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2005-02-22 23:58:30
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..............................FUCK-THE-LABELS CORP..............................








These are the things that I personally abhor so if you read these you might understand why I created this wiki page:
   -Walt Disney
   -Bashing individuality
   -Close-minded people
   -Religious people who don't appreciate others' opinions
   -Judgemental people


Due to a large amount of members I have moved the member section to Fuck the labels supporters. Feel free to join.

Other wikis that I ran:

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[Whisper Sweet Nothings]: You hate walt disney? ::giggles:: They pay for my clothing- therefore i <3 them

[2000HRS]: Yes I do. Why, you ask? Disney pretty much brainwash all the kids with the modern stereotypes. I mean, if a person is ugly... then the person is bad. If the person is handsome or beautiful then he/she is a good one.

[Giganto Coconuts]: OMG..that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true.

[DrunkWithDeath]: Dude....What the fuck?

[DrunkWithDeath]: Okay, most everything that you say you hate, all condradict eachother, Walt Disney = Bashing individuality, Stereotypes = posers. You're the fucking idiot. And this is a retarded cunt sucking wiki too. Fuck you people. All that gay little gatherings like this prove is that you have no name. What do you think you are then?

[DrunkWithDeath]: Do you think you're just an individual? That you've done everything noone else has done before? No. I assure you, everything that you've EVER done in your life, someone else has done as well.

[DrunkWithDeath]: So, suck my cock. WEE!

[Giganto Coconuts]: I WILL!

[2000HRS]: lol.. that was the funniest thing I've heard in my life. Walt Disney labels people. They don't bash individuality. They bash the ugly ones. Simple as that. Stereotype=posers? That's the worst assumption that I've heard in my life. Perhaps you should look up "stereotype" in the dictionary. While you're there... also look up for archetype. That's what Walt Disney uses, archetype.

[TheEvilHat]: and again, die?

[Waste of time]: hey, i have a question....are there any banners for this wiki...?

[Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: hey can you be so kind as to let me join this? please let me know when you add me...

[2000HRS]: add yourself people. I've abandoned this site. Go nuts.

[Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: well then whats the password?

[╔╬╝]: ...uh... Walt Disney...?

[Nekko fox]: My curiousity compels me to inquire; If people hate being labeled something, why must they wear the tag? It's more than a little confusing, and just as much contradictory. Even more annoying still is the fact that many people fail to realize what their 'label' means. It's more than disgusting. Just like the people who say "I'm not 'goth'" when in fact they fail to realize what "goth" honestly is! Personally, and this is only my opinion, this wiki-page is a waste of cyberspace. Congratulations for abandoning it, it was the wisest decision I have seen a person make this week.

[Ω♥broken heart slayer♥Ω]: my day was pretty sucky... but a wiki i found cheered me up... bob's diner...

[Vault 101]: But without labels, you wont know the soup you're buying... Of if it even is soup :O

[LinkTurrner]: walt diney?

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