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2006-07-29 07:45:42
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Welcome lovely people to the lovely wiki about the one and only Frank Iero guitarist of the one and only My Chemical Romance. Please add your name to the list below if you would like to join. And please don't hesitate to add pictures to the picture page, quotes to the quote page and anything else you would like.


"Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone could have one!" Frank Iero


Frank pictures


[~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] Owner, but its prurdy much a do what you want kinda wiki, I'm not gonna password protect the page so do what you want with it, so long as you ask :)



[022590] I'd addvise you all to visit We Heart gerard Way. (I'm also an owner for that wiki) Fuck, they're all hott.

[X_Who_Am_ I _Today_X]I Fucking Think There All To Hawt For There Own Good *kisses them all* tee hee/b>

[d0n3]I love Frank..well actually evryone in MCR but Frankie is the one i love teh most ^_^

[laugh insanely] <3 Frank = the best <3 But yeah, you godda love them all ^^

[Lell] i so totally love him! oh my damn sexy *^_^*

[sXe=clean punk] I love frank! oh so hot! and he kicks Ass!!!

[xXxPansyxXx] Iero iz mi Hero!!!


<b>A banner made by the one and only [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] aka me!!!


Please go and joing Gerard Way if you like Gerard. Thats a fab wiki page people so go join now!

Also please join We heart Gerard Way cause thats a fab wiki too.

Toodle pip. [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] xx

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2005-08-28 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: I don't dislike her as much as, not get allong very well sometimes. And I think i know some people who've allready bugsied a Mikey wiki on the Gerard wikis.

2005-08-28 [psychekiller]: still shes always telling me to sod off and thats not nice is it

2005-08-28 [twinrova]: ahh i gotcha

2005-08-28 [psychekiller]: who have you got? dont kill me

2005-08-28 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: I do like you Camille, but you were joining nearly every wiki i was on, like Gerard Way for instance.

2005-08-28 [twinrova]: what? im not gonna kill you. not today

2005-08-29 [psychekiller]: ok good erm well oliv maybe i just like you and want to know what your interests are

2005-08-29 [twinrova]: okay so i didnt understand a word you just said

2005-08-29 [psychekiller]: yeah i was talking to someone else exept for the oh good bit were i said it to you for not killing me

2005-08-29 [twinrova]: ........alright man alright thats cool

2005-08-30 [psychekiller]: alright then

2005-08-30 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Gooooood. So has anyone seen the video for The Ghost of you yet??? I've still not seen all of I'm Not Okay and I've onyl seen Helena once! I'm a poor deprived child i know

2005-08-30 [psychekiller]: i haven't seen any of the videos ive just heard the songs

2005-08-31 [twinrova]: really? i havent seen the ghost you get. i didnt even know it was out yet

2005-09-01 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: It's been out for a while I think. I'll have to go to my evil aunties house, she has sky tv lol

2005-09-01 [psychekiller]: he he

2005-09-01 [twinrova]: hm really? ill have to go check that out.

2005-09-02 [psychekiller]: ^^

2005-09-02 [twinrova]: ^____^

2005-09-03 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]:


2005-09-03 [twinrova]: ? uh............alright thats kinda big man

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