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2006-07-29 07:45:42
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Welcome lovely people to the lovely wiki about the one and only Frank Iero guitarist of the one and only My Chemical Romance. Please add your name to the list below if you would like to join. And please don't hesitate to add pictures to the picture page, quotes to the quote page and anything else you would like.


"Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone could have one!" Frank Iero


Frank pictures


[~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] Owner, but its prurdy much a do what you want kinda wiki, I'm not gonna password protect the page so do what you want with it, so long as you ask :)



[022590] I'd addvise you all to visit We Heart gerard Way. (I'm also an owner for that wiki) Fuck, they're all hott.

[X_Who_Am_ I _Today_X]I Fucking Think There All To Hawt For There Own Good *kisses them all* tee hee/b>

[d0n3]I love Frank..well actually evryone in MCR but Frankie is the one i love teh most ^_^

[laugh insanely] <3 Frank = the best <3 But yeah, you godda love them all ^^

[Lell] i so totally love him! oh my damn sexy *^_^*

[sXe=clean punk] I love frank! oh so hot! and he kicks Ass!!!

[xXxPansyxXx] Iero iz mi Hero!!!


<b>A banner made by the one and only [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] aka me!!!


Please go and joing Gerard Way if you like Gerard. Thats a fab wiki page people so go join now!

Also please join We heart Gerard Way cause thats a fab wiki too.

Toodle pip. [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] xx

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2005-08-27 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Yeah, but doesn't mean you can't put them in a wiki page though. So long as you delete it off your house

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............hee hee alright thats cool

2005-08-27 [psychekiller]: hello stop ignoring me

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: what were not ignoring you.

2005-08-27 [psychekiller]: someone keeps deleting every message i write and thats the only one thats stayed who owns this wiki?

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: hell if i know. oh i shoot bambis mother. its right up top

2005-08-27 [psychekiller]: grrrr OLIVIA why do you hate me so? *goes into a rage and throws things about* ow a chair just hit my foot

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: ow *hands band aid* alright lets not throw stuff k?

2005-08-27 [psychekiller]: thank you kind person do you have a vase or anything i could throw

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: of course *hands vase*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no throwing ...................put flowers in it or something

2005-08-27 [psychekiller]: oh in that case you can have it back ive found a great mini tv to throw

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: oh okay then im not to be blamed

2005-08-27 [psychekiller]: he he i think ive calmed down now im having a conversation in french on another wiki

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: ahah nice man nice

2005-08-27 [Looby Loob]: lol

2005-08-27 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: Hey! No violence! And i kept deleting your messages cause they were pretty pointless. Why do you come on this wiki anyways? Do you even like Frank????

2005-08-27 [twinrova]: oh wow you really do dislike each other dont you?

2005-08-28 [psychekiller]: were supposed to be friends but she likes to be unsociable

2005-08-28 [Im Just a kid and Life is a nightmare..]: Olivia its Rachel! lol btw I hav bugsied a Mikey Way wiki so no one is allowed 2 do it

2005-08-28 [psychekiller]: like i was saying oliv likes to put me down alot

2005-08-28 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: I don't dislike her as much as, not get allong very well sometimes. And I think i know some people who've allready bugsied a Mikey wiki on the Gerard wikis.

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