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First Offenders

People with offense moods, lame and offense (and often One-line) descriptions, and offense names suggesting a cyber user. Should not have to be reported to gaurds yet.

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2005-10-21 [Elisha Kelly]: I have a name for you [Sildainie] her mood is suggestive... and she has a wiki that simply says Let's cyber...

2005-10-21 [Yiwerra]: so because she mentiones that her current feeling is sexual stimulation, she is offending the spritit of elftown? *points at elftown guards, who aren't exactly different sometimes*

2005-10-21 [Elisha Kelly]: no... not offensive... sets a bad example... and yes the only item in her house is a link to a wiki that simply states lets cyber... why is she on ELFTOWN??? there are websites dedicated to cyber... why not join one of those instead... There is Fake... why not just be there... I am not a person who offends easily... but this is pretty much a Pg website... why should underage persons be exposed to sex? my daughter (she is five by the way) sees pretty much all that I see on Elftown, and it won't belong before she can read... what and when she does... what am I supposed to say when she asks... "mum what is cybering???", I shouldn't have to stop her from watching me on the computer,

2005-10-21 [Elisha Kelly]: That wasn't what I signed up for... I don't mind others on here who arn't artistically inclined if they are here to be with their friends and all that... that is fine... but when you out something in your mood like I am Horny.... are you not pretty much advertising yourself to the cybering community, it kinda lets others know what you want... Hell I don't really want to know if someone is horny... do you??? If I am horny I go and do something about it... I don't shout it from the rooftops to let my neighbours know... I think they would probably drop dead in shock if I did... what happened to ettiquette (is that how you speel it?), don't the apply online... this is a community...

2005-10-21 [Elisha Kelly]: and in the real world community you do not just walk up to peeps and say... I am horny wanna F@@@! You don't act out sex were minors can see and hear you... ( well most peeps don't anyway) it is just good manners to do your cybering and that at adult websites... that is what they are for. okay finished my little tirade... Don't worry if I repeated myself or didn't make much sense, I never seem to do so anyways... :P

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: Well, this is a community for artists AND hangarounds. And as you said, that's fine, if someone isn't art interested. But the thing is, how do you know she's not?? Just because of the way she presents herself? That's just like getting a picture of someone, and being convinced that person is like that. She could easily be here because she likes to see other people's art, even though she doesn't present any of it herself. Yes, that's most likely not the case, but in fact, you don't know. Noone knows. This community was not made for people to prove themselves as artists with deeper thoughts. However, what every one of us is annoyed by, which in my opinion features us with the real spirit of

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: Elftown, is to see the same things on all pages. Actually I find your page a bit boring too, with that "take elftown back" banner, that is EVERYWHERE - it's just as annoying as the cyber community here. Anyway, my point is altogether, that you (plural) are too prejudiced, and judge too fast about a person. As I wrote somewhere before, I for my part don't think I am wrong on Elftown, and yet, when I was new here, I did many things that could have caused the hastily conclusion in people of that I am lame, stupid, and why am I even here! Ok ok, I do understand that some people just join to meet people, and totally forget what this place stands for. But then again,

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: I joined for the same reasons... and then LATER I changed, quite a lot, because I was influenced. BUT, the thing is, that those people don't KNOW they are not "welcome" (at least not by... people like you). All they know is that this is supposed to be a place with cool people. Yes, there is Elfpack and Fake for those purposes, but you talk as if they were aware of that, and certainly not everyone is. Then Hedda should start seperating people, putting little banners on their houses that say WHO and HOW they are, or what grouping of people they belong to, so that right from the beginning you get the right idea of who they are. And then we can write them like "hey, for these kind of people,

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: there is THIS place now, so please leave. You are not welcome because you belong to a group of people we don't want".  Yea, reminds you of something doesn't it? Well it reminds ME of the third Reich a bit. Also, this is a general international thing that people try to avoid everywhere, because it's unfair, it's not nice, it's ignorant, it's putting someone in a category (like a race); and if you ever experienced it yourself, then your first idea is that just because you have BLACK HAIR, does that make you belong to a certain category of people? No. Why not? Because you are more than that. You also wear red dresses for example.    

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: Anyway, the spirit of Elftown has always been the freedom of individuality, at least in my opinion that's what it stands for and is also a reason for so many different and interesting people to get here - because they didn't have to feel like being pushed into something, being something they don't want to be.         - And about the sex thing: There is an Elftown for kids. ET doesn't have a language filter, and so of course it can happen you find words like "sex" and "fuck" anywhere. Also on pages of "important" people, as I heard someone say once. And why don't you explain your kid what cybersex is? I don't see the problem there.

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: And a last thing. There is no option to delete yourself from ET, and it's clearly stated that that's because it doesn't make a difference, and NO, it doesn't fill up the harddisk. So the argument about "people who only waste space" and "pointless people with no spirit" (whoohoo, what a statement! Best if the reason is because they don't spell properly or something like that) doesn't really make any sense in my opinion. Why can't we just let each other live??? And what is the big deal about someone asking you to cyber? Is it really SO HARD to just say "no" or to just block and ignore them??

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: Yes, we all want Elftown to be what it's supposed to be. But let's please reflect our actions before we judge, let's not be ignorant against people who might not deserve it, and let's just try not to break the only important rule, of not being assholes ourselves.                        (...btw sorry for misspellings and bad grammar. My english is not the best)

2005-10-22 [Elisha Kelly]: hmmmm I don't remeber saying that they should be booted from Elftown... hang let me check... nope I didn't... but she shouldn't be advertising the whole cybering thing... and being innapropriate... oh by the way you are very Intolerant of Intolerant people... isn't that kinda hypocrytical... if you are going to take that stance... you have to be tolerant of all people, even the ones you disagree with... it is a double edged sword... no offence bit it is like you are trying to make every agree with you, and I am afraid that will never happen. We have our opinions, our likes and dislikes... we can be boring if we want to :P (by the wy those badges are mainly there cause they is so pretty...

2005-10-22 [Elisha Kelly]: that and they advertise what I do on Elftown)... I am an artist... and I like to write... oh I thought u could delete yourself from elftown... What is that linky thing at the bottom of the house pages... I haven't been game enough to click it to find out if it does deleter me or not... on day maybe... anyways I am getting sidetracked... if you believe so strongly in the whole elftowners against other elftowners... make a wiki... isn't that what everyone does... ??? you said [if someone isn't art interested. But the thing is, how do you know she's not?? ] well wether or not she is interested in art is not the issue, innaproprite behaviour is... What I am saying is, cybering is for...

2005-10-22 [Yiwerra]: I am trying to "make every agree" with me?? Excuse me, I am only trying to make my point. I never forced anyone to believe in what I believe in, I am simply criticising this wiki's way of judging, and I have every right to, now haven't I? Anyone is free to agree or disagree with me! I don't see why this is supposed to make me intolerant, I only say what I think just like everyone else. I'm sorry if you are out of arguments and have to throw that in my face, but that is quite "inappropriate".

2005-10-22 [Elisha Kelly]: adult only websites, and this is not an adult only website... this website caters for 12 years and above. I don't think the subject of cybering is an appropriate topic for that age group...

2005-10-24 [Yiwerra]: I seem to have answered before you were even done :S  ..well anyway, yes. That's why it's called "cybering" and not "talking about sexual things that are done to another person on an online basis" - so that it doesn't offend children.

2005-10-24 [~Saraneth~]: Hello there. I love how my page gets used do much ^_^. *moves away* I believe both of you points are very well stated but when i got towards the bottow it seems to me that you both almost were starting to indirectly attack one another. I won't call it inappropriate because I myself find myself using elevated speech to attack others (and that would be hypocritical =b). I only ask that you two do not become enemies based on this discussion. And if that means not challenging each other then I would rather have it that way. *please don't throw stuff at me because this comment seems really kiss ass U_U) Carry on!

2005-10-24 [Elisha Kelly]: awww :* kiss and makes up... Group hugs... :P

2005-11-03 [Yiwerra]: Haha :P  Nah, everything is fine between us. And in my opinion, we were discussing, not attacking each other

2005-11-03 [Elisha Kelly]: verily... nothing like a heated debate to clear the steam vents! :P

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