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Death Note Manga Review

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Death Note Story by: Tsugumi Ohba/Art by: Takeshi Obata

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A Death Note, dropped from the hands of Ryuk, is picked up by a high school honor student, Light Yagami. Light, in an attempt to rid the world of evil and create a peaceful world free from evil, takes it upon himself to write the names of criminals in the Death Note. As international police notice what is going on, they call in L, a legendary detective that has solved unthinkable cased on his own. With resources like his father's files, who happens to be the captain of task force, Light becomes Kira, a "god" passing righteous judgment on the criminals of the world.

I never really had an interest in this book until one of my friends pestered me into reading it. I was actually really gripped by the storyline, and I found myself not wanting to put it down. With two geniuses, Light and L, I found that their thinking stretched my own thinking. It can be graphic at occasion, but it also had humorous comedy by Ryuk, the Shinigami (God of Death) that dropped the Death Note. He may have been a comic relief, but the manga never lost its seriousness.

The plot grows and grows as you read more. I constantly found myself being sucked in. I can't get enough of it, it's that great!

I'm not sure who I would recommend it to, but if you like Bleach or Naruto, you should check out Death Note. :0]
/ [*Phoenix*]

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