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Estantia's Stories

First Kiss.

Entry for a Hopeless Romantics contest, written a while ago, and this is somewhat cliche at times...

Estantia's Stories
Hopeless Romantics


Do you remember your first kiss? It’s said that everyone remembers it.

I wish I could.

I woke up. It was morning and a wet day seemed to be promised, -How boring.- It had
been raining last night, maybe that was what had prompted what I call the ‘Thunder

I run as hard as I can down the street outside the school, feet slapping the wet pavement and sending showers of spray up all around me. Then a hand takes me by the arm and I scream in shock. Then I watch myself see who it is and stop screaming, then I feel myself pulled into the shelter they’re standing under. Then there’s a flash of lightning and I wake up.

I sighed and got up. I think it must have been a memory from I always try not to think of the accident which had resulted in amnesia. I still remembered who I was, but I didn’t have any memories of events. My mum nearly cried when I said I couldn’t remember why they had split up. My learning had stayed in, but I can’t remember how I learnt it, it makes it a trifle difficult when you’re asked to tell an anecdote.

So birth to about three months ago had been wiped, clean as if it were a new blackboard.

The people at the clinic were trying their hardest, but nothing could trigger the memory to come back. They had investigated all the meanings of the thunder dream and still nothing, they had even tried to put her through it for God’s sake! But it hadn’t worked. Ah well.

I whistled aimlessly as I walked. -Down to the park by the school,- I thought, -Who knows who might be there?- Of course I knew that Jamie would be there, he was always at the park. True to expectations he was sitting on a bench. I went and sat down next to him.

“Guess the doctors haven’t cured you yet,” he said, rather sadly.

“How did you know?”

“Because every other year you’ve reminded me of when I got drunk on my 17th birthday.” There was a small pause.

“I haven’t changed much.”

“Well at least you don’t have the pain of...” he didn’t continue.

“Pain of what?” I said, suspiciously, “tell me Jamie, or I’ll wind you.” He still didn’t speak. “What are you hiding from me Jamie?”

“You can’t remember anything? Anything?” he said suddenly,

“No. From birth until the accident is a blank.” I said shortly, “tell me, Jamie, please?” I said softly, urging him to tell.

“Fine. You were going out with Will right before the accident.”

“Him? That proud, ‘cool’, hothead? What was I thinking of?”

“Exactly. As soon as he learnt you had amnesia he forgot all about you,” he continued, “see? I told you it would cause you pain.”

I was numb. “He just...” his eyes met mine seriously,

“Abandoned you, yes. At least you know him for what he is now, it’s the only good thing to come of this mess.” He looked at me critically. I wasn’t moving.

He swore. “Anna, wake up!” he held my shoulders and shook me. I flopped about, not really noticing, but not falling over. “Thank God I know him for what he is now,”

I said, and returned. Jamie looked guilty, “I shouldn’t have told you, it’s my fault, just forget about it,”

He then realised what he had just said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean...” I quietened him by putting my finger on his lips. "Hush. You do talk so when you say something wrong.”

“You got that in three months? You’re quick!” I ignored this and stood up, feeling the rain slide off my coat as I stood. A bolt of lightning and a roll of thunder shocked me.

“Why don’t you come back to my place? It’s out of the rain and quite close,” these light words didn’t give away the fact that my heart was hammering, it was almost, almost...

“Let’s go then.” He seemed uncomfortable and spoke, “Anna...” I wasn’t listening.

“It’s now or never,” I said quietly,

“What’s that supposed to mean? Hey! Anna!” He shouted and ran after me. I had made up my mind. I was sprinting as fast as I could, I hoped I didn’t run out of energy before...

I just ran. The rain hammered harder and I could hardly hear anything but it. I was nearly there...

I ran as hard as I can down the street outside the school, feet slapping the wet pavement and sending showers of spray up all around me. Then a hand took me by the arm and I screamed in shock...

Then the dream changed, I stayed in my viewpoint as I saw Jamie who had caught up with me. I stopped screaming. He pulled me under an overhanging roof and into his chest. Then the lightning flashed as he turned my face up to mine and kissed me.

For one heart stopping moment time stood still. I had come to know him so well and now... We hung in the kiss, me pinned to him with his arms around my sopping coat. Then time broke as the thunder did.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do that. Anna?” I was dazed.

“My dream, my Thunder dream...”

“Yes, you told... oh gods!” he looked at me in shock, “That was it wasn’t it? It was a memory of the future! It stopped at the lightning when... to be honest I thought time stood still.”

“So did I.” I said wonderingly.

First kiss? Forget it. I’ll always remember the second.


Estantia's Stories
Hopeless Romantics

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