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2009-09-14 23:55:33
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GSD Colours


The GSD sports a variety of colours though the most common are the black/tan and the red/black. Rarer variations include the sable, all black, all white, liver and blue.

Black/Tan, Red/Black, Sable, All black (my GSD Sky), All White, Liver and Blue

If you are wishing to show your GSD, the all black variety is acceptable. However, the liver and blue varieties are regarded as faults and the all white variety will be instantly disqualified in most standards.

The GSD has a double coat. They have an outer coat which they shed all year round (and boy do they shed). It is close and dense with a thick undercoat (which sheds twice a year). Not all GSDs are long haired; my GSD is only medium haired. If you happen to come across a long haired GSD snap them up quickly because the long haired gene is recessive, which makes them rarer. As GSDs shed a lot they need to be brushed often, but not washed! Only wash them when they are absolutely filthy. If they only have a bit of mud on them a quick squirt with the hose will clean them off.

Note: If you have a long haired GSD and want to show them in the UK/Germany they are accepted. The American Kennel Club considers them a fault and will not allow you to show them.


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2009-07-07 [Artemis Riddle]: My Marco is Black/Red :D A bit gray to thou, he's getting old, poor thing

2009-07-07 [sequeena_rae]: Aww hun didn't realise you had a GSD, pics :D
My mum's doberman/GSD is greying aswell lol, old girl, 9 years old now :O

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