about this writer, because it's updated very often. It have book lists for you to check at your own books, and see what do you need to make your collection complete. Worth checking!

Wiki name:True Vampires 
Comments from the bosses:This wiki is not made just for the creatures of the night... everybody can join. But be careful with the bites! You will find lots of interesting information about the blood-suckers in this wiki, as well as a soft-flowing RPG, some poetry and the promise of more coming soon. Don't lose your blood.

Wiki name:Kung Fu Pirates! 
Comments from the bosses:More RPG? yes! Because this one is a very original indeed... about... well, pirates that use kung fu (what else?). Have fun, add your own tracks to the soundtrack, and be the first one in their own art gallery. Cool wiki, two thumbs up.

Wiki name:Anthro Lovers 
Comments from the bosses:Don't we all want a bit of fur in our lives? And this wiki is full of it! A cool and BIG Rpg, beautiful badges (some of them even a bit... uhm... furrbert..?), links and the member of the week. Don't forget to brush your suit once you've gone. =^^=

Wiki name:Zombie Apocolypse Awareness 
Comments from the bosses:Have you ever been afraid of the moment when zombies will attack? Have you been trying to be ready for the end of the world? Then you may find this wiki quite useful, because is a very complete survival guide! Don't laugh of it... they are being serious.

Wiki name:Rest in peace
Comments from the bosses:This wiki is still in the very beginning... but somehow, it may be a nice place in the town, worth for a visit or two. Leave your prayers for those that've gone, and be sure that they will always have a quiet, sweet place in here as in your heart.

Wiki name:The Elftown Fencing Academy
Comments from the bosses:Are you looking for an elegant sport, beautiful and not quite common? This is the place for you! With a nice organization and lots of things to do, you simply cannot miss this wiki. Even if you've never seen a fencing championship, maybe this is just the moment to start.

Wiki name:Assassin's Castle
Comments from the bosses:A nice RPG that has evolved constantly, featuring a large amounts of quite interesting and worth reading stories. You can't just plug into the story, but you must apply to get in; however, this makes that every character become a story in itself, well planned and beautiful.

Wiki name:FF fans United
Comments from the bosses:A really nice looking wiki, with something that a lot of wikis lack: navigation bar! Everything is in place and you can find lots of things. Considering that it is under construction, the way it looks and the information it has let's us see that it has a great future.


Wiki name:Lerune's Shoppe
Comments from the bosses:If you want to purchase some really beautiful items, and help Elftown at the very same time, then go to this shop! You will find dozens of decorations, figures, candleholders and more... maybe even some little bags of fairy dust! Even better, you can use paypal for more security. Go visit the shop!

Wiki name:Lone wolves 
Comments from the bosses:Are you the forever loner, even in the middle of a crowd? Maybe you must go here, then. This wiki wants to reunite all of those loners out there... and make them feel like in a pack, where they can express their feelings, post poetry, stories and more. Stop running alone and howl to the moon with them.

Wiki name:
Comments from the bosses:Elftown uses it's own pseudo html... however, this wiki pages goes a step further using real html to build an original page, where you can upload the link to your own webcam, and find other people that uses theirs too. Looks like the elves of this place are finding the magic of technology!

Wiki name:Lost Book of the Bible:The Book of Amish 
Comments from the bosses:Have you ever wandered if the most popular book in the world is fully complete? Well, looks like it's not! And in here you will find the hidden origin of the Amish... from the very beginning to the world to their present position... Warning: It's a joke! So, if you have an amish friend, don't be offended! And, if you are an amish... err, what are you doing on the internet?

Wiki name:Huggers united 
Comments from the bosses:Looking for a hug? Then you're on your way to the perfect place. In here you will find not just other people that loves to hug and be hugged, but also a place to talk and have some support if you're feeling down. Full of nice people, this is the place to visit if you want some love!

Wiki name:Trivia for a Cookie 
Comments from the bosses:Who says a wiki must be complex to be cool? This wiki have fun in almost every little corner. If you think you're an expert in sci-fi books or movies, then go give a try to your knowledges and win a cookie for them! The question changes every week... and trust me, you'll never have enough cookies.

Wiki name:The Rebellion for the Future
Comments from the bosses:Have you ever dreamed of a future where robots and humans share the world? Well, if you wanna know how it'll be, then you should join this RPG. It runs smoothly and soft, and it's quite interesting. You can even add your favorite music to their own soundtrack! Take a look, you'll be pleased.

Wiki name:Order of Inari
Comments from the bosses:If you're a foxes fan, then this RPG is the perfect for you. Once you join, you have your own Kitsune (fox) form and your own rank. You can either join the RPG directly, post pics of your character, or just chat. Besides, it's very easy to find what you're looking for, so this foxes will have some fun!

Wiki name:Elftown Bank
Comments from the bosses:No town can go without a bank... and so, we have the Elftown Bank! A lot of things has happened in this place, so trust me, you will not find only money in this place. This RPG has had some wondrous adventures and a lot of fun that are also safe in here. Thieves are welcome!

Wiki name:^Real Vampires^
Comments from the bosses:Vampires are real... at least in this town. We have some interesting creatures of the night in here, and some useful information is always welcome. Interesting links and a lot of members make this place a must-see. Join the dark in their romantic and sad path, and don't be alone any more...


Wiki name:Elftown Community Library
Comments from the bosses:This excellent wiki takes that often used Elftown motto to the next step, this is a library for works written By Elftowners, For Elftowners. The Elftown Community Library is a small (but growing!) collection of works kindly donated by their Elftown authors for other members to read. Any genre is welcomed, and any Elftowner can feel free to read or contribute as they see fit!

Wiki name:Zero Tolerance
Comments from the bosses:How many of you are dog owners? How many of you know someone who owns a dog? Well, this wiki reveals the truth behind those so called 'vicious' breeds (and the 'gentle' breeds,) and the information is relevant and important to any person coming into contact with any type of dog.

Wiki name:In the land of Vascilia
Comments from the bosses:In a world where adventure is confined to mind numbing television and movies for the average person, this group of Elftowners have created their own world of good, evil, slavery and a cause. Meet Edorita Queen of Vascilia, and all the other wonderful characters who make up this fantastic and thorough role playing game, and come and join in the fun!

Wiki name:Love and war
Comments from the bosses:In this Romeo and Julietesque tale, this group of players relive one of the best known themes in history, that of love, torn apart by war and hatred. This role play is an excellent example of its type, and a wonderful opportunity for anyone! But be warned, its nearing it's end, so try it out while you still have the chance!

Wiki name:The alliance of elven swords
Comments from the bosses:A role play like wiki, and yet different from the usual run of things. This individual wiki is a collection of stories written about it's member's characters and while each story follows the same theme, each is told from a different view point. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary here on Elftown this is for you!!

Wiki name:The Wilderness
Comments from the bosses:Ever wanted to deck yourself out in combats and head off into the wilderness to test your strength? Here's a group of people who live that experience... in the best way possible. This is another role playing game, but this one doesn't feature the oh-so-common variety of magic and elves. Instead, this is for those who wish to take part in their own private experience as soldiers, from the comfort of home. With beautiful and stunning photography, this rp is worth a visit!

Wiki name:If I Lived in Lemire
Comments from the bosses:Different from the regular run of role plays, this wiki is a funny look at what different members would be like if they actually lived in the Realms of Lemire! Given a photo, name, fantasy race and class, a poll decides what you are most likely to be. Anyone can participate (just read the instructions on the page) and its great fun for all!

Wiki name:Horror fans 
Comments from the bosses:A page to celebrate Horror movies and those who love them, Horror fans is a well maintained and growing group with links and polls for those of us who like the gruesome and macabre aspects of our movies. A great place to spend some time, and discuss your fav horror movie, I recommend it to all Horror fans!

Wiki name:Art chat
Comments from the bosses:True to the original nature of Elftown, this wiki celebrates the common artist. Art chat is designed especially for artist of all sorts to come and discuss their art, their method, their tools, their media and whatever else the choose. With different sections for each type of art, this place provides the perfect environment to seek help or comments on your work, share your ideas and methods or simply relax!

Wiki name:TheRogue's Groupies
Comments from the bosses:A wiki dedicated to the memory of one of our most active guards... but not because of the way he fills his "guarding" duties, but because of his great art and all the love people feel for him. And it has something that works as a navigation bar, something that it would be nice if all wikis had!


Wiki name:Half-life
Comments from the bosses:This RPG is a really good one! The main theme is amazingly interesting, and you can really have a good time reading at all of their chapters, History has developed fluently and soft, and characters are charismatic, young and interesting. It have its own soundtrack, poetry page and art page. Really nice!

Wiki name:Alpha-omega
Comments from the bosses:Even if this RPG is now closed for new players, it is worth giving it some time to read and check at their various features. The character list is vast and nice, and each one of them have their own character sheet in the form of a wiki. Even the enemies and places are about to have their won wikis so you can check them out.

Wiki name:The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Comments from the bosses:This wiki arrives in the perfect moment to give newbies and fans alike a nice guide to The Guide. It is well organized, with lots of entries and definitions, and it's constantly growing! Even if your not a full fledged fan, you can have a lot of fun reading it, and you can now even get into their own art contest ^_^

Wiki name:Fullmetal Alchemist, dog of the military
Comments from the bosses:Fullmetal alchemist is one of the most popular anime shows these times, and this RPG focuses fully in it. It has a well developed basis, and you can create your character, profile and everything you'll need to play. Even if your not a fan, this wiki is really worth some time to read.

Wiki name:Side effects
Comments from the bosses:There are lots of RPG's that focuses on a possible future earth. But this one goes really a step further, showing an Earth filled with just two kind of people: psyches and government. There are hardly any other possibilities, and this RPG is a deadly and well done game of cat and mouse. Fight for your life or your right to be correct.

Wiki name:Skylira
Comments from the bosses:Looking for a really fun place to be? The kingdom of Skylira will probably the place you've been looking for. This RPG is lovely, charming and well done, with some really interesting people to met. And in case you may want to visit a place outside of the main citadel, you can go visit some of their allies, and find really original people and places in there!

Wiki name:Land of make believe
Comments from the bosses:This month is full of cool RPG's, and this one is not even a step behind! You may have been the most common person in this world, but when you're transported into a different place, all your abilities will be toughly tested! Have some fun and join this RPG, or simply read some of the nice adventures the current characters have had. Joy is warranted.

Wiki name:The Order of the Midnight Sun 
Comments from the bosses:Beware of the elves that want to finish humans in revenge for years of slavery! Join into the dark side of the elven kin, and help them take their revenge. Or just check at this wiki, beautiful to look at, with tons of things to read and enjoy. Let your inner elf take control.

Wiki name:Art chat
Comments from the bosses:True to the original nature of Elftown, this wiki celebrates the common artist. Art chat is designed especially for artist of all sorts to come and discuss their art, their method, their tools, their media and whatever else the choose. With different sections for each type of art, this place provides the perfect environment to seek help or comments on your work, share your ideas and methods or simply relax!

Wiki name:Army rotc
Comments from the bosses:This wiki has made a big effort to help you know a bit more about it's community: the US Army. You can learn a lot from its members, even if to be one, you must have a rank in the real life. However, it's quite interesting to check at, and surely you'll spend a long time just reading and understanding their unique point of view, and even having some fun with them.


Wiki name:wicca
Comments from the bosses:Elftown has always been a place for every kind of people, no matter their believes, and this wiki has focused specially in the wiccan way of life. It is quite interesting and well organized, with some lovely art. You can learn about this way of life in this wiki, make new friends and ask anything that you wanna know. Also, it have some interesting links to other related wikis.

Wiki name:Dragons united
Comments from the bosses:Looks like everybody in town loves Dragons, and it's quite normal, because these marvellous creatures are real, at least in our dreams. This wiki is huge and beautiful, with pages to display your art, contests, stories and more. You can find links, their own RPG, a suggestions page and a list of books, movies and more, all related to dragons. Beautiful wiki!

Wiki name:Xenophobics
Comments from the bosses:Join the xenophobics! But lemme tell you that this wiki have nothing to do with the phobia to strangers. All the contrary! Everybody is accepted here, and you can talk about whatever you want and post almost everything! Even if some of the sections are still under heavy construction, looks like this wiki have great chances to become one of the most visited places in the town if you're looking for some good chatting time.

Wiki name:Brandopia
Comments from the bosses:In the tradition of the classical RPG about mythical kingdoms and epic fights, Brandopia promises a beautiful setting where you will find fun for sure. Join this wiki and help it grow even more, I'm sure you will have lots of wonderful adventures.

Wiki name:El Inocente
Comments from the bosses:One of the most interesting RPG's I've seen, El Inocente (The Innocent in spanish) focuses in a mental institute where if you're not mad, you will be soon. Either if you wanna be part of this wiki or if you are just looking for something really interesting to read, you will find an amazing story, with well developed characters, it's own soundtrack and some interesting features. You can never know when will you turn into an innocent...

Wiki name:Pure Dragons
Comments from the bosses:More dragons!! And in this wiki you will find some of the coolest curiosities for dragon lovers: a dragon pet shop, the types of dragons, a cool RPG and much more. Post your art here, take a banner, and find some lovely animated dragons for use in your wiki pages. Soon, they will have their own contest! ^_^

Wiki name:Cajia
Comments from the bosses:Not every RPG is a pacific one. Cajia is well know for their warmongering! However, that does not means that they might be considered improvised. All the contrary, Cajia is perfectly well developed, explained and carefully improved. In this world, you will find lots of different lands to explore, amazing creatures and different kinds of magic. This wiki is magic in itself!

Wiki name:Mithrandir 
Comments from the bosses:Mithrandir is a lovely world where fairies share their lives with humans. In the Lowlands, you will find some cute characters pictured in charming art works. Follow this story, and win the honour to become one of the characters of this world. Help them develop some ideas and don't forget to pet the fairies ^_^

Wiki name:PS2 gamers
Comments from the bosses:Some of us can hardly imagine our lives without our beloved PS2 consoles. They are part of the family... and this wiki is made for all of us! You can find tactics, games that will be soon released, a fanart contest and some history about the PS. With the help section (alphabetized!) and the FAQ, you will be able to find the trick for that game you were looking for. Join the gamers!

Wiki name:Church Stalker
Comments from the bosses:A quite gorgeous RPG, based in a tragic murder committed in the feudal era... the setting for this game is simply beautiful, and the relationship among the characters make this also a fabulous story to read. Just be careful with the lost souls that may be wandering among the shadows...


Wiki name:Asrun's Tutorials
Comments from the bosses:I'm sure lots of artists will love this wiki! Some really useful and well explained tutorials on how to use Photoshop, how to draw, composition and more. And if you can't find what you're looking for, there's a suggestions' page. This wiki really follows the spirit of this town, where artist can gather and help each other. Well done!

Wiki name:Insurrection
Comments from the bosses:You can never get tired of good RPG's, and this place is full of them! A quite interesting plot, where in a super-controlled world, only those that are different, mutated, can fight for their right to be free. Now, masters have to scape from their creatures, in a world where you don't know what you'll find around the very next corner.

Wiki name:Forbidden's Fight Club
Comments from the bosses:Fight! Who told you kicking someone wasn't fun? It is, and specially if you belong to a club like this one... uhm, looks like we're breaking the rules of the fight club talking about it in here, but... who cares? As long as we don't find any of the fighters. And in that case, we can always tell them they've got a prize ;)

Wiki name:The world of terra
Comments from the bosses:This world is a well done and nice community for roleplayers. In there, you can find contests, maps, related wikis and more. You can find new friends and have some really interesting chats here. Join now!

Wiki name:Really_Empty
Comments from the bosses:Empty? Not at all! This place if full of people, chatting and apparently alcohol ;) They have RPG's, contests, and some really tasty drinks. A very bohemian place to gather and have fun. Don't forget to check at it carefully, you can find some really cool people in almost every corner.

Wiki name:Sana's Demon Store
Comments from the bosses:Imaginary creatures lurk in every shadow of this little shop. And you can be the owner of one of them! Ask the owner of this peculiar shop for your very own personalized fantastic creature, be it a demon, muse or just a nice friend. Come and check it!

Wiki name:What if...
Comments from the bosses:Elftown was made as a community for artist and writers to show and develop their talents, and this permanent contest really fits the spirit of this place. Every month there's a new idea, so you'll never get tired of it. You can see lots of different pics, and read some good stories in here. A very good idea, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy a visit to this wiki.

Wiki name:Thousand Eyes Library
Comments from the bosses:If you're looking for a good place to put your stories, get comments and read about almost any theme, this is the place to go. This library allows you to post your tales and stories, whether fantasy or not, and receive the help and advice of other Elftowners. This might even be a good starting platform to fix and improve your stories before submit them to Elfwood... or perhaps to an interested editor ^_~

Wiki name:Under His Eyes
Comments from the bosses:An amazing RPG developed in the biggest city in the world, Mexico City. Come join this adventures in a place filled with fog, crime and darkness... the enemies are everywhere, and the very same government is looking for you... and it's almost unstoppable. If you're looking for adventures, and a very original RPG far from the fantasy ones, you'll better visit this place. But remember... in Mexico everyone's the bad guy.


Wiki name:Gavingale Duelers
Comments from the bosses:Started over 4 years ago, the Gavingale Duellers Association spread across several US states, and is now brought to us on Elftown! With it's own forums, many different battlegrounds, it's own rules, officials and level advancement for players, this is one of the ultimate battle role playing games here on Elftown!

Wiki name:Tresselfeld
Comments from the bosses:An rpg located in the city of Tresselfeld, capital of the land known as Algiz, this story chronicles the lives and battles of it's players. With only a small select group of characters, the people are friendly, the game is fun, and the member's have created an entire world, with art, history and background, characters, rules and archives!

Wiki name:Hell high
Comments from the bosses:Ever had a tough time at high school, or felt different from everyone else? Well, this is the place for you! An rpg about the High school for Children of Demons, you can live out your day as you want to! Complete with gym, band, sciences and lunches, this wiki even has badges awarded for your length of stay in the game!

Wiki name:Samurai Chronicles
Comments from the bosses:You will never lose the interest in this RPG once you've started. It haves a wide range of character for almost every taste. Divided in Books, it's easy to follow and enjoy. Their creators have gone so far as to think in a movie! ;) Some of us will be really waiting for it!

Wiki name:Gaiden Reign
Comments from the bosses:You don't wanna be in the middle of this war. Trust me, you don't. Heaven and Hell fight endlessly in a destroyed Earth, and you can only be treated as cattle. But what side will you choose? A simply wonderful setting, amazing and original. Two thumbs up!

Wiki name:Ali's Sketch Pad Contest
Comments from the bosses:The dream of every drawer is a never ending contest, that changes often and allows you to develop and show every thing you have in your hands. Well, here it is! A permanent contest, with different subjects, so you can draw almost anything you want. Go check it!

Wiki name:Enter the Academy
Comments from the bosses:Have you ever wished to become a Jedi Knight. I think that if you're a fan of Star Wars surely you had. Well, this is your chance! Enter the Academy and learn the way of the Jedi. Who knows? Perhaps Lucas will call you for Episode 7 ;)


Wiki name:Loving the Alien
Comments from the bosses:Maybe you have wondered what does David Bowie have more, if pseudonyms or songs. Or exactly when Ziggy become The Thin White Duke. Or just what are the colours of his eyes (we all know that one, at least all of us that have seen “Labyrinth”). Anyway, despite of the kind of information you are looking for, you can bet that you find it here, in this very complete wiki page about this performer.

Wiki name:Comment Exchange
Comments from the bosses:There have been a lot of complains lately about how Elftown have forgotten the artists. But ET is, and will always be, a community with strong bonds with Elfwood. And this wiki is the place where artists from The Wood may come looking for somebody who wants to get comments. Lots of comments. Of course, it’s always nice to return the comments and make the place grow even more. You can also find tours and recommendations.

Wiki name:Pointed Sticks Lovers United
Comments from the bosses:Vampires don’t like this wiki (we know because we have several demonstrations at the place since we choose it). But most people don’t have really reasons to hate pointed sticks. They are good for you. Useful for a lot of things and really... Ok, ok, you have to be a weird person to love a pointed stick, but since the blame for the original idea behind this wiki comes directly from the Monty Python (although they probably don’t know that) we can’t but give up and love the wiki ourselves.

Wiki name:The Lonely and Forgotten
Comments from the bosses:If there’s something that is important in Elftown is the sense of community. And the sense of community means worrying about the rest of the people here, not only about yourself. And it also means trying to help them when you can. And that’s what this wiki is all about. A place for those who aren’t feeling exactly great, a place where they can, at least, start to feel better. Or not so Lonely and Forgotten. Many features and links make it a well planned wiki.

Wiki name:Photo Forum
Comments from the bosses:Is photography an art? Or is it something totally new and different? That’s an discussion that is going on right now on art and design academies everywhere. But it’s not important to us. What is important to us is that here you have a place where, if you are a fan of taking pictures, you can find other people who share your love and where you can talk, show and learn.

Wiki name:Mystery Science Theater 3000
Comments from the bosses:Ok, I know this song was from another show, but I can’t help singing “Michael Rennie was ill The Day The Earth Stood Still/But he told us where we stand/Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear/Claude Rains was The Invisible Man”. There something special about those old weekend sci-fi movies. They sucked in the most loveable way. And Mystery Science Theatre 3000 took advantage of that and made the logical approach: they made fun of the movies, never loosing the respect. Or whatever passes for it. This wiki tries to translate the feeling of the show with quotes, reviews and jokes. The presentation is a little wordy, but it’s well organised and pretty original.

Wiki name:Hogwarts castle
Comments from the bosses:Mr Potter is everywhere. Really. I swear. I even have him hidden on my closet. And I’m not letting him out unless you check this wiki. What is it, you ask? It is a RPG where you can become part of Hogwarts, learn magic and probably be attacked by a troll (always a difficult school project). There are several areas to visit and lots of information that will give you all the tools you need to play. And now I need to go, because considering the noises coming from my closet, I think it’s lunch time.

Wiki name:HSP United
Comments from the bosses:If you are a highly sensitive person, this is the wiki you were probably looking for. Sadly, it isn’t as well known as it deserves, which is a pity considering that we are sure that there are lots of highly sensitive Elftowners out there who’d like to see what this wiki has to offer: stories, information, people in the same situation and, essentially, company. A wiki that, honestly, deserves to grow a lot.

October - December

Wiki name:Realms of Lemire
Comments from the bosses:If you're looking for the perfect RPG, congrats, you've found it! Just check at this wonderful wiki, that helps you start playing no matter if you're a beginner or a full fledged RPGer. Maps, history... a complete and amazingly well developed background makes this place a must see for everyone. You can do art, play, or just read for fun. Bookmark it!

Wiki name:Elfwood artists united
Comments from the bosses:Yeah, do you remember Elfwood? That gorgeous page for artist all around the world, where Elftown comes from. This wiki proves that we haven't forgotten that Elftown is first and foremost a community for artist. We can fins here people with real love for their galleries, and looking to share some useful tips with other artist as well. Don't forget the art!

Wiki name:Thrive
Comments from the bosses:Welcome to the year 3268. If you're looking for a bright, new world, I think you'll have a big surprise. Thrive is an RPG based in a world crumbled to ashes, where you must fight for survive every day of your life, looking for a safe place. But this makes an exceptional game, with characters strong and interesting. Join if you wanna know how it is like to be trapped in your own world. The excitement is warranted.

Wiki name:Mood-Pets
Comments from the bosses:In Elftown we have houses, we have races... why don't we have pets? Well, that is solved! In this pet store, you can adopt a "mood pet", a sweet creature that will live in your mood from now on. This creature will be yours only, and it will be with you every day in the town. Go get yours! But don't forget to feed them and pet them often ;)

Wiki name:Lemirian Pirates
Comments from the bosses:In the tradition of Realms of Lemire, here comes Lemirian Pirates! Have you ever wondered how it is like to be a pirate in the world of Lemire? Now it's your chance! This wiki is a really cool place, with weapons, magic, and adventures. You can even kick some bad guys if you're lucky enough ;)

Wiki name:Ahr.. me hearties!
Comments from the bosses:It's hard to describe this wiki, but I think that simply "art" is enough. Come and meet the crew of the Jolly Rumbuckler, and you'll find yourself charmed by them. Some of these pics are beautiful, and none of them is lower than the rest. Check it for yourself, you'll enjoy it.

Wiki name:Pirate Senka
Comments from the bosses:Pirates, pirates... this is the month of piracy! But even if you're not a fond of the pirates, I'm sure you will find something you'll really love, like this RPG. Soft, well made and with a smooth way of play, this place is a must see for all the genre fans and those who are not. Join the fun! And don't forget to add some art.

Wiki name:Secret Corner
Comments from the bosses:Some times, secrets must be said. So come to the Corner, where you can speak your heart without fear. Your secrets will be then read, but you will not be judged, because everybody here haves a secret as well. Don't shut your mouth...


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