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French Classroom: Miscellaneous

Here is for all the other categories who weren't big enough to have their own page.

Pronouns: Pronoms
I: je
You: tu
He/She: il/elle
We: nous
You: vous
They: ils/elles

Articles: Déterminants
The (m) means it's the masculin version, the (f) means it's the feminin version, the (p) means it's the plurial version.
A: un (m)/une (f)/des (p)
His: son (m)/sa (f)/ses (p)
My: mon (m)/ma (f)/mes (p)
Our: notre/nos (p)
That/This: ce (m)/cet (m)/cette (f)/ces (p)
The: le (m)/la (f)/les (p)
Their: leur/leurs (p)
Your: ton (m)/ta (f)/tes (p)
Your(p): votre/vos (p)

Time references: Références temporielles
Earlier: plus tôt
Early: tôt
Late: tard
Later: tantôt (or) plus tard
The day after tomorow: après-demain
The day before yesterday: avant-hier
Tomorow: demain
Yesterday: hier

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2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: If you would like to know a word that isn't a noun, adjective or verb in French, please ask here.

2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: added pronouns for conjugation

2004-11-08 [herrschneemann]: Added articles.

2005-02-09 [Princess Carwash]: I am learning french in school and I am very good at the language! I wouldnt mind helping out a little! I cant get my own classroom because I am a loser who isnt very good at following directions. I am currently learning about the body. I know a lot of words and I think that I could be very helpful. my name is Pink Sheeba. I hope I can come of assistance!

2005-02-10 [herrschneemann]: Sure, I wouldn't mind at all if you want to become a co-teacher, though the French student population right now is 0

2005-03-08 [megster_08]: how do i become a student

2005-03-08 [herrschneemann]: well, you just exist here and ask questions, no real subsciption or anything :)

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