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2011-04-04 17:18:38
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Name: Hanz Dulhelm

Age: 43

Affiliation: Nazi

Rank: General of the Fuehrer's forces in the former United States.

Gender: Male

Description: Hanz is a great example of Hitler's Aryen Race with clean cut blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that seem to take in all the information giving to him and some that isnt. He stands about 5'10" with a decent build to him. He wears a traditional Nazi General's uniform under a full length black leather trench coat as well as black leather gloves.

Training: Hanz has had advanced training in interrogation/torture techniques as well as advanced small arms training and officer training.

Enhancement: The reason Hanz wears the black leather gloves is to hide one of his enhancements from view. It allows him to cause a most significant amount of pain, right up to the person's physical threshold. Under the gloves his hands have the appearance of a long dead corpse in both color and decay. His other enhancement is also associated with his hands, it allows him to fire a semi-automatic weapon at nearly fully-automatic speed.

Dark Arts: None. Hanz refused to learn any.

Weapons: Hanz dual-wields German Lugers that have an expanded clip to take full advantage of his second enhancement. They are always on his person and holstered on his back under his trench coat.

History: Hanz joined early in the Nazi party's life and quickly made a name for himself in a few of the early engagements. He leaped through the ranks as Hitler sought out all those that were able to think outside of the "traditional" mindset. Hanz met this criteria when he came up with the plan to simply go around France's heavily defended border and attack from the back. This plan worked briliantly with only minimal casualties to Nazi forces. After this great victory, Hanz was promoted to General and personal adviser to Hitler.

This worked perfectly in Hanz's eyes till the world turned upside down and Hitler used the powers of The Nether to enhance himself and many others to prevent the party's inevitable loss. Hanz was forced to take place in the project and become enhanced, but was able to refuse training in the black arts. He continued to follow Hitler even though his battle plans were no longer needed as Hitler decided that no counter-strategy could stop him. When Hitler finally took the U.S. he awarded command of the armies there to Hanz as a reward for his work.

- Weltherrschaft

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2011-04-05 [Rice]: I like this guy! .3.

2011-04-05 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. Why thank you.

2011-04-05 [Rice]: You are welcome. He sounds fun to play...and awful evil. >:)

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