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2006-02-12 20:59:50
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*~*Forbidden Lust*~*


This is just a story I am writing for future submittance into Elfwood. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated.

[This entrie story is undergoing some updates and changes. Please bear with the inconsistencies for a while.]


Prologue - The Masquerade
Chapter One - Andre's Bedroom
Chapter Two - The Ride Home
Chapter Three - Enchanted Dreams
Chapter Four - Proposal
Chapter Five - Mind Games
Chapter Six - Field of Lilies
Chapter Seven - Shattered Glass

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2005-08-17 [YokoTsuta]: It's a beautiful story ^^ I mean, the way you tell it is just beautiful. (I envy you, actually o.o) Write the next chapter! c.c

2005-08-17 [Poindextra]: Thank you. It's actually just the rough version of it.

2005-08-18 [YokoTsuta]: All the same, it was great ^^

2005-08-25 [Mataza_71191]: good

2006-06-22 [*Night_Shade*]: I finally read it! Are you happy now?!?! Gah. Well, it was good though a bit too Harlequin for my tastes, lol as you know. :) Keep working on it! I want to read the finished draft. :D

2006-06-23 [Poindextra]: I'm depleting some harlequin aspects of it, actually. I need to find a time where I can just sit down and ponder.

2006-06-23 [*Night_Shade*]: Ah, I see. Hopefully the summer offers you some of this pondering time.

2006-06-25 [Poindextra]: Yesh...very much hope indeed...

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