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Chance had seen nothing like this before, except in maybe sci-fi films. The walls, not including the far wall which was actually a huge screen, were patches of wiring and thick metal plating. He suspected that the plating covered the more crucial parts of the system. In addition to the screen there were computer consoles running the length of the room. The dimensions of the room to his eye measured somewhere around fifty yards by twenty yards. The last thing he noticed was a long knee high metal table running down the center creating two, two person wide aisles. The table looked kind of odd in this environment, but if he had learned anything about Estidny in the short time he had known him, it was that he had a reason for everything.

This is something my dad would kill for...all his dreams come true... Vala took the steps forward so she could check out the room better.

Selena still had a hold on to Chance's hand. "Wow this is better then the bathroom." She was stunnned by the hugeness of it. Plus she wasnt bad with computers for one of the more popular kids at her school, although she never liked the spot light.

"what are we super heroes now?" Devlin asks sliding down the wall to sit.

Estidny shrugged, "Something close to actually." He tapped his chin. "Actually you would be considered Demi-Gods."

Chance's eyes got huge and his hand became limp in Selena's.

"Oh good. We've bypassed fantasy and went right into Mythology." Devlin sighs.

Selena didn't understand the significe of this but she knew it was something amazing by the way everyone had reacted. Espically Chance.

Estidny had known Devlin would say something smart, but what he was about to tell them would sufficiently snap his smart mouth shut, so he didn't worry with embarrasing him. This time. "Yes. Demi-Gods, and not mythology. Mythology is something of the past. What happened to you is something that happens every twenty-five years on your planet." He sat in a rolling computer chair. "I am going to tell you a bit of what happened to you, the rest is in this great computer you have to work with here. You see, each of you have been touched by a god. Chance, I personally touched you. That is why you were the first of the group I sought out."

Chance looked at Estidny in a new light. He felt the same he always had, like an everyday normal being. But Estidny had just told him that he was a god, and that he had touched him, chosen him. The only question was why?

Selena was stunned at this. "Why Chance?" She asked Estidny polietly.

A young girl wandered down the street outside, wondering why the pouring rain had returned. She was smiling, though. She had just had a rather productive and enjoyable day and-scrrreeeech, crash! A car, driven by a drunk swerved on the road. She had just enough time to see it before it hit her and knocked her off down the hill, where she lay, unconcious with a cut on her four head, worse ones scattering her arms, and broken things not yet discovered, as the car careened away.

Estidny stood without answering Selena's question. "There is something Selena and I must tend to outside." He motioned Selena into the elevator. "I need you to help me with something, it'll only take a moment, then we shall return here and I shall answer as many questions as I can."

Vala took a seat at a computer. Demi-god? It was something she had always read in books, now it was happeing to her. She stared at the screen, lost in thought.

"Umm..Okay." She followed him into the elevator and as the doors closed she watched as the others dissapeared. She waited arms behind her back waiting for him to tell her why and what he wanted to talk about.

For all Delvin's smart attitude. He really was mulling over the information. Touched by a god? what did that mean. He stands and sits in a chair by Vala. he leans back arms crossed mulling things over in his head. mostly the past twenty four hours.

Estidny talked as he waited for the elevator, paused as the door opened and started talking again as they exited the hideout. "Selena, you are probably one of the luckiest members of this group. You were touched by the goddess of life. Among other things, this means had I not came along, you would have far outlived your boyfriend, have the power to heal, and have a slight regenerative power. I have use of your healing power at the moment." He stopped talking as they arrived at the bottom of a hill and pointed to a young girl laying in the grass, obviously injured.

As the sounds of the elevator carrying Estidny and Selena fade away, Chance looked around. After a few moments of silence, "Does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on?" he said to no one in particular.

"Mr. Estidny will tell us all at the same time. I'm going to make food." Devlin says ready to be away from Vala and Chance. he was glad the others had left as well. he too gets in the elevator and goes to the second floor where the kitchen was. He starts to snoop finding everything. then grabs an apron and a few pots. He was going to make a light soup and a main meat dish. he figured everyone was going to be hungry so he was going to make enough for them all. to last at least a day or two. depending. and he could use it for an excuse to stay away from them all and mull things over.

"Oh my god." Selena rushed over to the girl. She looked at her blank face and wiped her hair out of her eyes. "How did this happen?" She looked up at Estidny. "Umm.. How ezactly do I heal this girl?"

Not knowing what to say, she tilted her head up and gave Chance a small smile. Standing up, she headed to the elevator, she wanted to check out the other floors. She wanted to check out the rooms, get a first pick.

Estidny looked down the road, "Hit by a drunk driver... He swerved over and never stopped." He glanced back at the girl. "You have to concentrate, will her to heal. You have to want it, with your entire heart and soul. Touch the wounds, feel her body with your soul. If you do what I said you'll know where the wounds are and you'll be able to heal most of them. Some of them however you won't be able to heal." He pointed to an obviously broken arm, "Like that. You'll need to take her back to the base and administer first aid."

Chance watched the others leave, nodding to Devlin as he left the room. He was alone, giving him time to think. He sat and thought through the last few days, the strongest thought being that his life was about to get a hell of a lot harder.

Selena nodded. She focused on the girl, looking deep within her. She placed her hand on the girls neck to check her pulse. It was weak. Selena placed her hand on the girls heart and caused her pulse to become stronger. She looked at the girls legs and healed the scraps and gashes with the simple sild of her hand over them. After that she placed her hand on the girls head. She was feaverish, but that soon dissapeared. Selena sat back exausted. "I.. I think I did it." She watch the young girl in silence. "Oh wait, one more thing." Selena touched the girls broken arm and took away the gash and the gushing blood. "Okay. I think we should take her to the hideout thing and let her rest. What do you think?"

As the elevator doors closed Vala pressed the 3 button. She felt the lurch of the elevator as it rolled down. At the ding, the doors opened and she stepped out. It was like the first floor, plush and the like. She checked out all the rooms. But the one she picked was the crimson room. The walls were a deep red, the furniture was all dark or black wood, the bed coverings were navy and midnight blue. Someone must have been reading my mind. Shrugging off her hoodie she draped it over the chair. This was her room.

Nodding his head Estidny gently picked the girl up, "Yes, you will have to splint the broken bones, and I believe she also has some internal bleeding from the impact, but if we get her there and all patched up she should be fine."

Selena nodded and walked side by side with Estidny. "Mr. Estidny can you tell me the name of the god that touched me and how ezactly we all got into this? You can wait if you would like to join the others so you dont have to repeat yourself. Oh and umm.. is there a medical floor? I really want to be a nurse and this is like a dream come true for me. It would be much better for her and the others if we had a medical wing to say." Her words she spoke so fast not giving him a chance to answer her questions until she was done speaking.

Estidny shook his head, "There is no medical wing, but there is a decent sized infirmary that shares the third floor with the kitchen and dining area. And as far as how this happened, I will tell everyone at once I think." He had almost forgot but added quickly, "The current godess of Life is my sister, Vidja."

Devlin had made been soup. for the main dish he made steak strips. spiced and marinated in pepsie to tenderize it. He had put ham hock in the soup for more flavor. and was currently making pudding and brown's. Still stirring the soup when needed and he tasted everything he made. He was also cleaning all the dishes after he finished using it. he handled the blades exceptionally well. All the while his mind really wasn't on the food though it would taste good. he was thinking. And slightly worried about the home he lived at.

After getting her things from her truck, Vala re-entered her room, and started to unpack. Putting things were they needed to go, she placed her hands on her hips, satisfied. Until her stomach rumbled. She remebered where the kitchen was, and headed to the elevator.

Devlin looks over towards the elevator when he heard the ding as it stopped. he was currently mixing the cake mix into the pan almost ready to cook it. and already had the things for icing from scratch out, for him to make.

Vala was looking down at her feet, rubbing the back of her neck as the elevator doors opened. The smell of food made her stomach rumble and she looked up. She saw Devlin rutting around in the kitchen. Stepping out she gave a smile, "Smells great! What's cooking?" She chided herself, What a cliche....stupid.

"Soup. Bean soup. Steak Strip. pull up a seat to the counter." Devlin says putting the cake mix into the oven. he then turns around opens a door and grabs a bowl and gets some soup into it and a small plate with two strips of steak on it putting it down for her grabbing sivler ware and napkins. He then started immediately on the icing. knowing everything from memory.

She took a seat at the island counter. Her stomach giving away how much she was hungry. As the food was put in front of her, she looked up "It looks delicious. Thank you." Taking up her spoon she tasted the bean soup. Her eyes fluttered closed, a delightful sigh came from her throat. "Delicious Devlin..." She put the spoon down and cut into the steak. Again it was excellent. She finished the steak but only ate half the soup.

"they like it too. I'm usually making the meals anyways." Devlin says mixing the ingredients for the icing. He didn't really look like he was concentrating hard on what he was doing yet he seemed to be doing everything as he should. "So. We are... Demi god's." he says not liking the silence for once.

Selena and Estidny kept walking almost to the doors. When they did indeed reach them she finally spoke again. "Will we get to meet the Gods that touched us?" She opened the door and held it for him to pass threw the door way with the girl. She then passed threw it herself and headed to the elevator hitting the button it started to decend to the first level. As they waited she said, "I would like to meet your sister. I think she could help me out in my.. umm .. powers as to say. I would like to learn as much as I can to help the others and keep them safe." DING the doors opened and they both steped inside.

Vala nodded, "Yes we are. Strange I have read about them in books, but never in my wildest dreams thought I would be one...." She covered her mouth as she burped. "E'cuse me." She slightly blushed.

Devlin shakes his head excusing her. He had heard the elevator. but then the timer goes off for the cake so he pulls it out and sets it out onto a cooling tray. then he started to ice it.

Estidny sighed, "I think not. I can't even see my own sister for the simple fact that I am incapable of returning to the realm of the gods." He looked down at the girl in his arms, "I will explain all soon enough." He finished his sentence as they stepped out of the elevator into the dining room and saw Devlin and Vala through the doorway to the kitchen. The table Vala sat at was covered in food. It seemed Devlin had already gotten the feel of the place.

The girl in his arm's groaned slightly, her head moving a little as her face tightened in a light grimace. Why did everything hurt so much? She didn't care right now, she just wanted it to stop. What was making her hurt so much? What happened to me?...

Chance remained sitting in the computer room, staring blankly at the computer, willing it to explain everything to him without him having to touch it. He was confused and, though he hated to admit it, lost. For the first time in his life, he had no idea what was going on or what his next move should be. It was defenitly going to be a hard life from here on out.

Hearing the elevator ding, Vala turned in her chair, to see Estidny with a little girl in his arms, Selena following. She started up out of her chair. By looking at the girl, she knew that she had been hurt, and just recently.

Estidny saw Vala get up and shook his head, he sent a mental message to Vala, knowing she would recieve it. This is something Selena must take care of. He continued into the infirmary.

Devlin takes off the apron sets the cake on the counter grab's himself a bowl of soup and a strip of steak begining to eat it leaning against the other side of the kitchen counter. Yes he was curious but he wasn't going to do or say anything. He looks at the clock and sighs begining to eat a little faster.

Selena just followed Estidny. She was afraid to say anything to the others because she had been such a brat to them before why should they like her now. She kept her head low and her pace one step behind Estidny.

Vala gave a slight nod of her head. She sat back down, and stared at the counter. "She will be okay."

DEvlin doesn't reply simply finishes eating and puts his bowl in the sink rinsing it before putting it in the dishwasher. He then checks the pockets of his leather jacket he had put on the counter a safe disdtance away from the stove and oven. nods his head and puts it on pulling out the key's to his motorcycle.

Vala followed his example with the dishes. She gave him a small smile, "Thank you again." She walked towards the elevator. When the doors opened she pushed 3 again.

Estidny strode into the infirmary, the little girl in his hands and Selena a step behind him. He hadn't lied when he said the infirmary wasn't a wing, but it was obvious he had taken much care in making this room as he had with all the others. The far wall was covered in cabinets, holding all different sorts of drugs, bandages, and other tools. There were five different gurneys lined up agains the wall to his left, each with its own heart moniter, IV drip, and all the other things you'd see in a hospital. There were a number of different things against the other wall, but Estidny didn't pay attention to any of them, instead going straight to one of the gurneys, gently laying the girl down before turning to Selena. "There. You need to splint her arms, find and heal any internal bleeding," He paused for a second, "You'll know what to do. I'm going to go see what everyone else is up to." He gave her a reassuring smile and patted her shoulder before going back out into the kitchen, walking up to Devlin. "Hello there, I see you've made yourself at home in the kitchen."

"I was hungry and figured everyone would be less grouchy with good food in their stomachs." Devlin says zipping up his jacket. He was obviously getting ready to leave.

"I see, will you be gone long? I was planning on telling everyone everything shortly." Estidny didn't really want to wait, but he did want to tell everyone everything at once. It was a long story to tell, and he didn't really want to tell it twice.

"I'm not sure. I have to tie up some loose ends. If I'm going to be here as long or longer then I suspect. I need to do it tonight." Devlin says walking to the elevator. Pushing the button. "Gonna quit work and go to the orphanage you figure out how long it'll take. besides that girl you brought in has to be delt with first." DEvlin says stepping in and closing the doors going down to level one. He then makes his way to the door and then outside and out the tunnel to his bike.

Estindy stood, scratching his chin. The boy was rude, spoke before he htought most of the time, but he would probably be one of the strongest of this group. He shrugged and walked to the elevator, taking it to the fifth floor.

DEvlin went to the orphanage and spoke with the 'Mother' oh the place before nodding. he then went to four of the five jobs he used to own and told them two others would take his place from the orphanage. after that he packed up his clothes from the orphanage not much strapped it to his bike and started heading back.


Selena noticed the girl was dehidrated. She put on a pair of gloves and took the Iv, found the girls vein in her wrist she slid the needle with ease and began the trasmission of fluids. Once she was sastified with that by taping it to the girls wrist and banadaging it just in case, she proceeded to the cabints across the room. She rummaged threw them until she found just what she needed. Putting the things on the cold silver tray seh wheeled them back to the young girls bedside. She took the cap off of a surenge and inserted it into the iv lines. It was a simple pain medicen that cause not allergic reactions just in case. It would cause the girl to relax enough and not feel the pain when she would awake so her arm wouldnt be a sore. She waited five minutes for the medacin to take effect. In that time she just looked around the room and set up for the next part. She crossed the bed with the tray to the broken arm *the one without the iv*. Gently she picked up the girls arm and examened it. It broke cleanly thank goodness no need for surgey. It would snap back into place with a little pressure. "This is going to hurt just a little, I am sorry." Selena said to the girl. She took her arm and popped it back into place. The girl had a sharp intake of breath but nothing more. Selena held the bone in palce with her right gloved hand as the other reached for the roll of gause. She wraped the girls arm tightly and taped it down. She then took a metal brace and placed it on both sides of the break from the wrist to the elbow of the young girl. Holding this tightly in place she wraped another layer of gause around it. Not feeling that it would properly hold she wraped one more full roll around her arm. The she inspeced her work and was sasitified with the work. She wraped an ACE bandage around the girls arm so the gause wouldnt fall apart or catch on something. Selena took off her gloves after laying the girls arm down gently and checking one last time the Iv. She threw away her trash. The plastic from the gause. She placed the tray back after disposing of the needle in the red hazard box. Selena walked back to the girls side and said to her, "Now you just need to rest and the effects of that pain medacation wont wear off until about another hour. Then I will be back to give you another dose if you need it." She looked around. "There is a nurse button on the side of the bed here. I am sure that if you push it I can be reached from anywhere in this house so when you wake just push the button." Selena walked to the end of the girls bed and pulled a white curtin shut. The girl did after all need priviacy. She walked to the door and opened it glancing back one last time, then walking out into the kitchen. She sat at the table and sighed.

A small ice-like sting struck her arm. What was it? Then, seemingly moments later, fuzzy fire lanced up her other arm. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearble, and subsided quickly. Everything was so dark and she felt so heavy. What happened to me?... the girl wondered as she lay in her dark oblivion, floating on clouds of shadows. What happened?...

Washing her face in her bathroom, Vala felt a sharp tug at her mind. She looked up in the mirror. It wasn't Selena, she had a smell to her. A nice perfume. Estindy had an odd smell to him, she couldn't place it. Ren also had a perfume smell to her as well, like her grandmother's chanel. It had to be the little girl's. She bit her bottom lip, taking the chance and decided to 'speak' to her. It's alright little one. You are in good hands. All will be well. She hoped she sounded friendly, and that she didn't frighten the girl anymore.

Selena loved the smell of whatever had been cooked she just couldnt eat anything so she head her head in her hands.

Estidny was on the elevator going to the computer room when he felt a slight tug. It was Vala. And she was talking to the young one. Good. He could cross that off of his to do things list. Reaching the bottom floor, Estidny stepped out, finding Chance sitting alone, staring at the computer. "What's the matter? Have you never seen electronics before?"

Chance jumped slightly at Estidny's strong voice but calmed back down at the sight of him. "No, just sitting here thinking."

"Shouldn't think too much. You don't know enough to come to a good conclusion anyways." Estidny wagged his finger as if he was Chance's grandfather, telling him to keep his hand out of the cookie jar.

Chance nodded. "You're probably right, but I don't have much else to think about at the moment."

Estidny scratched his chin, as he always did when he was thinking. "I think I can give you something else to think about."

Chance looked up expectantly, hoping for a morsel of information, something to shed light on his current situation and help him come to any kind of conclusion.

Estidny motioned with his right hand, and suddenly there was a sword. He motioned his left, and armor covered his body. The armor almost looked as if it was made of paper, but when Estidny rapped his knuckles upon it, it made a solid ringing sound. "This is the armor and sword that has been passed to the God of Destiny since the beginning of time. The sword's name is Fate, and the armor Destiny. They are yours to summon."

Chance was about to ask how to summon them, but Estidny turned and walked back to the elevator. He had left him something to think about all right. Chance decided he might as well get to it and stood up.

Back on the elevator, Estidny smiled. That was one more thing off his list. He had purposefully not told Chance anything other than the fact that he had the power to summon them. The finding of everything would sharpen his senses and his abilities. He made a personal bet with himself. If Chance got it in the next couple hours, he would treat himself to some ice cream, the closest thing he had found to heaven on this world. If not, he would take everyone wherever they wanted for a day. Estidny chuckled to himself as he stepped off the elevator on the first floor.

DEvlin parks his bike and takes off his stuff. then puts the tarp over it once more as well as the parking pass. he grab's his two duffle bags of clothing and possesions and walks down the tunnel way. before coming to the house knocking on the front door.

Estidny was threw off by the knock, but quickly sensed Devlin behind the door. He walked to it and opened it, motioning for Devlin to stay outside for a second. "I forgot to tell you all how to open the door." He motioned to the right side. "There is a small groove here. If you put your index and middle finger in the groove, you can feel a small bump. Press directly on both sides of it with your fingers and the door will slide open."


Selena was so tired she actually drifted off into sleep. She had forgotten all about the wonderful bathroom and bedroom she wanted for hers on the first floor and just dozzed off right ther on the kitchen table

DEvlin makes a face but puts his fingers in the grove and presses both sides of the bump. "Happy? can I come in now?" Devlin says in a bored tone.

Estidny nodded and followed him in. "You know, I can understand you attitude considering who touched you... but you don't have to lay it on so thick."

"what do you mean who touched me?" Devlin asks genuinely puzzled. and it showed for once on his face and body stance. his head was slightly tilted as well.

Estidny was slightly taken aback by his sudden change in action and body language, but he didn't show it. "Your god, the god that touched you."

Devlin shook his head slightly. "right... yeah you should get something to eat. Mr.E." devlin says still shaking his head wondering why he drew a complete blank. He went to the room that was dark tones and ratehr simple. put his stuff in there. then walked out not even unpacking. he left his coat in there as well and had draped a sheet over the television. he didn't like it anyways.

Estidny caught him on his way out of the door. "You were touched by Kenibade, the God of Death."

"Death? Shouldn't I be on the other team then? you know chaos destruction adn death are all rather evil right?" DEvlin asks looking at Mr. Estidny. REally he was shocked. the god of death. "wait... then what is my 'power'.." Devlin asks lookign slightly confused again.

Estidny shook his head, "No. The gods themselves aren't evil or good. People just percieve all those as evil when really they are just things needed to keep balance. Kenibade is actually a quit jolly guy, somewhat of a prankster. And as for your power, you have the touch of death."

"Wait, hold up. this joke has gone from bad to worse. I have what?" DEvlin asks eyebrows drawing together in confusion. He was frowning more then he usually was as well. He didn't like where this conversation had gone too.

"You have the touch of death." Estidny repeated, "Though not as strong as if you were a god, you can't kill someone just by contact, but you can finish off someone who has a weakened life force." He scratched his chin, "Also, it's controllable. You can touch other people. I suggest activating it with a word of power. Die seems apropriate." With that Estidny walked back to the elevator.

"you mean you expect me to kill people?" Devlin says not exactly happy. He simply stands there. Trying to come to grips with this.

Estidny stopped at the door to the elevator, "There are people planning on killing you. Everyone dies eventually, and if you make it through this ordeal, that will become your job. At least at this point you still have a choice. Come to grips with it and accept it, or you're going to have problems." He didn't like being so straightforward with anyone, but he felt that it was the only way to talk to Devlin and make him understand. He continued into the elevator, pointedly looking Devlin in the eyes before the doors shut as he went back to the bottom floor.

DEvlin sighs relaxing everything. Then he walks back into his room and closes the door softly and lays on his bed looking at the ceiling. thinking. he had much more things to think about now.

At Vala's message, the girl's mind was instantly a flurry of thoughts, much like a snow storm of soft snow. It seemed drastically curious and searching for information, but the outter flakes of the storm seemed to be hesitency. Her morals. She obviously knew that this wasn't normal. A flickering thought asking if she was crazy to herself was quickly swept away into the shadows. Who was talking to her, and how? There was no denying the girl's incentive to learn of this new voice and what it meant, though she was vaguely leery of it. She opened her eyes, and almost emidiately closed them again, lifting the 'fire-arm' (no pun intended) to block the light. Noticing the weight, however, she carefully opened her eyes again and lowered her arm, staring at it curiously, then around at her surroundings, her eyes slightly closed again. "What happened..." she wispered aloud in a voice that sounded rough as if from sleep.

Devlin stands up. he then goes to the elevator and goes down to level three walking out. he was going to get some food. more food anyways. "hey... Wake up... uh...Selena" Devlin says walking over. lightly touching her shoulder " come one wake up Selena." Devlin says really not in the mood to carry anyone to beds or anything.

Selena raised her head with her eyes have closed still. "Huh? What.. what happened did I miss it?" She sat straight up and rubbed her eyes. Looking at the clock she said, "Oh my I have been sleeping for like an hour. Thanks Devlin for wakin me and preparing the food. I am gunna check on the girl and then if you wouldnt mind would you make me a plate?" She stood waiting for the answer.

"Yeah the girl too or just you?"DEvlin says already moving to the cabinet. He had to much on his mind to do anything but help at the moment.

"Umm.. Better make it both." With that she walked out and into the infimitry. She was quite as she walked to the young girls bed. She pulled back the curtin. "Hi glad to see you are awake." She said with a smile.

The girl looked up from where she had been about to carefully pull the IV out and slowly removed her hand from it. "Hi," she said, gently moving back into a normal sat-up position, her eyes never leaving Selena. "How long was I out?" she asked, face curious in a calculating kind of way. She had a honey kind of voice, tight as if from yelling, though not hoarse. It was smooth like velvet and yet it was obvious in the underlying tone that she wasn't one you needed to candy coat things with. A level-headed girl who sounded kind and stern at the same time. Innocent and yet experienced, though in a way that had not hardened her, just educated her gently.

"Well from the time we got to you its been almost two hours." She said looking at the clock. "I healed most of your internal injurys. I'm just gunna check you over once more now that you are awake." She grabed a pen light and checked to make sure her pupils were dilation correctly. "Do you know if your alergic to any meds?" She flashed the light in the left first then the right. Then repeted this manner three additionl times.

"Yeah, I know," the younger girl answered, letting the nurse lady work. Her tone was too tense with her and she was making her feel as if she wanted her to do something wrong, but the patient, as she sure she was now, was sure that wasn't the case. She waited for the right questions.

Devlin walks in. "Soup." he says holding a tray. he was in the resturant business so there were drinks andspoons napkins and a plate for each witha steak strip and forks if they wanted them.

"Thank you Devlin. Can you just place it on that silver tray next to her please? I still must check her over." Selena grabed the blood pressure device and began to check to make sure she was normal. Indeed a few moments later she was. "Well I think your going to be just fine. I want to leave the Iv in you for a little while longer, at least until this bag is empty. You only have about an hour left with it considering its one third full. If you have any discomfort I want you to let me know. I'm what you can call the nurse around here. My name is Selena. Whats yours?"

devlin walks over and sets it down. "How's she going to eat with a splinted arm and an arm with an IV?" he asks truelly curious he had never been injured that bad. he didn't know. though he did sound slightly bored.

She laughed and looked at Devlin. "Well the Iv isnt a huge needle i used the smallest one I had for her so it wont cause any discomfort she will be fine, but I do see your point it being covered you cant tell that. Thank you for the concern Devlin."

The girl looked at him oddly, then at Selena in answer to the question. "I'm named Tanker Beskytter," she said, then looked again at Devlin. "I'm not a cripple," she answered and looked at the food, then at him again, asking with innocent curiosity, "What's in it?"

"Three type's of bean's Hanm Hock's for flavoring though I took them out don't worry. and spices mostly. anda little broth. and I made steak strips." Devlin says "didn't say you were a cripple. "I'm Devlin. no last name. enjoy." Devlin says turning to walk out back into the kitchen to get himself some food.

"Everyone kinda clashes here. We all just met ourselves. Want some steak and beans?" Selena pulled it towards them on the side with the Iv. "My last name is Caldwel. Chance and Vala are the other two people that will be staing here. There is also Mr. E but I dont know if he is going to stay or go." she picked up her spoon and bowl and began to eat as she did so she sat in a chair next to the bedside. After a few bites she asked. "So what are you allergic to?"

"Thank you," Tank told Devlin sincerely as he left. She nodded along as Selena spoke, looking at the food before her, but looked up when she asked the question. "Depends," she said after a moment and looked at her food again. "Are you going to try and slip it to me in my food or medication?" she asked, no hostility in her voice. She pushed the steak away politely and pulled the soup closer, using her left hand (arm with IV) to eat it slowly, enjoying the taste.

Vala smiled at herself in the mirror. The girl was just fine. She sensed that Selena has told the girl about them. She dried her face and ran her fingers through her hair. She left her room, closing the door behind her. She went to the elevator and waited for it to come. Upon the doors opening she had another small tug, but concentrating she pushed it back. Stepping inside she pushed the button for the kitchen. When the elevator dung, the doors opened and she headed straight for the infirmary. Vala could hear Selena's voice and the girl's.She pushed back the curtain, and gave the girl a smile. "I'm Vala Sun." She looked at the girl with her purple eyes. "I talked to you..."

Just before Vala came in Selena answered. "No of course not I'm one of the good guys. I wouldnt dream of doing that I take my nursing seriously. I wanted to know so that if you have an allergic reaction to anything I know in the future what I can and cant give you. I'm going to write it all down later in a file. Same for the others." Selena smiled and took another bite as Vala walked into the curtin.

Tank nodded to Selena before turning her head to Vala, inclining it again politely. "A pleasure to make you're acquaintance, but please don't do that again," she said, pointing to her forehead and shaking her head. "You have a pretty name." She turned back to Selena. "I'm allergic to hops and blackberries," she answered before looking again at her soup and after a moment continued eating.

Selena nodded and kept eathing.

"Of course, I will not." Vala nodded. "Just wanted to let you know that you were safe. Please forgive the intrusion. And thank you." With that she left the infimary and headed back to her room.

Selena just smiled at the younger girl, until finally asking, "So what happened to cause this anyways? If you do know please tell me i would like to know."

Tank paused in her eating to think for a moment. She remembered it had been raining, and she was walking home. She heard a screech of tires and looked up to see if someone was ok and.. "I was hit by a car.." she said finally, as if just realizing it herself. She looked up at Selena. "Was the driver ok? Was there a car wreck out there?"

"It was just you out there. No car. No driver. I am sorry." Selena's smile faded from her face as she told Tank this.

Tank sighed with relief. "Oh good, they weren't hurt then," she said and smiled slightly, the first since she had been there, before her face was indifferent again and she returned to eating.

"Selena you should rest. You dozed off in a kitchen chair." DEvlin says walking into the room with a smaller tray with two drinks on them for the two girls. " I will stay with Tank if she wants the company. and if not. well. I'll wake you I suppose." Devlin says. In the orphanage he was second to the sister who took in the children. he was used to many people and doing things for others. he just didn't think about it. and right now it was a familiar thing taking care and charge of the others around him for what they needed. Basic needs, rest, food. companionship. He had a rather dazed expression on as he was on a sort of auto pilot.

Tank looked at Devlin, slightly surprised. "Oh, thank you, but that's not necessary. I should be getting home anyway. Thank you for the soup. It was very good," she said and carefully pushed the tray away from her and made to get out of bed.

"Wait a second Tank." Selena stood up blocking the girls escape from the bed. "I still want you to finish the Iv fluids and I am sure Mr. E will want to talk to you. So why dont you just stay here. I will go find him and then I do believe I should get some rest. Thank you Devlin." She turned to him and smiled. "What kind of drink is that?" Selena asked as she noticed the tray.

Tank sighed. "I'm fine, really, but ok. I'll stay.. But someone needs to tell my parents. They are probably worried sick..."

"It's a fruit drink. Coolaid and the other is apple juice for Tank. I'll call your parents if you give me the number."DEvlin paused a moment looking over at Tank. "I'm, glad you liked my soup." He says with a smile. more then anything he'd done before. a smile not his usual amused smirk. it really did make him a lot more handsome. and slightly younger.

Elson stood on a road running along a wide river, the lights of the city starting to show their twinkle in the pre-dusk light. He had seen a small girl get hit by a car. He had been slightly amused, but his amusement had turned to amazement at his own luck because not five minutes later, a tall man and the girl Ren had shown him walked out of the tunnel and picked the young girl up. He knew that to move now would jeporadize his position, so he sat and waited.

Estidny stepped out on the bottom floor of the complex. On the floor, he found Chance holding a gleaming hilt in his hand. "Seems he's almost got it... But I lose my bet to myself." Estidny scratched his chin and shrugged. "Oh well. Everyone will have a fun day." Grunting slightly, he picked Chance up and carried him to the elevator and rode it to the first floor. Estidny decided to lay him in the middle of the dorm room becuase he didn't know which room Chance had chosen, if he had chosen one at all. After that was done, he went back to the elevator and took it to the third floor, then walked into the infirmary. He looked at the young girl and smiled warmly. "Hello, my name is Estidny, it's very nice to meet you. How are you feeling?"

The story continues on Unforseen disaster

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