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Featured Wiki Archives from 2006

January - March
Wiki name: Little White Lies
Comments from the bosses: Looks like Elftown will never have enough good RPG's, and this is not the exception. A sweet, anime-style story based on a girl destined to save the world. You can read the story (that's been running for long), but not only that, you can also check at the soundtrack and even enjoy a bit of art.

Wiki name: Soul +/-
Comments from the bosses: Have you ever imagined how it is to die, and what's next? This RPG takes you to a possible answer, a world known as Dante's wood. This game can be described with only three words: amazing, elegant and intelligent. Enjoy the art and the well developed characters and don't be afraid...

Wiki name: Treasure of Roses: Noir Eresipele
Comments from the bosses: Who said that second parts are not as good as the original? This game will prove this wrong. Just as beautiful as the original Treasure of Roses, this anime game will keep you interested since the very first lines.

Wiki name: The Medieval Crest Crafter
Comments from the bosses: Following the lines of Elftown graphics, but doing it in a more personal level, this wiki had the wonderful idea of doing really beautiful heraldic decos by request! Choose your colours, animals or symbols to be featured and make your own personal crest. This is by far one of my very own favourite wikis! ;)

Wiki name: Elftowner rendezvous wiki
Comments from the bosses: I think we all have found good friends in Elftown, and some of us have even managed to met them in person. So this is the wiki for all of you who have met their fellow Elftowners in the real world! You can upload your photos, stories and anything you want to let all people see that real friends can be there no matter the distance.

April - May

Wiki name: The Art Store
Comments from the bosses: A "must-look" for all the artists of Elftown. This store is one of the most complete resources available for drawers, painters and fans. Want to exhibit your art, give or take hints or simply look at what other people is doing and get some inspiration? Then go ahead! I can tell you that you'll have some great time in this place... because even the chatter is quite interesting! ;)

Wiki name: Common Sense Llama
Comments from the bosses: Feeling pissed off? Feeling like you just need to share your rants with someone? Feeling that you'll blow unless you find that someone else is feeling just like you??? Well, go and pay a visit to the Llama. Read some of the greatest rants you'll ever find, and share your disgust with the rest of the world. And what's so great about this wiki? That it's also a respectful wiki, so no racism or intolerance here, just pure, nice (and sometimes even funny ^^) hate.

Wiki name: As the Elftown turns
Comments from the bosses: The town haves a newspaper, stores, music, chatrooms... why not a nice soap opera? And even if this place is not really complete, it's quite fun to look at! Go and give your own ideas for characters, plots and cool storylines. Be the hero or the wicked foe... and win a place among the ranks of history ;)

Wiki name: Dictionary of iippo
Comments from the bosses: Did you know that officially Val Kilmer is a pretty actor? Have you ever imagined that pancakes' primary function is to slip them under the door? Well, if this surprised you, then you should go and check at this cool dictionary, where truth is sometimes weirder than fantasy... ¬.¬

Wiki name: Black arrow tavern
Comments from the bosses: And who could imagine a Wiki Awards page without at least one RPG? And what a winner we have today. Come to this great tavern, have some ale and meat if you're hungry, and enjoy a good chat and some of the loveliest graphics you'll see in the town. Or you can simply read at some past adventures and warm your feet in front of the fire....

June - August

Wiki name: Faces of the World
Comments from the bosses: Do you want to see great art made by a simple art program that shows different cultures and faces from all the world? Then you should pay this wiki a visit! And while you are there, leave a comment about the art. There's always place for them (not to mention for a little chat).

Wiki name: So You Wanna Make an Emo House?
Comments from the bosses: Have you ever wondered what makes a house truly Emo? Do you want an Emo house, but don’t know what pictures to put up or what name to choose? Then this wiki is for you! Wonderfully sarcastic humour and splendid, easy to follow directions! Buy it no..err I mean go watch it! You won’t regret it!

Wiki name: What's your sign?
Comments from the bosses: A must for anyone who loves to know more about their star signs. Which Elftowners do you share your star sign with? There's everything you can think of here: fashion, food, even advice on how to choose a pet! [Mom] has created this wiki for the people of Elftown to enjoy, so go enjoy it!

Wiki name: The Critique Board
Comments from the bosses: So, you have a piece of art and you want comments. Where do you go? You don't want the usual "Nice!" or a "Could be better", you want proper constructive criticism, with no flames! The Critique Board is the place for you. Owned by [Asrun], she and a team of budding artists will try their very hardest to give you good comments on how to build on your work.

Wiki name: The Wind Arrow
Comments from the bosses: "Arr me hearties, where's me rum?" In true Jack Sparrow style, The Wind Arrow is a roleplay dedicated to everything pirate like. But be sure you know the code, or you'll walk the plank!


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