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January, 16th 2009.

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2005-04-01 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: They are soo cute! ^_^

2005-04-01 [Yoruno]: Yeah! I love them all... and some of them even likes me too.

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Hehehe... lol You should see Felines of Mirkwood... those are all my kitties. I'm still working on it though in my spare time.

2005-04-05 [Yoruno]: I'll go see them! I love cats... even if they don't love me as much... :P

2005-04-06 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: LOL!

2005-04-13 [Yoruno]: *gahh* This page will not be shown, because CatHug is out... and all of my pics are uploaded there... T_T

2005-04-15 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: O.O That just sux.

2005-04-19 [Yoruno]: *grin* The eye of Sauron was child's play... the eye of Mendigo is the really dangerous one!

2005-04-24 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: LOL!! ^_^

2005-06-07 [Yoruno]: Ok... now each one of my cats will have its own lair... Mordor is rising!! *evil laugh*

2005-06-13 [Jewl]: sweet.

2005-06-13 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Build me an army... Worthy of Mordor!!!

2005-06-13 [Yoruno]: With the most evil cats that you can find in the dark lands... forget the mouth of sauron... fear the mouth of Pandora!! *ahem* I really like this territory :P Uhm... can you export it so my cousin can see it outside of elftown, archeress?

2005-06-13 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Sure can. No problem!

2005-06-13 [Yoruno]: Thanks! You'll be in Mendigo's good side now :P

2005-06-14 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: o.O

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