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From My Heart Into Yours             the owners of this wiki page are [hji] and [SimpleEuph]

this is a special place to show other people how we feel and how love could be

this is a wiki page that works together with you&me

look also on all about love it's for paintings and drawings about love

Love Pub
Here's a place for all you lovely people can gab to your hearts content. ENJOY!!

here could be uploaded:
   poems written to your love
   love describtions
   and also lyrics
   quotes about love

If someone would like to add something on this page please ask [hji]


You give it to me
You share it
You are it


Love is a strange thing
I didn't get much love
Love is special
Love is unbreakable
Love is trust

When you said to me those words
I love you
I felt strange and unknown
I didn't know

I never heard these words
And never read them
Nobody really loved me

And than you turned up
It's like God sends me an angel
I prayed a lot for love

Sometimes I even cried
I was lonely… hiding behind my art
Crying in the rain
Didn't speak much

But I learnt to listen
I saw emotions
Looked at people
Saw the human mind

I started to understand love


What is real love
It means always being there
Trust each other
Wanting to do everything

It's like music
Listen to understand
Hear the sound… the emotion
Understand the mind

Try to play the music of the other
Play it softly

Yeah, I understand the emotions
But, I don't understand my own feelings
I can't control my emotions

It's like making a painting
You start with nothing
Get an idea, make some notes
The idea grows into a perfect idea

Now you have to draw it
You start with the idea
But it became not exactly the same
Sometimes it's even better
Other times it's completely different
But still beautiful

That's like you
I have thoughts about a perfect girl
A perfect love
A girl that loves me how I am
Kind and sweet
And now I found you

You are like an idea for a painting
A great idea that becomes something else

You are the perfect idea that became awesome
Yeah, Better than I could dream of

You are the music in my live

The perfect sound

   Made by [hji] for [SimpleEuph]


I saw you in my dream last night;
A heavenly vision shrouded in a cloud of white;
Your eyes shown green and heavy upon me;
The love that imminated in those eyes was enough to let me free;
Then the atomosphere started to disappear;
You were gone, I was alone with fear;
That feeling of desire and want vanished;
All I felt was uneeded and banished;
The place grew darker and crowded with pain;
The quietness and solitude was to make me insane;
Huddled in a mass of sorrow and hate;
I come to the conclusion that this was my fate;
I rocked myself slowly, to ease the hurt away;
And keep all unwanted thoughts at bay;
But in my hour of drakness and quam;
Your light shown once more, to soothe and calm;
Your voice rang through my ears, envoking every emotion;
Your words sang a song like waves crashing at the ocean;
And you took in me in your arm, and kissed my tears dry;
Your wings outstretched around me, ready to fly!


I want to fall in love without holding back;
I want to forever be with you, and feel relaxed;
I want you to hold me tight within you grip;
Feeling as whole again, never let me slip;
I want to gaze always into your eyes;
And never worry about long good-byes;
I want to stand with you, right by your side;
And walk into the future with an even stride;
Because I want to enjoy every minute we share;
And grow together with the one I care!

   Made by [SimpleEuph] for [hji]
I'm sorry I hurt you!

Maiden Disere

Rising moon above the forest,
Lonely trees and their shadows,

She is sitting by a lake,
And wondering:

Can I change the world,
With a little magic,
That I still have?

She triy and try,
But she can't change the world,
As she wishes,

And then,
Her son comes to her asking:

Why are you so sad?
And why are you crying?

She looked in his eyes,
And tell him a story,
About an maiden elf,
and her love to a human man,
so that he would understand.

   Made by: Tina Bozjak also [nalinn]

till tomorrow

We'll lie there in the grass
Holding each other close, I'll gaze into your eyes
as you gaze in mine
we'll lie there for eternity
we'll watch the trees grow
the sky is our blanket
upon the hilltop
we'll fall asleep there
in the morning, we'll wake up together
awoken only by the rising sun
i'll lay there in your arms,
you'll pull me close
i'll hug you tight
I'll close my eyes and kiss you
your kisses taste sweeter than candie,
and they last longer then a lollypop,
your smile is like my own personal sunshine,
i'll cuddle u till tomorrow...

   made by [crystalTERROR]

It feels”

The sky is so high... so clear blue and dry
The sun so bright sparkling on the water…
It's beautiful so pure and peaceful

It's like this feeling deep in me...

Like a fire that burns inside me
A fire that won't stop...
In the beginning it was just glowing...
Now it's growing bigger every day

This feeling won't stop
It will go on... Only forward

I want only to go forward, never look back
Keeps running hold on and go farther…
Up the hill to the top of the mountain

I will go… I will find you…
One day I will be on that mountain
And see the beauty far and wide…

The beauty of you...
Your eyes sparkling in the sun
Your skin so soft… feeling the touch of your lips

Your arms wide open
Ready to embrace me…
Love and care

That I could drown in your sweet kiss
Feel the touch of your soft lips
Lift me away from this world
Let me fly with you in the ocean of love
High in the blue sky…

My hands through your hair
Touching your soft skin your lips
To look deep in your eyes
See the love and care

The sparkling…

So it feels

   made by [hji] for [SimpleEuph]

for my love....

i want to feel your breath
i want to touch your hands
i want to see your face

i want to feel your hand in my hair
i want to touch your skin
i want to see your eye's, looking at me

i want to feel your heartbeat
i want to touch your shoulders
i want to see your body close to me

i want to feel your lips on mine
i want to touch your face
i want to see your love for me.....

   made by [Ishje]

The Dance Of Nature

I've cried out to the wolves,
About my so, oh, lonely heart.
I've joined the pack and ran along,
To now see that I was never alone.

I learned to survive and stay strong,
And all this time I thought I had a home.
My spirit that has been raised to the wild,
To become the nature's one and only child.

But when I went to the lake of life,
And cupped my hand to drink the water.
I saw a face in the cold and distant surface,
A beauty so clear and bright as the moon.

I raised my head slow and with emotions,
To then explore the creature before me.
His face was covered with the moon's rays,
And the eyes had kept a secret of desire.

My heart took a turn and beated twice,
And never I thought I would be suprised.
The water ran out of my hands silently,
I stood up and took a dangerous chance.

But before I got the chance to move,
He stood by me and offered his hand.
He spoke with soft gentle words of love:
"Thesskaja, May I offer a life-lasting dance?"

           Made By [Lycaon pictus] To [NorrSken]

I Will Be Waiting

I Will Be Waiting..
But I will also know,
That the moon will stop turning,
And the sun will stop shine.
The winters will pass before me,
And so will also the summer.

But between all this I also know,
How much I look forward to you,
To meet you and hold you close.
For I am here - I'll be waiting.

The words I've spoken and speak,
Will make no notice in the night.
For you are not here beside me,
To hear my whispers from my heart.

And when the daylight comes to me,
I will wake up to another empty day.
I will sit and eat my breakfast like always,
But it will not taste the same in lonliness.

I've tried to free my heart dozen of times,
And I've succeded to keep myself from love.
But you, Meine Liebschen, are close to me,
You've taken a throne at my heart to stay.

So now my king, hear my plea of guilt,
I have both been there and done that.
But you took me to the stars and back,
To show me a vision of love so deep.

I stand now before you, my king of hearts,
Do not judge me for my words of truth.
I wish to meet you in my dreams at night,
To know you are away to defend and fight.

For my breath may seem distant right now,
Because you're the air that I've found.
Go, My king! Fight for honour and pride!
For I will be waiting - To be by your side..

         Made By [Lycaon pictus] To [NorrSken]

We Dance

Nous dansons!
Every movement gracefully sweeping like the way she traces my veins along my arm.
Every breath we take is a step in the dance.
And the dance is beautiful. She is beautiful.

Nous dansons!
We kiss and the world will never end.
We hold each other and the world never began.

Nous dansons!
Her next step was doomed.
Her long slender arms reached around me.
Her hands rested on the back of my neck.
And the steps failed.

Nous trébuchons!
The endless dark of bitter memories thrusts itself upon me.
An anvil upon glass.
Chains around my neck!
The Mother of Shadows pushed into my mind!

Danse brisée!
The dance shatters!
I trip!
Stumble back
Make ugly movements.

Danse brisée!
She releases me.
She knows what I think of.
She knows what I feel.

Culpabilité. Douleur. Se rappeler.
One moment of the most terrible things I feel!
Remembering that night!

Honte. Saleté. le traître.
One moment of silence that fills the earth.
A silence so deep that voices sink into it.

Sans espoir. Trahison. Adultère.
The Mother of Shadow’s voice echoes in the silence.

Nous regrettons.
no, no, no.
Not when the dance was so perfect!
Not when the dancer was so wonderful!
Please no!

Nous brisons.
Mother of Shadows begone!
I banish you now!
You and your memories leave us now forever!

Nous combattons.
I must be strong.
I must swallow the pain- forget the terror.
The dance will continue!

Nous venons ensemble.
I move forward.
I start the steps again.
I think of her- ONLY her.

Renouvellement. Chérir. Caresse.
I dance and she dances with me.

Triomphe. Unité. Beauté.
The Mother of Shadows is dead in my mind.

Grâce. Liberté. Confiance.
We dance and this time it is more beautiful then ever!

Nous dansons avec l'amour!
We dance!
We dance with unity!
We dance with love!

   made by [Winter_Alone]

True Love
True love is when you look into someones eyes and see their heart.

   quote by [crystalTERROR]

Twenty Years.

In 20 years she never spoke a word,
In 20 years she never made herself heard.
She was that cute girl in that dark house,
Being silent and all just like a mouse.

But 20 years has gone with scars of life,
Feeling the backstab of that same old knife.
But this time she turned around and faced,
Now she was the one who refused to be chased.

She grabbed the knife and broke it in two,
Left all those things behing that she had knew.
She spit the hate out of her mouth and grinned,
She knew she wasn't the one who had sinned.

20 years it took her to find out the meaning she had,
And all those heartaches and the pain to make her sad.
Know she stands in front of the best time of all,
Her love, Her meaning and the endless call.

She stands in front of a man that she holds so dear,
She waits for the day to be his lady and be so near.
20 years and she feels like they has never been apart,
Because he holds the true key to open her burning heart.

                   By [Lycaon pictus]

this lonelyness is killing me,
all i want is you, my prince.
to be held within your arms,
to be comforted by your presence.
but i know you are a thing of fantasy,
i forever destined to be lonely,
for my heart belongs to a creature of dreams
who has claimed my soul.

   [blackphoenix] just something i wrote

If there now is a reason,
Why this all has happened.
I wouldn't want to know the answer,
Because it's not far away.
My hearts whispers secrets of desires,
To know that you're the one;
That my heart truly admires.
You never rode in on a white steed,
And I never claimed to be a princess in need.
But we both stayed honest and true,
To reach together the sky so blue.
And no goal will be impossible for us two,
Because our limits is rare and few.
All those kisses you've given me,
Cannot either be erased;
Because my lips has them as a memory;
Both night and day.
I still taste every moment we shared,
From the first second to til the last..

      from [Lycaon pictus] to [NorrSken]

my heart longs for you
my body for your touch
yet you are out of reach
and i am left yearning
  for your love.
by [blackphoenix]

To what senses does love employ?
Sending strange promises like a foreign envoy. 
My body agrees awaiting the warmth of another soul,
But distance and time wreak havoc and take their toll.
I sit with broken emotions and a hope filled heart,
Writing my pain done in my dreary art.
Yet still I ache like a wounded being,
My heart knows the path without ever seeing.
A pain is coursing through me that's all to well known,
Oh what dark, seducing, seed in my spirit was sown. 
An addiction in class by itself, that's true love.
 A terrible hold it has, that the other vices know nothing of.
Yet still I watch the sunrise awaiting a ship to carry me to her,
For only one in creation can quench this thirst and no other,
As I lie in my cold bed, that has only held one,
I know someone is missing.
One with whom I can share my passion with,
One whom I can spend eternity kissing.
To show and give love unadorned,
But now he is lost and shaken, a being that is totally forlorned.
He curses the Gods and their foul amusement that is at his expense,
He cannot focus, he cannot be calm, he is always tense.
He is restless in his sleep with haunting dreams. 
He knows he must meet her, if by any means.
But Fate tears at him shouting on about logic and reason;
He doesn't care of time, money, or class season.
Awaiting that perfect moment, when time slows.
And he will lock in an embrace with the one for whom the flowers grows.

this poem was written for me [blackphoenix] by [weefreeman]

my heart yearns for love,
love that can touch me,
love that can hold me,
love that can end my misery,
my misery of being lonely.

written by [blackphoenix]


You keep me alive from day to day
Tend to my wounds, when all is gray
I feel your hand, it grabs me tight
Pulls me out into the light

Nurse me back to health
As if I had all the wealth
When I ask, what in return?
You tell me not to be concerned

Reaching deep, you fix my heart
You have it down to an art
I never thought it could be done
You are my surgeon

by [murderdolls play thing 13] for [Smile Addiction]

The Sweetness of Love

I want to be one with you!
One heart, one soul, one mind;
I'll be yours if you'll be mine.
Together for all time
As in times before.
On the bed or on the floor...
Just making love to you
Or you kissing me as you do
Sends me off on flights of ecstasy.
Your wildkat will I always be.
Touching, biting, pulling, pushing,
My love for you from my heart is gushing
As our bodies become one.
Already exhausted, but not nearly done.
My moans egg you on as you give me pleasure.
How many was that?
Can't keep count or measure...
My mind is completely blown
And my spirit with yours has flown
Back in time to a waterfall.
Suddenly we remember all!
And we see that we have come back
To make up now for time we lacked.
My Knight, my dear sweet Prince,
Just make sure to promise me this:
You held me then,
You hold me now,
Don't ever let go again!

Written by: [Every Rose Has Her Thorn] for my soulmate, Larry

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