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The Featured Wiki Bosses maintain the Featured Wiki. Visit the Featured Wiki and the Wiki Nominations pages if you want to nominate a wiki-page to be featured. Old featured pages can be found on the Featured Wiki Archives and the current featured wiki-page can be found on Featured Wiki and Main Street.


The Featured Wiki Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Featured Wiki Bosses Veterans#FW Bosses


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2004-09-10 [Sunrose]: Ok I understand now! ^^ Well maybe you could send me what you have in a PM (but those are saved as well :S) or any other way send it to me...

2004-09-10 [Ocean Dreaming]: It's highly unlike that you'll ask too may questions we've already covered. There are three. Why we don't have badges, who we are and whose idea it was.

2004-09-10 [Sunrose]: LOL! okay!

2004-09-10 [Ocean Dreaming]: GAH! And I just noticed the stupidest of errors in that sentence of mine. *hies in embarassement and goes fix*

2004-09-10 [Sunrose]: Well...what are the criteria for a good wiki? Who may nominate a wiki? How do you nominate a wiki? Does the wiki have to be password protected? (some are answered in the other wikipages)

2004-10-05 [gabby_201]: Hi people who every likes this wiki say I!

2004-10-05 [gabby_201]: Dont ask im stupid my life is just one big blonde stupid moment

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: August could be put in an archive..

2004-10-21 [True, plain and simple]: Not until September is up..

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: ;)

2004-10-21 [True, plain and simple]: It's on purpose.. (that it isn't up)

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: hmm okay..

2004-11-18 [The Dark Lord]: When will the next wiki awards take place? Thanks

2004-11-19 [Sunrose]: They're working on it.. :)

2004-11-19 [The Dark Lord]: thanks

2004-12-24 [lady nytmare]: I'd like to be a wiki boss. I spend all day surfing wiki's, so I think I could help a lot. But oh well. Keep up the good work!

2004-12-25 [Sunrose]: These are Featured Wiki Bosses, which is not the same. And as far as I heard they have enough wiki bosses right now :)

2005-09-29 [NightTheOwl]: How do you join what do you need to do

2006-08-07 [Rook]: You apply to the crew :9

2011-04-01 [Alexi Ice]: Ya' rice! <3

2011-04-05 [Rice]: .3.

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