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They say the pages is to big so from now on all activity is to take place atFlaggs place2

dragoongurl walks in. "hey flagg im back."
Flagg walks in and says"Im back."
enishi siting in his usual spot says to flagg "you've been gone to?"
"Yup"Flagg says as he pulls a bottel of sake from under the bar"You wanna help me kill this bottel man?"
Jewl sighs and walks down from the stairs.
Kelala walks into the bar, sits down and asks "May i please have a bottle of sake?"
enishi-"no man i've seen what you do to your bottles eh, but maybe she will, i'm gettin my own"
Kelala "hehe im think id like my own bottle to, cuz i dont want to find out what you do to your bottles hehe"
"ok i'll just say this, he acts like they are women"-enishi
Belgarath turns into a falcon and glides down from the rafters, "Ya know Enishi, I'm sure everyone could have lived without that information."
Kelala "Ya thats true, but i still will like a bottle of saki of my own right now"
"yeah they could have couldn't they, hey but you already knew that you were sitting right there by him when he did that today eh" enishi says glancing around "oh and who the hell is are bartender anyways?" walks over to the bar and gets 2 bottles of sake out and throws one to Kelala
kelala catches the bottles and takes a sip "thanx"
Belgarath: "Hey Enishi, while your over there, toss me a bottle of rum."
kelala "Just dont drink to much"
enishi ducks down behind the bar looking for some rum, finds some and put some rat piss in it *without* belg. noticing then raises up and tosses it to belg. and watches him drink some, then bust up laughing
Belgarath tosses the bottle over his shoulder, "Now could you pass me some real rum?"
kelala- "Hey if you guys better not start fighting" gives them both an evil glare.
enishi-"Hey that was real rum" thows him anoth bottle(without any additives) "It just had a little rat piss in it"
kelala rolls her eyes "How disgusting"
Belgarath looks over at Enishi, "I prefer my rum without any rodent excrement."
enishi-*rolls around on the floor bursting with laughter*
Kelala "Knock it of before i hurt you enishi"
enishi-*regains his compsure and stands* "jeeze getting all pushy again, you just need to relax and have some fun once and a while eh? its not like you own the place anyways"
kelala sighs "fine ill relaxe, all i ask is for you to put some music on"
"good idea how bout some 7dust?" puts in seasons
kelala smiles and stands up "great now does anyone want to dance"
"i don't really like to dance, but if you can't find anyone else to i guess i will"-enishi
kelala "Well how about you belg, do you dance?"
Belgarath "Sorry, two left feet."
enishi falls to the ground laughing again "well belg. if you're a warlock or whatever why don't you just make your foot change
Belgarath, "two thing Enishi, one that is an expression that means i can't dance, and two the term is sorcerer."
"well what ever, but umm how old are you, and you still don't know how to dance after all of those years eh?, kinda pathetic if you ask me"
"Hehehe, well is anyone going to dance or not" -kelala

"Ouch." Says Jewl from the top of the stairs. "You guys at it again?"
"No, we're just havin a decent conversation"-enishi
"Yeah Jewl, im just trying to get one of these guys to dance with me hehe"-kelala
"I guess i'll dance with ya if you want" enishi gets of his couch and walks towards Kelala
"Great" kelala smiles as she starts to dance with enishi
[Flagg]haven fun?he ask as he walks throught the door
[belgarath] temorairly drops the sound bubble, "whats up" he asks.
[Flagg] nothin but enshin has it worng i just lick the mouth of a bottel when their arnt any glasses around
"just like i said, you treat em like a women, no disrespect ladies"

"Special places? What are you 5. And man thats only when you ask for a drink of my pop

"I don't care how you act but i hold respect infront of ladies, and no im 24."-enishi

*enishi returns to his couch* "Where is everyone these days, it's getting awfully boring in here"

"Look Im not sexist in anyway so i say what i would to any guy to any ladies. and i know what you mean"

Jewl sighs. "Can both of you maybe shut up? I've got a hangover..." She walks down the stairs and grabs a pack of ciggarettes from a table.

[Flagg]Tosses her a zippo that says Flaggs place on the side of it"Cristmass gifts for all the regulers and bar workers"He says

[Hisamie] walks in. "Hey there, what are you all up to?" She asks

[Flagg] nothing*tosses her a Zippo*"Merry cristmass

[Hisamie] catches it and looks at it "Thanx [Flagg]"
[Flagg] No problem you practicly live here any way so take it and show up for the Staff party

[Hisamie] "Great" smiles "So whens the staff pary?"

"oh yeah" says enishi as he sits up on the couch "Flagg, vacation date has been moved back so i'll be at the party"

[Flagg]"Cool man and whenever we can have it

[Hisamie] "Ok then flagg ill be there, but for now i got to go now. Bye" fades away to nothing

[shadow of darkness] enters holding a bottle of rum and swaying oddly, "Who's tonight's stripper boys?"

[belgarath] "well, at least he has good taste in liquor."

[Hisamie] walks in "Well i decided to come back, there is no other place to just relaxe" sits down

Jewl grins and laughs. "Thanks Flagg. Oh, by the way..." She tosses Flagg a bottle opener, complete with beer opener. She grins.

[Hisamie] "Hehehe well i guess i have to go christmas shopping"

"oh yeah, well i'm in a giving mood this year, so i guess i'll go ahead and buy everyone gifts, but if you want one you gotta tell me what."-enishi

"well then someone is in a good mood for christmas" - [Hisamie]

[Hisamie] "So enishi what do you want for christmas?"

"Nothing really, i have everything i could possibly need, except one thing, the thing that is most hard to give, and most hardest to recieve, and can only be given by one special person"

"Hehehe ill just get you something nice"

"Do my ears decieve me? Did you say Rice?

"yes i think your ears do decieve for i said 'nice', but if you want rice ill get you rice."

"Yes Rice, rice would be nice, excactly what i want!!"(all you people who thought i was talking about love...hahahaha poop on you!!!!)

"well then ill be right back and ill get you some rice" Fades away

Jewl laughs and shakes her head. "Rrriiight...
[Clotho]walks in and says" hey [Flagg] u miss me?

[belgarath] looks down from his position in the rafters: "Hey [Clotho] whats up?"
[Clotho]" oh the same old stuff"

[belgarath] looks down from the rafters as enishi walks in, he stops playing his guitar for a moment, "i know, i know, stop playing this shit right?"

"what ever...oh yeah belg. what do you want for christmas?"

"Nothing in particular really. Just save some cash man."

"no really, what do you want"

"okay, how bout for you to not throw me out for ohhh, i don't know, a week."

"uuuh ok, is that all?"

"sure, although i know that as soon as that weeks up, i'm going out on my ass right."

"all depends on my mood and your behavior"

"i'm hurt by that enishi, after all, i'm the greatest friend you know" *feins hurt feeling*

"riiiggghtt"(dr. evil voice)

[shadow of darkness] finally falls into a chair by the stage, "Come on Jewl, get on up there."

[Hisamie] "Im back" hands a bag of rice to enishi "heres your rice sorry it took me so long, but i thought i would get it from japan you know thats where the best rice is from hehe"

enishi replies "Yes i know, i was born there, and thanks very much or as they say in Japan, Arigato Gozimasu"

[Hisamie] "hehehe your welcome." she smiles

*enishi runs into the kitchen*(with the rice)

[Hisamie] rolls around in laughter "Well i guess he really wanted the rice hehehe"

"Oh Jewl I also have a gift for you" Kelala hands a box to jewl. "And i have a gift for you Flagg"

[Flagg] *Smiles*you shouldent have

[Hisamie] *Smiles* "OF course i should" Hands you a huge bottle "Its the best run there is and the best part, the supply is endless, atleast in that bottle, hope you like"

[Flagg]"Well lets share a glass and find out"*He then pours two glasses full and hands you one*"What should we toast to?"

[Hisamie] *holds her glass up* "To good friends and the best bar in town"

[Flagg]*Clinks his glass against yours and says*"here here*

[Hisamie] *say "Here here" And takes a drink.*

[Flagg] *Drinks his drink and says*"That is great thank you for the bottel"

[Hisamie] "Your welcome" *takes another sip*

[Flagg]So what kind of music do you want to listen to?

[Hisamie] "Any kind, as long as it has a good beat and i can dance to it."

*the band starts playing rock*

[Flagg] says"good?"

[Hisamie] "Yeah this is good" she says

[Flagg] Its the best

[Hisamie] smiles and asks "Do you want to dance with me"

[Flagg]smiles back"Sure"

[Hisamie] "Great" she says as sh walk over to him and starts to dance

[Flagg]*starts to dance with her*

[Hisamie] "This is nice"

[Flagg] "It is isnt it."

[Hisamie] "Hehe"

[Flagg] *smiles*

[Hisamie] smiles back and says "So, whats on your mind"

[Flagg] anything and everything

[Hisamie] "Hehe you alway did have a complex mind huh"

[Flagg]"you could say that"

[Hisamie] *smiles*

[Flagg]*smiles back*

[Hisamie] "I like this, just dancing here its really peaceful you know"
[Flagg] "yah"

[Hisamie] "But in a way its odd, becuase i wonder hwere everyone else is at."

[Flagg]"so do I"

[Hisamie] *looks around and strains to here something* "There is no signs of other ppl here

[Flagg] "I know it is kinda creppy"

[Hisamie] "Hmmm, I wonder why they would leave...unless"

[Flagg] "Unless what?"

[Hisamie] thinks for a second then says "Never mind they would never do that"

[Flagg]"Do what?

[Hisamie] "Well its silly, but i was starting to wonder if someone was strying to set us up together"

[Flagg] "that is funney and you are right they woldent there are all just busy doin other stuff right now."

[Hisamie] "yeah well i got to get going ok" Give you a hug "Bye"

[Flagg] "see you"

enishi wakes up from his nap on the couch after hearing kelala start toward the door, watches her walk out the door

[Flagg]"hey man"

enishi holds up his tachi and says to flagg, "hey, wanna spar, i'm really feakin bored?"

[Flagg] pulls out his lifes bane"sure"

"alright, finnaly i get a good opponent, but wait, i have to go do something first, i'll be back in about 5 minutes" runs out the door

[Flagg] sits down and starts drinking from the bottel kelala left him

enishi walks back in holding deaths flame

[Flagg] so whats up

"Just had to get a different sword, this ones my favorite, i don't usually carry it with me though. You ready?"

[Flagg] as I ever will be.

[shadow of darkness] finishes off his bottle and turns to flagg, "hey...hic...this is your tell me...hic...wherer's the strippers???? uhlg."

[Flagg] they only dance for you if they want to.

[shadow of darkness] so they gotta want to???????? I need some strippers right now thoguh.

[Flagg] I dont care if they dont feel like dancin they dont and im not gonna force them to.

[Hisamie] *walks in and shouts* "Is Jewl here"

"No need to yell." [Jewl] says from the stage, stepping down.

"Hey girl, got you a gift" [Hisamie] says

"Hey, thanks! Got you one too..." [Jewl] grins.

"Hehe" [Hisamie] smiles "Great"

[Jewl] tosses a package to [Hisamie]. "Gotcha a new dress. short and black and sexy. Good for dates." She chuckles.

enishi walks in the door carrying a small box

Belgarath walks to the parking lot, "Okay, guys, the grill goes in here with me, and those four crates go in the back parking lot, AND BE CAREFUL, THEIR FRAGILE" he says while taking delivery of some important items.

As you walk in every tabel has a bottel of shampain and a menu on them.

Belgarath walks back in with the grill, "Hey Flagg, keep everyone out of the back parking lot for the next few hours okay."

Belgarath then sets the grill up behind the bar, then walks out to the back to check the contents of the crates.

Kelala looks at the gift Jewl gave her "This is very nice", then tosses a box to Jewl, "New out fit, its a red mini skirt and belly shirt, good for clubs, hehe"

"Awesome, thanks!" Jewl says with a grin. Then she takes a few more packages from behind the bar. "Okay...this one says Flagg."

[Flagg]"really you shouldnt have. But Im glad you did."

[belgarath] walks back in muttering under his breath to himself "thats the last time I order something THAT big." then reaches into a closet by the door, "oh yeah by the way these are for ya'll." pulls out several personalized jackets, each one has the name of the owner on the back. "Now I just have to get the other package in here."

"Aww, awesome!" Jewl says with a grin, handing the package of super-old-expensive whiskey to Flagg.

[Flagg]"Yeah man thanks"he says as he excepts the bootel from Jewl and his Jacket from Belgarath."And I have something for all of you"

[Hisamie] "Wow these are nice jackets"

[shadow of darkness] "Jewl? would you mind stripping? I've got large bills, and I could throw in a present if I am satisfied with your performance..."

Jewl chuckles. "Ah hell, why not. Where do you want it? The stage, the table, the name it."

"The cage would be nice, then again, you could do it on my lap...."

"I could." She says, a glint in her eye. "Any place, any time, doll."

"How about over there on the couch, right now, hun?"

"Mmm, love to."

"Well then, let's go." [shadow of darkness] says standing up.

"No" enishi yells running over to the couch "My couch!, no defiling of it shall happen!"

Jewl giggles. "Too late, you weren't here last night..."

"AH" *jumps of the couch* "NOOO....I'm sorry my precious couch, but now you must be destroyed" *holds a hand toward the couch, and the couch burst into black flames*

"Oh man. Well Jewl, guess we need another place..."

"Yeah and Enishi you ow me another couch."Flagg says.

"Yeah, yeah, how much do i owe ya?" Enishi said with a hint of sarcasm

"remember who pays you man and 500"[Flagg]

enishi pulls out his wallet and hands flagg 500, "Oh, is it all right if i bring my own couch in here just for me?"

[Flagg]"sure as long as you dont bitch if you put it out in the open and someone uses it"*grabs the money*"thanks"

"Ah that'll be ok, i'll just put a curse seal on it"

[Flagg] "as long as there is a warning I dont need to get sued ok"

"Hahahaha" Enishi spread a wide grin "What ever, i'll put a sign up"

[Flagg] "then we dont have a problem"

"As long as people can still pay attention and read in the god forsaken world, there shouldn't be a problem"

[Flagg] lol

Jewl takes [shadow of darkness] by the hand and runs up stairs. "C'mon hun, I'll show you what a REAL striptease is."

[Hisamie] *is sitting on a barstool wearing the dress Jewl gave her* "Well I think Shadow is getting his money worth, hehe"


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2003-11-27 [LustForBlood]: .... but some stupid people (like moi) might think they're saying SAKE (as in "oh for gods sake"), not SAKE (as in "the drink")

2003-11-28 [Enishi Yukishiro]: well those stupid people can just jump of a cliff (i never said how high it had to be, ex. 2 in.)

2003-11-28 [Hisamie]: i dont know how you can be confuse cuz when you talk abot the drink sake, for example when you order it you say "may i have a bottle of sake

2003-11-28 [Enishi Yukishiro]: like she said :)

2003-12-02 [Enishi Yukishiro]: sorry brad, i just went blank on what you are

2003-12-04 [Enishi Yukishiro]: oh james who was it that deleted everyting on da page

2003-12-06 [LustForBlood]: True... but like I said, stupid people like me. Or.. not so much stupid.. as not taking the time to read it, just speed reading. But since I'm not doing much in this wiki anyways, I'm gonna leave; got too many other roleplaying thingies to take care of >_<

2003-12-23 [belgarath]: btw, flagg, i'm talking about HUGE crates in the delivery post

2003-12-23 [Flagg]: cool man this is gonna kick so much ass

2003-12-23 [belgarath]: hell yeah it is

2003-12-23 [Flagg]: fooly cooly cool

2003-12-23 [belgarath]: at least.

2003-12-23 [Enishi Yukishiro]: guess whats in my box??:)

2003-12-23 [Flagg]: I dont wanna know

2003-12-23 [Enishi Yukishiro]: oh but u very great it is

2003-12-23 [Flagg]: man no

2004-01-05 [Enishi Yukishiro]: im back

2004-01-07 [belgarath]: how was everyting in da bahamas mon

2004-01-07 [Enishi Yukishiro]: shut up...thats how it was mon

2004-01-07 [Hisamie]: Intersting

2004-01-11 [Jewl]: woot! Finally got a customer...

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