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Geological Features

These are different geological features you should consider when making a map. If you have trouble with map design, look for an interesting spot on the ground or on the carpet. This can often help!

Aerial- This would be a world in the sky, like floating cities or castles in the clouds.

Island- A small place surrounded by water, often tropical.

Arctic- A cold land of ice and snow where no plants grow.

Desert- A hot, arid land of sand and wind. Deserts have very little water, with only a few oasis dotting its dunes.

Heavy Forest- A forest with thick vegetation full of very old trees. This is not good land for farming.

Light Forest- A much easier area to pass through with trees and less vegetation.

Arctic Forest- A cold, wintery forest full of conifers and evergreens. A harsh place to live.

Rainforest- A unique and very wet environment. Very thick with tropical vegetation and animal life.

Mountain- High mountain peaks and huge hills dominate this area.

Ocean- A floating city, or even an underwater city could be here.

Plains- Good for growing crops and raising cattle. Open, grassy land.

Savannah- Almost a mix between Desert and Plains. Tall grass, few trees and very dry except for a short rainy season.

Subterranean- Tunnels and lairs underground. Perhaps dwarves or dragons live here. Even whole cities could be hidden below the earth.

Swamp- A boggy, marshy area that is very hard to pass through. Often insect ridden.

Barren- For some reason, this land is dead and black. This might be a place where no magic exists.

Volcanic- A area covered in molten rock or cooled lava flow.

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2004-06-21 [Kiristo]: can u add medow?

2004-11-22 [thoughtfox]: Is there a difference between Jungle and Rainforest? It's causing major debates in my head.

2012-02-23 [Yume Youki]: Something to consider when choosing between these different types of terrain is the history of that particular area. So you have a barren desert - why is it barren? Was it always a desert? If not, what happened that it became that way? Little things like that are always good to take into consideration.

Also, cities are a type of terrain too. You can have Urban and Suburban, and Farmland and Grassland and such, plus there's things like highways and roads and things.

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