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2005-11-03 12:01:31
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2005-10-08 [Batross]: they are amazin!!!

2005-10-09 [xxkibby101xx]: yer they sure are!!!!

2005-10-09 [Just Another Star]: Break out my fav

2005-10-10 [xxkibby101xx]: we dont wanna know urs!

2005-10-10 [Just Another Star]: Well.. It is.

2005-10-10 [xxkibby101xx]: suuuuuure! lol! lobster head!!!

2005-10-10 [Just Another Star]: Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fro Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-10-10 [xxkibby101xx]: yeeeeees! ofcourse!

2005-10-10 [Just Another Star]: *Frog damnit

2005-10-10 [xxkibby101xx]: thats wot they all say!

2005-10-10 [Just Another Star]: God that saying is sooooooooooo annoying

2005-10-10 [xxkibby101xx]: thats wot they all ve3tnkii

2005-10-10 [Just Another Star]: ve3tnkii ???

2005-10-10 [xxkibby101xx]: thats wot they all say!

2005-10-10 [Just Another Star]: *runs arounds screaming* aaaahhhh HANNAH!

2005-10-11 [xxkibby101xx]: lol! u luv me reli!

2005-10-11 [Just Another Star]: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe :D lol

2005-10-11 [xxkibby101xx]: oh i seeee!!!!!!!

2005-10-11 [Just Another Star]: Yes... Well.. NOT WITHOUT YOUR GLASSES!!!

2005-10-11 [xxkibby101xx]: wtf!

2005-10-24 [The Rejekt]: huh lol

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