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General Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Review

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Yu-Gi-Oh GX Original Concept by: Kazuki Takahashi/Story & Art by: Naoyuki Kageyama

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX follows Jaden Yuki's life as a Slifer Red Duelist at the Duel Academy. He encounters many battles throughout the first two mangas: some against friends, some against opponents Jaden's been dying to Duel. With Elemental Hero Terra Firma and Winged Kuriboh by his side, Jaden is a whirlwind that can't be stopped. But how did Jaden get these cards? Book 2 reveals the story behind Jaden's deck and his passion to duel.

I loved this manga from the first time I read it even though I jumped in during the middle of series. It's exciting duels, strong cards, and even stronger strategies, make me want to duel myself. GX has memorable characters with duels that make you want to yell and cheer for them. For me, GX is an addicting manga that can't be put down!

I would recommend it to everyone who likes the Yu-Gi-Oh! mangas, and everyone who likes the card game.
/ [*Phoenix*]

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