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GSD Facts


During the first World War, an incredible number of 48,000 GSDs were enlisted with the German army, many taken forcefully from their owners.

The proper English name for this breed is German Shepherd Dog but they are usually informally referred to as GSD's, German Shepherds, Alsatian (commonly used in the UK) or Schäfer(hund)

Roy Roger's GSD was named The Wonder Dog.

John Jennedy had a GSD called Clipper.

German Shepherds are part of the herding group of purebreed dogs.

In 1900, GSDs were among the first dogs to be trained as police dogs in Ghent, Belgium.

Horand V. Grafrath was the first ever registered GSD.

Adolf Hitler had a GSD named Blondi.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a GSD called Major.

Jerry Lee was the name of the GSD from the K-9 movies.

In 2005, out of 154 breeds the GSD ranked 4th in the AKC registrations.

GSDs were the first dogs to be sight dogs. Buddy was the first seeing eye dog in 1928.

Nemo was the first GSD to return home from the Vietnam war.

1908 was the first time the GSD was registered with the AKC.

Strongheart was the name of the GSD who was one of the first ever canines in silent movies.

The average amount of pups in a GSD litter is 8


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