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2009-03-08 18:22:25
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The Mold

Making the Wood

day one of carving on youtube..

day 1
<img350*0:>  <img450*0:>

day 2
<img400*0:stuff/L1000138.jpg>  <img400*0:>

day 4

day 5

day 6

day 7
<img400*0:stuff/L1000264.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1000267.jpg>


day 9
<img400*0:>  <img400*0:stuff/L1000320t.jpg>

day 10
<img400*0:>  <img400*0:stuff/L1000329s.jpg>


day 11
<img400*0:>  <img400*0:stuff/L1000371c.jpg>
the whole dog part is done. only the plinth is left!

day 12

day 13
<img400*0:stuff/L1000387.jpg>  <img360*0:stuff/L1000409.jpg>

<img400*0:>  <img400*0:stuff/L1000399.jpg>

the wax is still alittle wet..



day 14
<img400*0:stuff/L1000459.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1000460.jpg>


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2008-06-12 [Kitakaze]: Weeee! AMAZING! You became such a pro! Love the part when you put the head on the plinth. And the photo, where the glue drips down the wood, is great. i'm so looking forward to see the finished piece, but the progress is very exciting as well. there is so much work in that thing, so much time and professionality! *adores his fiancée*

2008-07-07 [Perplexity]: Beautiful work - thank you so much for sharing the entire process with us!

2008-07-13 [Nyaah*]: oh by the way.... I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-07-13 [Yncke]: Congratulations!!!

(But I had no doubt you would with such a nice piece of work ;) )

2008-07-13 [Skydancer]: Brilliant and congratulations for the recognition of your talent :)

2008-07-13 [Nyaah*]: THANK YOU!!!!!

2008-07-14 [smakeupfx]: Yay!  and of course you did, you are an amazing sculptor... I could not be more proud of you *great big bear hugs*

2008-07-14 [Nyaah*]: heheheh thankies!!!!!! *is very proud too*

2008-08-29 [Cyrano meets Merso]: awesome job!Congrats::)

2008-08-29 [Nyaah*]: thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-09-02 [NOOOPE]: My uncles would DIE for this. They have a boston terrier named olive who they treat like a queen.

This is amazing. I don't think I've ever wanted to cuddle a piece of wood so badly before...

2008-09-02 [smakeupfx]: you can't kill your uncle just to get the sculptures... it's like... a rule ;-P

2008-09-03 [Nyaah*]: HAHA awwww.. thank you [NOOOPE] eheh!! well im searchig for such kind of people who pay aloooot of money <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2009-01-05 [Skydancer]: OHHHH movies. :)

2009-01-06 [Nyaah*]: yessss :D

2009-03-08 [SilverFire]: Fixed upside down photo. :) The problem is that you're missing a colon in your tag between 'IMG' and 'http' before this worked fine, but Hedda added a new tag where IMG followed by 'h' now flips the picture horizontally, so you need to make sure that colon is there. In short, <imghttp: now needs to be <img:http

2009-03-08 [Nyaah*]: thank you so much!!!!! tryed it with the other pics and it worked as well!!! thankies!!!!! <img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2009-03-28 [Sir. Robert]: Both the finished product and the wiki's to document the process are amazing!

2009-03-28 [Nyaah*]: thank you :)

2009-04-07 [Nekko fox]: That is blindingly fantastic! Many congratulations to you my friend! Well done!

2009-09-28 [Viking]: Very awesome piece! I really like the WIP shots.

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