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Final Fantasy Monster Contest

Winners announced!

Voting was at <voting:2748>

1st place: [Adnama] - Master Tonberry
2nd place: [Adnama] - Mistress tonberry
3rd place: [Mom] - Ifrit (FFX)

This is an art contest of a Final Fantasy nature. [kittykittykitty] is the leader of this contest, as previous owners [squink] and [wingly] have left!

The rules are simple.
1. The picture can be in any medium at all, and any style.
2. Two pictures maximum per person, though you may swap one entry for another before the end of the contest.
3. No chocobos or mogs! We want actual monsters NOT characters or allies although we will allow Summons / Aeons / GFs.
4. Deadline is 10 entries. This may be extended depending on the amount of interest in the contest, and so the contest will not just close suddenly! That means you don't have to worry about reserving a place or rushing your entry ;)
4. Winners will be decided by poll, and then badges will be awarded ^-^

Please upload your pictures to Elftown, as we don't want broken links! You can do this by using the image-upload in your house.

Need some inspiration or reference photos? Try

Post Entries below this line

1. [flareon] Final Fantasy is one of my favourites! This is Quezacotl (I think thats how you spell it) from 8. :)

2a. [Adnama] Master Tonberry. Tonberries are one of my favorite monsters EVER :D They're just so cute!

2b. Mistress tonberry. I had to make a female version of a tonberry and I love the contrast between the two of them. :3 Sorry for the watermarks on my pictures. I've had problems with art thiefs lately. :/

3.) [Bratt] Here is the cutey Carbunkle.
I have another one I am working on to enter. THis one is pretty old tho.

4.) [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*] a. Cactuar in watercolors. 
b. Guardian Force Siren from Final Fantasy 8 painted in watercolors. I used Blo Pens in the background.

5.)[Mom] Ifrit from FFX.

6.)[WhiskeyDoodle] Valefor (although I like to call him Mort), drawn on the sidewalk using pastels for an art festival. Marcel was my sponsor. Sorry the picture quality isn't the best. :)

7.) [Once upon a dream] Ixion, Yuna's Aeon from Final Fantasy 10. Done in pencil and darkened it a bit on photoshop.

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2004-02-17 [squink]: well this is mine and winglys first attempt as an art contest so dont shoot us (or if youre gonna shoot us shoot wingly first so I cant make a getaway LOL)

2004-02-17 [wingly]: Oi! Shoot squink first, she smells like a weasel

2004-02-17 [Bahamutroy]: Allright mayor fan of Final fantasy, if you need some examples of the creatures of the games, then plz see the links below  (these list are extremely long so people with a slow connection plz have a little patience) * full of images *

2004-02-17 [Bahamutroy]: Final Fantasy 10 :

2004-02-17 [Bahamutroy]: Final Fantasy 10-2 :

2004-02-18 [wingly]: Thankyou very much for that Very cool links there and extremely helpful to all FF fans out there

2004-02-18 [wingly]: Wow!! Thanks Bahamutroy thats really awsome. *hugs*

2004-02-18 [Bahamutroy]: No problem, anything for a fellow FF lover !

2004-02-19 [mullen]: Kewl Im sooo gonna join this competition

2004-02-19 [wingly]: Great picture flareon!

2004-02-21 [Adnama]: Can we make a monster based on a monster that already exists in the Final Fantasy games? :o

2004-02-22 [wingly]: I love the tonberrys Adnama, especially the master tonberry he's fantastic!

2004-02-22 [Adnama]: Thankie! ^_^

2004-02-27 [Bahamutroy]: It isnt a ff monster but I am working on an FF7-2, lol it is about Vincent, Cloud and Sephiroth in female form ......LOL, to see it go here:      By the way I have a week vacation now so I might have some time to make a drawing for this contest !

2004-03-05 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: I was going to do a contest just like this but instead decided to do a Fighting Game Fan Art Contest

2004-03-05 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: All art lovers, I'm here to gather your attention and interest into a new event. The Town Herald has started a new section named The Art Corner. So we invite all art lovers to come and visit this wiki and if interested help to keep it as full and interesting as possible ;) Thanx in advance.

2004-03-09 [Moonlight Wolf]: i think chocobos are the coolest

2004-03-10 [squink]: yep chocobos are pretty smart. I especially love them in FF9 I think the 9 sidequest was the best chocobo sidequest of all final fantasies although I think FF9 in general kinda sucked

2004-03-10 [mullen]: whens the deadline for this place? is it done by date or by number of entries?

2004-03-15 [squink]: I think its gonna be by entries. 15 entries and we shall call it a day how does that sound?

2004-03-16 [Bratt]: would carbunkle count I dont wanna enter it if it doesnt count?

2004-03-16 [squink]: yep carbuncle is a GF so he counts or is it a she. i always though it was a boy LOL ^ ^

2004-03-16 [Adnama]: Awe! so cute. ^_^ I love carbuncle.

2004-03-17 [wingly]: Carbuncle is cute! He he

2004-03-23 [Thorn1001]: How do you stop cactuar from running away?

2004-03-23 [Bratt]: Kill him in one hit.

2004-03-24 [squink]: usually equipping someone with a first strike sort of accesory tends to help, cause sometimes cactuars run away before you even get a shot in

2004-04-01 [WestFactor]: Hmmmmm....great contest. Think I'll enter. =P

2004-04-29 [Senoir Potato]: i like ff but i can't draw crap

2004-05-02 [wingly]: Wow RachelYork I wish I could use watercolours that well! Your pictures are really really good

2004-05-02 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Thank you so much [wingly] ^_^ I wish I could CG like some of the people in this contest too!

2004-05-09 [Kurai Tenma]: still open?`

2004-05-25 [wingly]: yeah - its still open! we're waiting for about 15 entires

2004-05-25 [Kurai Tenma]: Cool. I have me one done then. As much as I'd like to make it a Summon/Aeon/GF, I'll be sure to use a monster for the sake of the contests name.

2004-06-01 [squink]: you can use a summon/aeon/gf if you want thats what some of the other people have done

2004-06-29 [Mom]: This has to be some of the best talent...all the pictures are awesome.

2004-07-08 [Mom]: Wow...awfully busy page=|

2004-07-17 [Hikage]: could it be a variation of a monter, like our own?? Because I drew specifically an Ifrit for my own FF ?

2004-07-23 [apathetic]: someone needs to draw bahamut... from 8 preferably... but from any game would do... I can't draw well enough.

2004-07-25 [Kurai Tenma]: I'll do bahamut if I can get a good picture of him, now that I have time.

2004-08-21 [wingly]: wow great chalk drawing! Thats the first time ive seen one of those on elftown/wood its great!

2004-08-24 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Chalks are sooo hard to use too! That is cool!

2004-08-25 [Kurai Tenma]: I concur. That's awesome.

2005-02-16 [Chrilith of Akhai]: I think I'll get in here too... I've got a drawing, but it's no colour, and without colour you can't see who's who. I'll be back! And it's been quite some time since anybody did anything here. Pity.

2005-02-23 [Mom]: [squink] and [wingly] haven't been seen in 36 and 18 days....=\

2005-02-24 [Adnama]: I know. >_> I think this contest has become endless.

2005-02-26 [Kurai Tenma]: Why is that? Maybe... but we could take it over, kinda.

2005-02-26 [Adnama]: I could, but I'm already doing that for another abandoned contest and I just plain don't have the time for another one. X3 If only I had more hours in the day. *le sigh*

2005-02-26 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Don't worry, mine will be here soon. No colors, as I still can't really color my drawings...

2005-03-01 [Kurai Tenma]: I wish we had more hours in the day, too... like another 8. Mine's still barely worked on...

2005-03-07 [Chrilith of Akhai]: This ain't getting anywhere. I got the black and white version, but that's all of it. And that's going terribly wrong...

2005-04-07 [Kurai Tenma]: I know.

2006-04-03 [kittykittykitty]: Oooh... where was this contest hiding? Is it still open?

2006-11-10 [kittykittykitty]: O.o ......?


2006-11-11 [Kurai Tenma]: I'd say it is forgotten.

2007-02-15 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: Hm. I was thinking about drawing Shiva. Does that sound fine? o.o;

2007-02-20 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Yeah Shiva is awesome

2007-02-20 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: I can do that. :]

2007-02-24 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Yay! ^_^

2007-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: This contest needs some life! Everyone loves FF Contests :3

The owners aren't here, so can't give any prizes. I'll re-word it and give it another chance :) I'm part of the Art Contest Crew

2007-02-27 [Once upon a dream]: Can I join? How long does this contest last?

2007-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: Of course you can join :D I have set the deadline at 10 entrants, so there should be enough time to work on an entry ;)

2007-02-27 [Once upon a dream]: Awsome. Where do I put my name?? I dont want anyone stealing my spot ^^

2007-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: You don't have to reserve a spot ;) If I know there are people still interested I'll not just close it suddenly :P It can go a little over the specified number and it's not a problem XD

I kinda want to enter something myself :P Not competing because that wouldn't be fair if I'm running it, but just for fun XD

2007-02-28 [Once upon a dream]: Tah daaah. Done in 4 hours! ^^

2007-02-28 [kittykittykitty]: Wow ^-^ That's awesome! Wonderful shading :D

2007-02-28 [Once upon a dream]: ::blushes:: Thanks you so much!!!!! <3

2007-02-28 [Once upon a dream]: I was thinking about doing Shiva. But I saw someone up there thinking about doing her. So.. I switched! >.<

2007-02-28 [kittykittykitty]: Though it kinda looks like that person has forgotten :P Well you can have up to two entries, so if you'll enjoy drawing her then give it a shot :D

2007-02-28 [Once upon a dream]: I attempted it. I can't get to eyes to look right :[
Oh well.

2007-02-28 [kittykittykitty]: I guess because Shiva's more humanoid it's much harder to draw her :S

2007-02-28 [Once upon a dream]: Guess so. ^-^

2007-02-28 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: I didn't forget. :P I just got a little sidetracked. xD

2007-02-28 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: Cool Ixion. 

2007-03-01 [Once upon a dream]: ::blushes:: Thank you.. :D

2007-03-02 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: I do agree.

2007-03-06 [kittykittykitty]: If any of you feel like doing some mood-comment advertising feel free ;) I shall put a link in my mood now, and hoepfully you won't have to wait FOREVER for the competition to close ;)

2007-03-06 [Once upon a dream]: O tay. Willl do right now. ^^

2007-03-16 [Once upon a dream]: Aw man, no one else has entered since me.... :(

2007-03-17 [kittykittykitty]: You scared them away D; *adds this link around a few more places*

2007-03-26 [Once upon a dream]: Will we be getting a participant badge?????

2007-04-02 [Once upon a dream]: ....still no one :( :(

2007-04-02 [Kurai Tenma]: I might draw something tomorrie.

2007-04-02 [Domo-kun]: Working on an Omega/Ultima Weapon thing =)

2007-04-02 [Kurai Tenma]: I was thinking Odin.

2007-04-02 [Once upon a dream]: Oh!!! YAAAY! More people!!!
^^^^^^^ finished FFXII last night >.<

2007-04-03 [Kurai Tenma]: GAH! I have 120 hours and still haven't beat it... then again I'm the kind of guy to just level up all the way and get everything I can.. I haven't gotten the Dawn Shard (I'm right outside the tomb, have been in and killed the wall), but I'm level 78 with the weakest person!

2007-04-03 [Once upon a dream]: Ewwwww.......

2007-04-03 [Kurai Tenma]: Ewwww? Why?

2007-04-03 [Once upon a dream]: 120 hours!!?!!! Thats a lot. I dont think mine was that long..........

2007-04-03 [Kurai Tenma]: Lol. That's because I'm obsessed with making sure I level way fast. =P I'm also probably only halfway into the game. Every character almost has a completed license board as well... I'm obsessed.

2007-04-03 [Once upon a dream]: lol, it's okay. you're allowed to be.

2007-04-03 [Kurai Tenma]: Oh... YAY!

2007-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: I loooove spending ages on my games, levelling up and making sure I get everything :P My FFX-2 game was up to about 200 hours before I lost my memory card :/ I loved that game ^-^ Loooads of things to collect (songs, sphere grids, AP, dress spheres, %, Chocobos, etc.)

2007-04-21 [Kurai Tenma]: I had about 160 hours... and have yet to play it since. Lol.

2007-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: Haha... yeah, I hadn't played it for ages XD I'll have to start another one. Still got the guide ^^

2007-06-13 [chyu]: Does it be from something or for something.

2007-07-06 [Once upon a dream]: *cries* This contest still isn't finished?! :( Awwwwwie

2007-09-06 [Once upon a dream]: (sigh)

2007-09-06 [Kurai Tenma]: Wow. I think we need a few more entries. My wife is making me sketch, so I may try.

2007-09-07 [XxTsomexX]: Tonberries may be cute... but they're a pain to kill!!

2007-09-15 [Kurai Tenma]: I agree.

2007-09-15 [XxTsomexX]: I may try....

2007-10-01 [kittykittykitty]: Ok, I'm closing this next time I get to A COMPUTER! I got none at home anymore D: *rushes to log off and catch the college bus* :o

2007-10-09 [kittykittykitty]: Alright, it's settled then :) Here's the poll! Late entries will be accepted and added to the end of the poll. Good luck! ^_^

2008-12-08 [Mom]: Time to end this. 1st & 2nd place goes to [Adnama] and 3rd to [Mom].

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