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French Classroom: Verbs

Verbs in French are categorised in three different groups. The first group is the one where there are the most verbs, and all the verbs in that category end and are conjugated the same way. This is also true for the second group. The third group is made out of verbs who all conjugated differently from one another.

First Group: Premier groupe
To Ask: demander
To Borrow: emprunter
To Catch: attraper
To Climb: grimper
To Cry: pleurer
To Danse: dancer
To Demand: exiger
To Eat: manger
To Find: trouver
To Give: donner
To Jump: sauter
To Listen: écouter
To Realise: réaliser
To Send: envoyer
To Sing: chanter
To Sweat: suer
To Swim: nager
To Threaten: menacer
To Throw: lancer
To Walk: marcher
To Watch: regarder

Second Group: Deuxième groupe
To Build: bâtir
To Finish: finir

Third Group: Troisième groupe
To Be: être
To Die: mourir
To Drive: conduire
To Dye: teindre
To Go: aller
To Have: avoir
To Know: savoir
To Make: faire
To Read: lire
To Run: courir
To Write: écrire

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2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: If you can think of a specific verb you would like to know in French, please ask here.

2004-11-07 [Death's Die-Ary]: i need help with verbs in the past,like passe compose. any verb would be fine

2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: added some verbs

2004-11-07 [herrschneemann]: hmmm, that's a hard question to answer, because that is an entire lesson. Ok, for passé composé, the verb is composed two-wise: the verb plus an "auxilary" verb in front of it. Verbs will either use être (to be) or avoir (to have) as auxiliaries, none other are possible. For Passé Composé, you conjugate the auxiliary in the present tense, then add the participe passé of the verb you're using. Example: J'ai mangé (I ate), il est allé (he went), etc.

2004-11-08 [Death's Die-Ary]: ooh okay makes sense

2004-11-08 [herrschneemann]: Added more verbs

2004-11-17 [herrschneemann]: added a bunch of first group verbs

2005-03-28 [Blaithin]: parler is to speak right?

2005-03-28 [herrschneemann]: yes

2005-03-29 [Blaithin]: Alrighty, thank you :)

2005-03-29 [herrschneemann]: pleasure

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