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French Classroom: Adjectives

Colours: Couleurs
Black: noir
Blue: bleu
Green: vert
Orange: orange
Purple: violet
Red: rouge
White: blanc
Yellow: jaune

Size: Grandeurs
Fat: gras
Medium: médium
Small: petit
Tall: grand
Thin: mince
Tiny: minuscule

Personality: Personalité
Arrogant: arrogant
Intelligent: intelligent
Lazy: paresseux
Proud: fier
Shy: gêné
Stupid: stupide

Power: Puissance
Powerful: Puissant
Strong: Fort
Weak: Faible

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2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: If you can think of an adjective you would like to know in French, please ask here.

2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: Added colours.

2004-11-08 [herrschneemann]: Added sizes

2005-01-12 [Deadly Exposure]: isn't "grand" both tall and big and "gros" fat

2005-01-12 [herrschneemann]: I don't think there is a direct translation for big, because in different situations you'll use either "grand", "gros", "large" or even "costaud". "Gros" is definitly, I think, the one that is most used for "big".

2005-02-28 [May-lea]: Purple is also Violet, not only Pourpre. Pourpre is dark red.

2005-02-28 [May-lea]: So as to fat, I wouldn't say Obèse. obèse is overweight. Fat is "gras"

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