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If you want to join this wiki contact either [The evil environmentalist] or [Like A Rolling Stone.] because it is password protected!!


      Whee [Magic Frying Pan] made this and yes i have her permission to put it up. . .

This is a wiki for people who absolutely love or are just interested in the games, such as Final Fantasy or any other Squaresoft/square-Enix!

1:Rule one about finalfantasyfanatics is that we dont talk about finalfantasyfanatics

2:This is not a chatroom! (actualy it is) this is a place to talk about final fantasy and other Square games.

3:only insult people if they are stupid...Yeah..Dumbass

4:there is no racism or hate besides the hate torwards certain game titles, such as True Crime: Streets of L.A. (even though it realy realy sucks)

5:Love SqaureSoft\Square-Enix and give it a hug every day and every night cuddle with it so i can sleep...

6: No hash talk or ill tell you not to i mean Ernie is the only person who tlaks about ti but still..he needs to stop..If u want to chat about anything other than FF then PLEASE go to finalfantasyfanatics Chat


The members of finalfantasyfanatics
[1] [HASH BROWNIES] I dub thee sex of the Amsterdam's valley
[2] [The evil environmentalist] Hes ok but he was being mean in the wiki before hell stop. . .
[3] [Like A Rolling Stone.] Holder of Murasmae
[4] [Join Me in Death] SHe is awesome not totaly up to date wiht FF but still awesome Still pretty bomb though. and she is actualy dubbed sex of the valley, not hash brownies..
[5] [Glassphyxie.] dedicated final fantasy fangirl and bishie stalker
[6] [Ludwig van Beethoven] completed one Final Fantasy game and that's Final Fantasy Tactics
[7] [Attention! Myspace.]
[8] [morannon]
[8] [afireinside6669] He had every FF title ever released in the USA and sold all of them except 8 and 9!!
[8] [~Knives~]
[9] [Gossamer]
10. [Magic Frying Pan]
11. [+Haloless+]
12. [Taresuke]
Hey we are gonna be cool and introduce Final Fantasy bios/character data so you can like know more about FF^^ enjoy ths is still under construction so don't expect to much yet k?

FinalFantasyFanatics FF7

finalfantasyfanatics Chat

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2005-02-25 [The evil environmentalist]: HASH BROWNIES IN MY WIKI!

2005-02-25 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: that is our new protest! Really?!? Lets go!!

2005-02-25 [The evil environmentalist]: Protesting [go bush], [love the sinner hate the sin], [the rouge] (who doesnt believe in free speech and most of all this fucked up administration tht is running America

2005-02-26 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: ok.. Our chant will Be Patrick Your Short! Your Chubby Get useed to it! or something..

2005-02-26 [The evil environmentalist]: na thats okay.

2005-02-26 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: ..ah..How about.. uum...You can kill the protest, but you can't kill the protester?

2005-02-26 [The evil environmentalist]: Other way around "you can kill the protester, but you can't kill the protest" "you can murder the rebel, but you can't murder the rebellion" "You can slice my ears from my head, but you can't shut out the sounds of the truth" Bitch!

2005-02-26 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: Damn't I always to that ><

2005-02-26 [The evil environmentalist]: Im out

2005-02-26 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: I broke into your house last night, I took your favorite pair of underwear. I wore on head. I said to myslef. What foolish to game to be played.

2005-02-27 [The evil environmentalist]: Isn't he an idiot?

2005-02-27 [Like A Rolling Stone.]:

2005-03-18 [morannon]: strong words here hahaha u allways fight every time i look at this wiki there allways a fight ^_^

2005-03-18 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: Who the fuck are you?

2005-03-21 [The evil environmentalist]: Calm down he-bitch. calm down

2005-03-21 [Like A Rolling Stone.]: I was just kidding, but who was he?

2005-03-21 [morannon]: i am ur shadow mohahahahahaahah

2005-04-09 [Draconas Lyrr]: Final fantasy is coooooooool......

2005-04-12 [imsdal]: wow, you're on every single ff-page, Great Sage! Oo

2005-04-14 [Draconas Lyrr]: lol, I know, that's how much I like FF

2007-02-13 [That One Fat Bastard]: <joinforum:2213:Vivi> (Final Fantasy lovers) this is my forum, please take a look. It is for anyone who likes final fantasy and post for help in any final fantasys.

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