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GSDs And Boarding Kennels


If you need to go away for a certain amount of time and family or friends cannot take in your GSD you will consider a boarding kennel. Dogs are usually fine in boarding kennels. However, if you have a rescue GSD they may find it a stressful experience.

Do not drop your dog off at any boarding kennel. Ask your friends, family and particularly your vet to recommend a reputable boarding kennel.

When visiting possible boarding kennels, turn up unannounced and ask to be shown around. Good kennel owners will be happy to give you a tour. Insist on seeing everything and do not accept any excuses!

Unless the kennels have been washed down they should be clean and dry. Make sure you are happy with the condition of the kennels and that the dogs staying there are happy and healthy.

Always make sure they have an up-to-date licence issued by the local council. It is usally displayed in the reception area. Make sure the kennel has up-to-date insurance too, just in case your pet needs emergency care.

Vaccinate your dog against kennel cough and make sure your vaccinations are up to date; otherwise, your dog will not be allowed to stay there.

If for whatever reason you need to lodge a complaint against the kennel make sure they are a member of Pet Care Trust (UK only).

The best kennels will be full quickly so remember to book early.



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