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Featured Wiki Archives from 2007

September - November

Wiki name: Evilmonk vs. Elftown, The Hit List, and all related pages at EVE Directory.
Comments from the bosses: Now and then idea appears that has the potential to become a new way to do things around ET. Or, at least, the potential to create a lot of entertainment for its members. That is the case with this wiki, a wiki for a competition unlike most in ET: an art tournament with several rounds, many categories and random themes where you can really show you are the best of the best artists in ET. The need for some luck and strategy to win only adds to the fun. Go. Check. It. Out. Now!

Wiki name: The Elfwood Selections
Comments from the bosses: Elfwood was here before there was a town. But now the town, sometime, seems to totally forget Elfwood exists. This wiki tries to bring the two together once again, being a place where anybody can feature and discuss their favourite pieces found in Elfwood. With a simple series of rules, it lets you put in the spotlight that piece of art or writing that you think deserves to be seen by the whole town. A place to check and recheck all the time (even if there’s no writing piece by [All_Most PUNK] featured). Text written by [All_Most PUNK], obviously.

Wiki name: 30 Books
Comments from the bosses: There are many books out there (we could try to find out exactly how many, but we only have one life) and that means that you can’t read them all. So, which are the 30 books you should read without a second thought? The ones that will fulfil your expectations? This wiki doesn’t have all the answers, because it’s a too personal matter, but it will put you in the good path. Or you can help other confused Elftowners with your own list of 30 books. Ah... you should probably check more than one list, since 30 books only last a couple months or so.


Wiki name: Rosario Dreams
Comments from the bosses: You have to give it to him, [Rosario Dreams] is a very talented man. It's not often that you find someone who has a way with words, and when you do, said person should be worshipped as the Gods that they are. Rosario Dreams is a wiki containing poems, song lyrics, and there are even challenges where you write your own lyrics! This wiki is a must for those who love music or poetry, but hey, even if you don't, give it a go.

Wiki name: Short Story Duelists
Comments from the bosses: Challenge yourself and others into writing the best stories possible at Short Story Duelists! What better way to broaden the creative mind and get those juices flowing than engaging in a story writing duel? Pens at the ready!

Wiki name: Portfolio Contest
Comments from the bosses: A must for any Artist or Photographer. Ten Weeks, ten themes, and two more themes of your own choice. This wiki is energetic and challenging. Be sure to enter before all the spaces go!

Wiki name: Maze of Guile
Comments from the bosses: The Maze Of Guile is an amusing wiki for those who wish to spend...Oh I don't know, the next ten years looking for the way out of said maze. This is a bit like Tetris, you have absolutely no idea how to work the thing, but you are determined to finish it (or is that just me?). Definitely worth losing a few brain cells over.

Wiki name: Songs of the Night Bird
Comments from the bosses: Alas! We have an RP! Songs of the Night Bird, run by [Akayume] is a story about a girl called Myr, who is strangely enough, very strange (pun very much intended). This RP is perfect for those who love drama, suspense, and even horror. Though beware, this is a serious RP and the players there do not tolerate god-modding in any forms. As quoteth the wiki; Only certain people will get in. Happy RPing!


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