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Where Eleanor had risen to kiss the neck below my head,
And bid me come along with her to the land of the dancing dead.

- Lindisfarne, Lady Eleanor


Imagine a land of summer twilight, where twinkling lights float through the air and faint laughter is heard on the wind. The air smells of flowers and orchids, while the grass is green and soft under your feet. This is Faërie. Welcome...


The world that the Fey live in is called Faërie. It is quite different from our own, though it is tied very closely to it, especially in places untouched by the modern world.

Most importantly, there is no time there. Not that things are frozen in mid-air, but that time has no effect. There is no sun nor moon that travel the skies. There is no changing of the seasons to mark the passing of the years. To those who live there, there is no such thing as age.

But though there is no time of winter, no time of darkness, there are places of winter and darkness. Some areas of Faërie are locked in different versions of the natural world. Some are places where winter reigns supreme, and has always been that way. They are the epitome of snow and frost, and will remain that way until the end of time. And though most of the land is in eternal twilight, certain parts are as bright as midday, while some are plunged into midnight. Permanently.

Quite apart from the whole lack of time issue, many non-natives find space and distances to be strange. The way between two places may change from time to time, or never stay the same for two visits straight. The land changes, or perhaps the observer does, but either way exact maps are useless. The general realms do not fluctuate (as much), but details such as the placement of mountains and forests might.

Apart from that, all creatures from fantasy find their home here, be they unicorns, oni, dragons or kelpies. This is a land saturated with magic, and this has shaped the flora and fauna, not to mention the people.


Important Places in Faërie

<img:> The Emerald Palace of Tir-Na-Nog
<img:> The Island of Avalon
<img:> The Realm of Arcadia
<img:> The Castle of Mileke
<img:> The Palace of Vornkral
<img:> The Wonderful Mansions of Feriela
<img:> The Grand Stage of Silukal
<img:> The Black Castle of Luvonkral
<img:> The Fortress of Milvondar
<img:> The Autonomous Realm of Alfheim
<img:> The Forgotten Village of Ymse
<img:> Loch Luelfer, the Lonely Lake
<img:> The Mines of Volmivouk
<img:> The Shady Fortress of Svartalfheim
<img:> The Marketplace of Miralotot
<img:> The Party Palace of Tuvontoot
<img:> The Vast Halls of Kalvarkutaeminbebibs
<img:> The Isle of Atlantis


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