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2009-09-30 05:23:33
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Hi. This is where every guy/girl gets their own fuck-buddy. They are people you can have cyber sex with. You can list your name under one of the genders, and become a fuck-buddy. You can trade fuck-buddies, and you can also get as many as you want. BUT THE FUCK-BUDDIES HAVE TO AGREE TO BE YOUR FUCK-BUDDY FIRST! After that, they are yours. Please read the rules.


Respect your buddy.

People must agree first to become your buddy.

If you become a fuck-buddy, you can have as many fuck buddies as you want.

If a person doest want to be owned anymore, thats okay.
You can trade fuck buddies but your partner has to be informed. They cant be clueless.

If your fuck buddy isn't obeying you or isn't good enough, you can trade or desert them.

If you are deserted from your fuck buddy(s) you can get new ones but you have to inform the people that want to join you the reason that they dumped you.

Fuck-buddys is an ONLY online thing. Keep in mind that there may be sexual predators online and that you shouldnt give away phone numbers, addresses, and deffinetaly not meet the people in person. DO NOT PHYSICALLY MEET THE PEOPLE YOU MEET ONLINE HERE. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFTEY. I am not responsible if anyone gets hurt from physically meeting your fuck buddy

If you are a fuck-buddy, you may write a small description If yourself after your username.

The comments area is not for chatting.

Your owners have no control over your life...just have fun, no pressure.

-[sexeater] *the mayor*


1.[sexeater]im not on here a lot, sorry


3.[beautiful _ darkness]=^.^=
BUDDIES:[Bade], [Virgin of Elftown]

4.[¤ WORLDS ¤happiest¤ EMO ¤™]


6.[Death's Die-Ary]

7.[Madame de la Nuit]

8.[Virgin of Elftown]Girls cum on!
BUDDIES:[Rain Kissed Angel]

9.[HottieChick]I wanna FUCK!!!

10.[the one and only Breeze]in need of a buddy!

11. [Rhoslynn] I'll do whatever you say, just wanting some attention


1.[Shadow Reaper] Only accepting one male buddy right now.2 buddies currently, and male quota is filled.
BUDDIES: [Heartless_Angel] , [Rain Kissed Angel]

2.[Dulce et Decorum Est™]

3.[Blased Vilvar]
BUDDIES:[Heartless_Angel], [Madame de la Nuit]

4.[Kingofcyber] i now have a queen
BUDDIES:[Madame de la Nuit]

5.[newgroundman1234] single, and looking for a lady that can treat me right! message me anytime!

6.[Saleil] Up for anything, guys or girls.

7. [Metal up your ass] anybody need some loving? guys or girls

8. [Candrid_kitsune] go for it take me make me yours .... very open minded

9.[Just someone] No one cares.

PLEASE PUT YOURSELF IN THE RIGHT CATEGORY (girl buddies, boy buddies):


2.[Captain Morgan]


4.[Anime Addiction]

5.[Rain Kissed Angel]

BUDDIES: [thispersonisgone]

7. [Bade]
BUDDIES:[beautiful _ darkness], [¤ WORLDS ¤happiest¤ EMO ¤™]

8.[Madame de la Nuit]
BUDDIES: [Blased Vilvar]

9. [Elessania] lookin 4 a buddy

10. [kinki chaos] always needs a kinki fuckbuddy. and
owners. i like it rough.

11. [Virgin of Elftown] Trying out boys as well this time!
BUDDIES: [Rain Kissed Angel]

599. [clark33]

Username (or number or email):


[Saleil]: Just figured I'd point out that I've joined up. Hey everyone.

[Queen#11111]: if you want a owner see me

[Metal up your ass]: i really need an owner ok? some1 please cum get me,

[Death's Die-Ary]: i can be owned and be an owner ! *ahem*

Own a mistress

[fokofpolisie *MOTOR*]: hey GUYS:tell me eveything a guy wants when he gets a lapdance, hey new hobby -i neeed advise!;) ur kinky friend...xoxscarlettxox MESSAGE ME

[Shadow Reaper]: oO you want advise on what a guy wants from a lapdance? interesting..

[fokofpolisie *MOTOR*]: oh?yeah sooo very interesting *sarcastic giggle*...

[Shadow Reaper]: *smiles slightly* all i'm saying is that it's not too hard to get into most men's minds

[EmeraldGrizzly]: um... anyone out there willing to 'ave a little fun with a guy right now? (girl preferred)

[Death's Die-Ary]: *raises hand*!

[Saleil]: guy lookin for a guy here

[Just someone]: hey can i join

[sexeater]: yep

[clark33]: can i join

[sexeater]: ANYBODY CAN JOIN AS LONG AS YOU ARE 16 or up

[sexeater]: I would like to inform you that if you are underaged, you are not allowed to become a member on here. I have just banned a member of this wiki for being underaged. As soon as you are 16, you may be a member. But as long as you are younger you are not allowed. I have checked all the members of this wiki and most of you are old enough. Thankyou for being honest.

[sexeater]: I would also like to tell you that I changed the rules. There are no such thing as owners and slaves now. we are all buddies. please- all the people that were under owners, put yourself in the correct place (under girl buddies or boy buddies) thankyou

[Cold and Vacant Eyes]: very confused but very interested
tell me... exactly where do i add my name?

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