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Game Rules

As with many other RPGs, Realms of Lemire uses several Stats to determine a character's strength.

Strength - Determines the physical strength of a character, how much equipment he can carry and how much melee damage he deals.
Constitution - Determines the damage dealt to you, your HP and your ability to withstand blows, poison, etc.
Dexterity - Determines wether you can dodge some hits and the iniciative in combat, as well as the ranged damage you deal.
Magic - Determines the strength of your spells and magical abilities, magical resistance and MP
Intelligence - Determines your resistance to some spells and your mental capabilities
Charisma - Determines your people and artistic skills.
Hit Points - Determines the health of you character.
Magic Points - Determines how many and which spells you can cast.

The game works with opposing dice rolls. A d20 dice is rolled and the appropriate stat is applied along with any modifiers provided by items, magic or even situation.

For example - Claudius the Warrior attacks an enemy thief.
Claudius's STRENGTH is 6, his longsword grants him 5 ATTACK points, for a total of 11 points, that is Claudius's ATTACK POWER.
The thief decides to dodge instead of block, henceforth his DEXTERITY is applied and not his CONSTITUTION. The thief's DEXTERITY is 5, but his leather armor slows him down, so his DEXTERITY becomes 4.
d20s are rolled.

Claudius - 8 + 11 = 19
Thief   - 11 + 4 = 15

Claudius hits the thief inflicting 4 points of damage (the difference between the rolls) and killing him.

Similar rolls are applied for different situations. Examples of opposing rolls:

Seducing a beautiful maiden - Charisma vs Charisma.
Winning an argument - Intelligence vs Intelligence.
Casting a slowing spell on an enemy- Magic Power vs magic Power.
Throwing a Fireball in a group of enemies- Magic Power vs constitution
Aiming a beam of energy agains an enemy - Magic Power vs Defence power (if he blocks) or Magic vs dexterity (If he dodges).
Attacking an enemy - Attack Power vs Defence power (if he blocks) or attack power vs dexterity (If he dodges).
Winning a Race - dexterity vs dexterity

Combat Rules

When engaged in combat the order of action is determined by the character's speed. Each time a character takes action its a turn. Each time every character fighting has taken action it's a round.

Each turn is conformed of 2 actions a character can take. Some things require only one action, some things require 2.

Moving - 1 Action.
Moving and Attacking - 2 Actions.
Using a Skill - 1 Action.
Reloading a Weapon - 1 action.
Reloading a Firearm - 3 Actions (2 turns).
Attacking - 2 actions.
Casting a 1st level spell - 1 Actions.
Casting a 2nd level spell - 2 Actions.
Casting a 3rd level spell - 3 Actions.
Casting a 4th level spell - 4 Actions.
Using a Potion or Item - 2 Actions.
Changing Weapons - 1 Action.
Moving and using an Item - 2 Actions.

Status Ailments

Poison - Character looses 1HP every turn after being poisoned.

Berserk - Character automatically attack whoever is closest, cannot use magic or special skills.

Confused - Character attacks random target.

Fear - Character cannot attack source of fear.

Terror - Character paralyzed, can only dodge or block.

Panic - Character cannot attack source of fear, if source of fear draws closer, character runs away.

Paralyzed - Character cannot take any actions or dodge, can still block.

Stunned/Sleep - Character cannot take any actions, dodge or block. Disipates if character takes damage.

Blind - Character has a 25% chance of missing Melee attacks and a 50% chance of missing ranged attacks.

Silenced - CHaracter cannot use any magic or demi-magic.

Status Reduction

Str 0 - Character cannot move or melee attack.
Con 0 - Character falls unconcious.
Int 0 - Character goes berserk.
Mag 0 - Character cannot perform any magic or demi-magic.
Dex 0 - Character cannot more or do ranged attacks.
Cha 0 - Character becomes confused.

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2004-05-16 [BobbyRay]: So do you role the D20's?

2004-05-16 [Duredhel]: yup

2004-06-11 [SilverBlue82]: do you have a real d20 or do you use the ET one or a random number generator? Just curious lol 

2004-06-11 [Duredhel]: nope ^_^ I use a real one

2004-06-11 [BobbyRay]: So casting a 4th level spell takes 8 actions. Does that represent that you have to prepare it for 4 turns before finally casting it?

2004-06-11 [Duredhel]: Exactly

2004-08-28 [Shining light]: can you block or dodge while preparing?...

2004-08-28 [Duredhel]: Only dodge, ^^ i still find little time windows to sneak into ET

2004-10-10 [aimfire]: Isn't it spelled Charisma?

2004-10-11 [Duredhel]: whops, sowy

2005-05-25 [Veltzeh]: That's a mighty change over the spells.

2005-05-25 [Duredhel]: 4 turns is too much, yet 1 is too little :P

2005-05-25 [Veltzeh]: Whee :P

2005-06-27 [Veltzeh]: So, reloading both the musket and the pistol is now 4 actions, or what?

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