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Contest is closed

Welcome to yet another Photo Forum contest! This time we are looking for things that embody is up to you to define this but we do ask that everything be tasteful. No porn etc...or you will receive a severe reprimand! Other thank that have fun ^^ And thanks for participating!

The rules
1) you must follow the uploading art rules
2)computer manipulation is allowed but please don't over do it we like to see what you can do not what your computer can do.
3) You may have two entries
4)artistic nudity is allowed but it has to be decent and tasteful (anything that's not will be deleted.if you are not sure about something you may send it to any of the host and we will tell you if it is ok or not)

[maluna], [Lady of Lore] and [Janouk]

Deadline: 20 participants

Place entries here in this format:

1. [Skydancer]
a) "Indiana Who?"

b) "Sorceress Leah"

2. [DarkJenni]
a) "Childhood"

b) "Deeply Lost"

3. [~Lady Morgana~]
a) "Mysterious Lady"

b) "Stripes"

4. [*micky*]
a) "Little princesses attitude"

b) "Aren't we glamorous?"

5. [maluna]
a) "untitled"

b) "shhh"

6. [L?se]
a) "Vanity"

b) "French"

7. [Kid Raven]
a) "Black Rose"

b) "As Life Fades"

8. [Corazie]
a) "Cold Mind Murder"

b) "Glamour Puss"

9. [Elion]
a) "Look beyond"


10. [Drowning In A Daydream]
a) "My Light"

b) "My Darkness"

11.[shir t.]
a) "High Renaissance"

b) "Peasant"

12. [Papa Don't Preach]
a) "Gaze into my eyes"

n) "Eskimo!"

13. [fangirl]

14. [losthero]

a) "Hear the Music..."

b) "Love at First Sight!"

15. [Gwenn*]
a) "untitled"

b) "untitled too"

16. [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]
a) "Just breathe"

17. [Magdalena Snow]
a) "Album"

b) "The Real Prom Princess"

18. [Faery]
a) "Hollywood shot"

b) "A little Hat with That?"

19. [Apus]
a) "Casanova"

20. [Seany.]
a) "Capture it; the moment"

21. [blu.nation]
a) "Glitter and Lace"

b) "Focus Me"

22. [Avrora_Black]
a) "Geisha"

b) "The Voice Within"

This contest is closed! Please vote for your favourite: Glamour-Poll.

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2006-09-28 [maluna]: i will get the artistic nudity banner and should we have the balck and white rule???

2006-09-28 [Lady of Lore]: black and white rule as in the entries here are blackand white or...?

2006-09-30 [Skydancer]: let me know when you figure out what sort of format the entries should be in. :)

2006-10-01 [maluna]: it says they must be balck and white i thought since that it's not a black and white contest that it wouldnt need to be in black and white if you want it to be black and white it's fine jsut say so i still don't know how to get that banner

2006-10-01 [Lady of Lore]: the main banner i made? or another one? The glamour pics should be in color I think because we already have a balck and white contest running....maybe for another one we can use b & w again...^__^

2006-10-01 [maluna]: the main banners fine i was going to get a artistic nudity one from the sercet service and we should add to the rules atristic nuditys ok but it has to be tastfull or it wilkl be removed.

2006-10-01 [maluna]: the main banners fine i was going to get a artistic nudity one from the sercet service and we should add to the rules atristic nuditys ok but it has to be tastfull or it will be removed.

2006-10-01 [Lady of Lore]: oh! That one!....hmmm i'll look into it....

2006-10-01 [maluna]: ok

2006-10-02 [Linderel]: Aren't rules three and four kind of conflicting?

2006-10-02 [Janouk]: Haha, true. I'll change it into two entries, I think we can allow you all two tries ;)

2006-10-02 [Janouk]: Good capture, [Skydancer]!

2006-10-02 [Skydancer]: Thank you. :) I thought I would try to find recent works rather than digging into my image library.

2006-10-04 [Thain]: I like the Sorceress Leah w/ F.A.K.K. 2, her eyes have a pretty shine to them

2006-10-04 [maluna]: there both really good

2006-10-10 [maluna]: i think only one persons going to perticipate hey when are we closing this contst same time as the other one

2006-10-10 [Skydancer]: Well, I have been chatting it up with some of my photographic friends, now if they will only submit something..

2006-10-10 [maluna]: kool thanks for getting the word out to them :)

2006-10-10 [eyes of frost]: Explain the meaning of "galmour" wanted...I mean there are so many different meanings.

2006-10-10 [DarkJenni]: O.o, this looks fun! Is that good enough for "galmour" I agree with [eyes of frost].

2006-10-11 [maluna]: i knoe thats why i myself had problums deciding how to make this contst so [Lady of Lore] was kind enough to make it

2006-10-11 [maluna]: however you think of it is good ok.

2006-10-11 [Skydancer]: The typical definition of glamour if anyone actually cares.. chuckle.. is a photograph of nude, semi nude or provocatively dressed female that is deliberated being expressively sensual, sexually suggestive or posed and lighted in a way that accentuates the erotic nature of the pose and costuming if any. Just to keep the record straight. :)

2006-10-11 [maluna]: o thank you :)

2006-10-12 [Lady of Lore]: In the way I made this glamour is up to you to define, so long as you are tasteful about it ^^. I wanted to see what people interpreted as glamourous

2006-10-12 [Skydancer]: Ah.. I see, then you are not actually making a photographic glamor contest, but rather an expression of the interpretation of the artist as to what glamour is to them. Glamour is very well defined in the photography industry. You are of course always free to have your exhibitions in any manner you wish. :)

2006-10-12 [DarkJenni]: ^^, I may change mine....

2006-10-12 [Skydancer]: As may I. My feelings of what is glamourous? {sp} are not what is defined as glamor by the photographic industry.. Entirely different concept here.. hmmmm

2006-10-12 [Linderel]: To my mind, the word 'glamour' projects the image of a ballroom full of fancily dressed gentlefolks.

2006-10-13 [iippo]: *agrees with Linderel* o.O

2006-10-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: I hope you like the shading Marion ...

2006-10-14 [Skydancer]: Very very nice, now that is a high fashion glamor shot. :)

2006-10-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: Thank you very much :D

2006-10-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: I think it looks like I do not have boobs though :P

2006-10-14 [Skydancer]: Well, that is a little tough, the dark against the light skin tends to minimize the apparent contour, then too, the angle accentuates the plane of the torso rather than the dark cloth. It is still a really nicely done shot though. :)

2006-10-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hahaha wow! Thank you again ^^

2006-10-16 [maluna]: good shot [~Lady Morgana~]

2006-10-16 [~Lady Morgana~]: Thank you very much! :D

2006-10-16 [maluna]: welcome

2006-10-30 [Sherya]: Hm, this seems interesting! Must try something. If I have the time >_>;

2006-11-01 [Iseld]: yay for glamour photography! one of my passions! w00t

2006-11-01 [Iseld]: oh it was so hard to pick only two pics!

2006-11-01 [Iseld]: btw, i like the pic [~Lady Morgana~], and [Skydancer]'s "Indiana who?" piece

2006-11-01 [~Lady Morgana~]: Thank you [Iseld]! :D
I do like your second entry a lot! :D

2006-11-01 [Iseld]: thanks :) i had a different one, then decided to put a man up since all of the entries so far were of women :) it's [Thain]

2006-11-01 [~Lady Morgana~]: Cool! ^^

2006-11-01 [Skydancer]: Much appreciation. :) Lots of very good talent here. :)

2006-11-02 [Lady of Lore]: Lots of lovely entries ^_^

2006-11-06 [maluna]: we close the contest at 20 perticapants :)

2006-11-06 [~Lady Morgana~]: 5 to go ^^

2006-11-06 [maluna]: nope 10 were are going by perticapants insted of entrys.

2006-11-06 [~Lady Morgana~]: Oh right :P

2006-11-06 [maluna]: sorry:(

2006-11-07 [~Lady Morgana~]: Why are you sorry? :O

2006-11-07 [maluna]: idk

2006-11-08 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hahahaah okay then :P
Don't be though.

2006-11-08 [maluna]: one of friends always says sorry for somthing he never dose and i guess it's rubbed off on me and sad thing is it was my biggest freaking pet peive in the world

2006-11-14 [maluna]: ok i had to fix the numbering only 11 more people to go till its closes :)

2006-11-16 [Lady of Lore]: Awesome entries so far ^___^

2006-11-19 [maluna]: i know im proud of how these contest turend out

2006-11-22 [maluna]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164218094.gif> only ten more YAY!!! (i realy like these emotions thingys)

2006-12-13 [Janouk]: Are there people out there still planning to enter the contest? Otherwise, I'll advertise a little bit ^^

2006-12-13 [maluna]: i think we need to advertise a little more

2006-12-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: I mean, especially because the ET photograph competition has almost the same subject.

2006-12-13 [maluna]: yea i still need to enter that too. maybe if you put it on mainstrees

2006-12-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: Yes that would help I think ^^

2006-12-13 [Lady of Lore]: Hmmm...lets make a page for topic suggestions for future contests.

2006-12-13 [maluna]: OMG that would be soooo helpfull

2006-12-13 [Lady of Lore]: Then we shall make it so.

2006-12-14 [Corazie]: Yay =]

2006-12-14 [maluna]: YAY!!!!

2006-12-29 [fangirl]: how do i put my pics on there? i have them on photobucket... do i use that?

2006-12-29 [DarkJenni]: you could use that or just upload them to elftown in your house, I can show you from there if you wish.

2006-12-29 [DarkJenni]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif> there....i did it for you.

2006-12-29 [fangirl]: hey how did you do that?! lol

2006-12-29 [fangirl]: there is another one i want to put up there too....

2007-01-04 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: Is mine okay?

2007-01-05 [Magdalena Snow]: wow, jadala, i LOVE yours!

2007-01-05 [maluna]: yeppers

2007-01-05 [losthero]: I hope mine fits...

2007-01-05 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: Thanks ^.^ *big smile*

2007-01-06 [maluna]: welcome....OMG i hate little kids AHHHHH!!! sorry i had a momemt. anyways incase i forgot to tell you; on the suggestions page (located at the bottom of the main photo forum page)is where you can suggest the next contest theam

2007-01-07 [DarkJenni]: ^^, [fangril]- if ya send me another one i can place it up for ya...i've tried explaining these kinds of things to people lots of times.....*sighs* [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)] Its awesome!

2007-01-08 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: -blush- thank you!

2007-01-08 [fangirl]: well it is on my profile... its the first one...

2007-01-10 [Mercenes]: It seems for the most part there is a very loose grip on the concept of "glamour", 14 through 16 have got it though :)

2007-01-10 [shir t.]: I'd say it rather depends on your deffinition of 'glamour'... isn't it a matter of perception?

2007-01-11 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: I guees we'll find out..

2007-01-12 [losthero]: There was a numbering error, someone overlooked numbering themselves. I hope you don't mind but I corrected it...

2007-01-12 [Apus]: We have a red X alert too!

2007-01-12 [losthero]: ???

2007-01-12 [Apus]: Under the "Back to photo forum" there's a broken image...


2007-01-13 [maluna]: i dont mind,intersting i dont know who put it there. um is it someones entry. i'm going to erase it if it's yours re add it above the back to photo forum link, what it a red x alert

2007-01-14 [Faery]: 20 participants, yay!!!

2007-01-14 [Apus]: Good luck peoples! =)

2007-01-14 [maluna]: good luck everyone..... it's finally over YAY!!!!

2007-01-14 [Faery]: [Avrora_Black], you're past deadline!<img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2007-01-15 [Papa Don't Preach]: aww. her pics are great too!!!

2007-01-15 [losthero]: Might want to password protect the page so no one else adds any...

2007-01-15 [Avrora_Black]: ah well:) at least I'm on the page :P I saw the thing about the 20 entries after I had put up my pics....sorry for the disturbance:)
Hey,good luck to everyone:D you all are so glamorous and shiny;)

2007-01-15 [losthero]: Your entries are beautiful...

2007-01-15 [Avrora_Black]: thanks:) but I see some that are far more beatiful and I can't wait to vote:)actually,where will we vote?

2007-01-15 [losthero]:
I dunno, I am just waiting for it...mine aren't very good

2007-01-15 [maluna]: well because it was our mistake for not closing it if the other host don't mind i don't think going over by one person is too bad

2007-01-15 [Avrora_Black]: yey, that would be great:D but don't worry about it if it will be a problem

2007-01-15 [maluna]: the poll will be up sometime in the next few days

2007-01-16 [5thwitch]: beautiful pics! I can't wait to vote for my fav!

2007-01-17 [Papa Don't Preach]: ok, yay. all the pics are beautiful!

2007-01-18 [*micky*]: I agree that the pic's are very lovely^^ So, when are we able to vote?

2007-01-18 [losthero]:
**[*micky*: I agree that the pic's are very lovely^^ So, when are we able to vote?]
      ***[2007-01-15 maluna: the poll will be up sometime in the next few days]

2007-01-18 [*micky*]: sorry<img:44166_1164144921.gif>...I guess I missed that one.....probably read to quickly.....<img:44166_1164145197.gif>

2007-01-18 [losthero]: No problem, just take your time, I'm not getting on to you...

2007-02-09 [Avrora_Black]: well...any polls yet? I completely forgot about this contest...

2007-02-09 [Lady of Lore]: Soon, soon. I'll see what the other co-runners want to do. I can make the poll if they wish, (can't remember if i was supposed to...:P)

2007-02-09 [fangirl]: well i know that my pic doesnt have a number nor a name and i dont know how to fix it.... <img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif>

2007-02-10 [Avrora_Black]: I think yours is really beautiful, [fangirl]:)

2007-02-10 [maluna]: i was going to but i still havent figured out how to do the wiki polls so if you want to thats ok or i can make it on my house poll

2007-02-11 [Faery]: You have complete instructions at poll how-to

2007-02-11 [Faery]: Making a Poll on a Wiki-Page

1. Press the "Edit this page" button: <img:>
The wiki-page edit box will come up.

2. Now type one of the following (the tags in bold):
< wikipoll:2390 > - The wiki-poll is just like a poll in your house. However, you can set the wiki-poll so it can be edited by many people based on a private forum number.

< voting:2391 > - This poll is the same as a normal poll, except the members who vote have their names placed next to their selection.

< multivoting:2392 > - This poll is the same as a voting poll, but instead of restricting the member to only choosing one option, they are allowed to select many. Note that the percentages displayed will be out of the total votes possible per option, not the based upon the total number of overall votes.

3. Click the "Submit changes to this page" button : <img:>
You will see a form similar to that of a house poll when the page reloads.

4. Follow steps 2 - 5 in the above section, about how to make a poll in your house. You can also set the accessibility options for the poll using the drop-down box and private forum number input box on the form.

5. Enjoy! Members will now be able to see the poll once they are given the link to your wiki-page!

2007-02-11 [maluna]: wow thanks <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif> i will get the poll started today im not promissing ill finish but i will have a preaty good start on it

2007-02-11 [Faery]: You're welcome!<img:44166_1164144932.gif> I would have done it myself, but I don't think I can... anyways, can't wait to see the winner(s)! <img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2007-02-22 [fangirl]: well thank you [Avrora_Black], so where excatly is this poll?

2007-02-26 [Janouk]: Cast your votes at Glamour-Poll!
Thank you! *^__^*

2007-02-26 [Avrora_Black]: YEYYYY

2007-03-24 [Magdalena Snow]: So, I've got a question: is the poll going to close anytime soon so we can see the winners, or can someone tell me how long it's going to last?

2007-03-24 [Magdalena Snow]: I guess that's two questions...

2007-03-24 [maluna]: um well i think it should be closeing soon unless the other host think it should last lounger we should have a end date some time soon

2007-03-26 [Magdalena Snow]: mmkay, thanks very much

2007-04-22 [Janouk]: Another round of votes and we'll finally know who won this contest! ^__^ We're very sorry for the delay! Please cast your vote at Glamour-Poll.

2007-05-15 [Janouk]: :o Sunny bug-bird!
Thanks for the spellcheck [Sunrose]! ;) *hugs*

2007-05-22 [Lady of Lore]: Janouk, Malnu, you guys seem to be doing a great job here ^_^. Sorry I've been of very little help. I'll try to be on more soon. Been having some family issues come up. But I will try to help when I can. If you have any questions of things send me a message. That is the surefire way to get a hold of me. ^_^

2007-05-22 [Lady of Lore]: P.S. I'm also working on new and improved banner for this wiki ^_^

2007-05-24 [maluna]: thanks but i think janouk should get most the credit i havent been much help i have finals and i just got done with my play so mabe after next weeks finials i can help a little more. i understand that you both have alot on your plates and lady of lore its ok dont worry if i have any questions ill write you or the forum

2007-10-04 [Janouk]: OMG, you should have told me!!! I never realised that this was still going! *goes and begs for votes*. I'll close the poll when I have gathered 5 more votes!

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