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Here you will find a list of Festivals Staff and what you will find them doing.

Festivals has been started up as an initiative to celebrate as many worldly festivals as possible,
but we need volunteers to help us out!
Most help is needed in creating and maintaining competitions and decorations.
Help is also needed in advertising Festivals and its competitions,
and perhaps even in making educational pages for each celebration!
We're looking for people who are willing and able to actively and independently work here.
If you're utterly clueless and don't have time, then this is not the right project for you :)
The other Staff will be here to help if need be.


Sign your name, or comment on this wiki, if you'd like to help:

[font] Creator of Festivals.

[Firenze] - (?)
[Nioniel] - maintains the festivals page and guides the festival creators and mods.
[nehirwen] - festival graphics maker.
[SilverFire] - will do anything that needs doing.
[Mortified Penguin] - is a mod (like a Bass).
[Akayume] - is a mod.
[Rice] - is a mod.
[Ravendust] - is a mod.
[Lord Josmar] - is a mod (like a Boss).
[Alexi Ice] - is a mod.

Mods and Festival creators:

New Years Day Festival
St. Patrick's Day Festival
Easter Festival
April Fools Day Festival
Midsummer Festival
Thanksgiving Festival
Dia de los Muertos festival

[Thunder Cid]
[Lord Josmar]
Current Mod:

[Mortified Penguin]
[Alexi Ice]
[Lord Josmar]


Issues demanding attention!

- How do we get people to enter (besides advertising on Mainstreet)?
- What do we do when we get very little entries?


Please leave your suggestions in the comment section! :D


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- Festivals

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2008-01-01 [nehirwen]: what is actually needed for art? banners and illustrations etc?

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: For the Festivals-wiki itself I think we'll use the same banner that the Elftown Academy uses.
But for each contest it's quite possible to use festival-specific banners :)

2008-01-01 [nehirwen]: that's would give an extra touch to those wiki's indeed :)
anyway I'm willing to make those banners ;)

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: Cool :D

2008-01-01 [nehirwen]:
about creating competition wiki's, for example valentines day, there are the official competitions, but there will be also non official competitions created? (isn't that to much for one festival?)

2008-01-01 [nehirwen]: St. Patrick's Day Festival shall we organize this festival in this wiki?
another question, will there be official elftown contests created for this festival, or only new created unofficial contests..

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: About Valentine's, Halloween and Christmas: If members want to have their private contests, they can advertise for them on those wikis. But the festivals-staff needn't also create a contest for those holidays :)

St. Patrick's Day Festival sounds good!
Elftown will officially only stick to Valentine's, Halloween and Christmas, the rest will be the task of the Festivals-staff :)

2008-01-01 [Atayemi]: I think that's fair, there are plenty of other celebrations around which can be taken on. Plus those three have always been the official contests, it would be wrong to change that now. :P
Easter will be a fun one to do, I think. :3 *random*

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: Well, go ahead and create it if you like! :D

2008-01-01 [Atayemi]: Oooh okay! XD
Hmmm.. Would just Easter Festival do?

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: I think so yes :D

2008-01-01 [Atayemi]: Right. :P

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