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2007-04-22 18:50:48
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Glamour Poll


Vote for your favourite photograph out of these five!
You can submit only one vote. If you submit more than 1 vote, your votes will not be counted at all.
Good luck!
(and thanks for voting ;-))

Note: If one of these photographs is yours, please don't beg for votes!
I've left away the usernames for now, to make (more) sure people vote for the photographs.

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- Photo Forum

2512) Vote for your favourite (Administrator is private forum number -2088)

Number of voters: 47

2413) Vote for 1, 2 or 3 favourites (Administrator is private forum number -2088)

Number of voters: 54

Username (or number or email):


2007-10-04 [Janouk]: OMG, you should have told me!!! I never realised that this was still going! *goes and begs for votes*. I'll close it when I have gathered 5 more votes!

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