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2005-04-24 10:06:45
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   This is for all my unwanted dead mortals to relive and take over , over power the ones that dont respect us and the ones that dont give us names. We feast on thoes hew dont listen to our warnings and laph at the ones that are frighten by our mind games.

  OWNER: [~Lauren~]

  MANAGER: [blaze333]





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2005-03-22 [Smo]: oooo may I join?

2005-03-23 [blaze333]: this is the best wiki i have ever seen

2005-03-23 [†Drusilla†]: please may I join? ^_^

2005-03-23 [~Lauren~]: hellow and welcome to my wiki for thoes that are new members your now my children , if you have suggestions write me and i will see what i can do

2005-03-27 [redheadedterror]: wow crazy ass banner..:P really good.. ow yeah can i join..?:P

2005-03-29 [Special Dave]: dude i have to join, i can try draw stuff for it if i must!

2005-03-31 [Don't Fall For This]: ooo i love the piccy... can i join??

2005-04-05 [I the exotic dancing fairy]: can i join? pleaaase? mommy?

2005-04-12 [samantha louise!]: can i join? plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ!

2005-04-20 [~Lauren~]: hellow and welcome my children please tell me about your selfs and why are you the lost forgotten child.Tell me your story to pruve your self that your one of us.

2005-04-21 [I the exotic dancing fairy]: ok. i'm a girl. my parents hate me for this. the end.

2005-04-21 [Miss.Murder]: I'm just hated by my parents. can I join please?

2005-05-16 [♥Sex, Drugs and Guns that go B.a.n.g♥]: ARE YOU FUCK HATED BY YOUR PARENTS!!!!

2005-05-17 [pin up doll]: yeh -*-deaths alabi-*- ......... i would love you hav ure parents u stupid little lyir............. heya everyone...

2005-05-17 [samantha louise!]: hey pplz

2005-06-02 [bloody black roses]: hello?

2005-06-02 [bloody black roses]: my story.... i'm lame, woo hoo.. i am a forgotten child because i am not remembered by anyone, man, woman, child, or ghost, i have to make my own fun, like shootin forgetters with a jacked gun

2005-07-18 [jester-assassin]: .....

2005-07-19 [_suicide_]: ........?........!........?..........!...........?............

2005-07-19 [blaze333]: people do me a favor if u are gona write in hear try makeing words not dots and symboles ok

2006-11-20 [Yami]: I'd like to join this wiki. I'm a forgotten child my spaish name is Cochiti, meaning, forgotten, and I'm the one in the family that everyone forgets about.

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