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2007-05-14 20:59:07
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Contest is closed

Welcome to yet another Photo Forum contest! This time we are looking for things that embody is up to you to define this but we do ask that everything be tasteful. No porn etc...or you will receive a severe reprimand! Other thank that have fun ^^ And thanks for participating!

The rules
1) you must follow the uploading art rules
2)computer manipulation is allowed but please don't over do it we like to see what you can do not what your computer can do.
3) You may have two entries
4)artistic nudity is allowed but it has to be decent and tasteful (anything that's not will be deleted.if you are not sure about something you may send it to any of the host and we will tell you if it is ok or not)

[maluna], [Lady of Lore] and [Janouk]

Deadline: 20 participants

Place entries here in this format:

1. [Skydancer]
a) "Indiana Who?"

b) "Sorceress Leah"

2. [DarkJenni]
a) "Childhood"

b) "Deeply Lost"

3. [~Lady Morgana~]
a) "Mysterious Lady"

b) "Stripes"

4. [*micky*]
a) "Little princesses attitude"

b) "Aren't we glamorous?"

5. [maluna]
a) "untitled"

b) "shhh"

6. [L?se]
a) "Vanity"

b) "French"

7. [Kid Raven]
a) "Black Rose"

b) "As Life Fades"

8. [Corazie]
a) "Cold Mind Murder"

b) "Glamour Puss"

9. [Elion]
a) "Look beyond"


10. [Drowning In A Daydream]
a) "My Light"

b) "My Darkness"

11.[shir t.]
a) "High Renaissance"

b) "Peasant"

12. [Papa Don't Preach]
a) "Gaze into my eyes"

n) "Eskimo!"

13. [fangirl]

14. [losthero]

a) "Hear the Music..."

b) "Love at First Sight!"

15. [Gwenn*]
a) "untitled"

b) "untitled too"

16. [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]
a) "Just breathe"

17. [Magdalena Snow]
a) "Album"

b) "The Real Prom Princess"

18. [Faery]
a) "Hollywood shot"

b) "A little Hat with That?"

19. [Apus]
a) "Casanova"

20. [Seany.]
a) "Capture it; the moment"

21. [blu.nation]
a) "Glitter and Lace"

b) "Focus Me"

22. [Avrora_Black]
a) "Geisha"

b) "The Voice Within"

This contest is closed! Please vote for your favourite: Glamour-Poll.

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2006-11-07 [~Lady Morgana~]: Why are you sorry? :O

2006-11-07 [maluna]: idk

2006-11-08 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hahahaah okay then :P
Don't be though.

2006-11-08 [maluna]: one of friends always says sorry for somthing he never dose and i guess it's rubbed off on me and sad thing is it was my biggest freaking pet peive in the world

2006-11-14 [maluna]: ok i had to fix the numbering only 11 more people to go till its closes :)

2006-11-16 [Lady of Lore]: Awesome entries so far ^___^

2006-11-19 [maluna]: i know im proud of how these contest turend out

2006-11-22 [maluna]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164218094.gif> only ten more YAY!!! (i realy like these emotions thingys)

2006-12-13 [Janouk]: Are there people out there still planning to enter the contest? Otherwise, I'll advertise a little bit ^^

2006-12-13 [maluna]: i think we need to advertise a little more

2006-12-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: I mean, especially because the ET photograph competition has almost the same subject.

2006-12-13 [maluna]: yea i still need to enter that too. maybe if you put it on mainstrees

2006-12-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: Yes that would help I think ^^

2006-12-13 [Lady of Lore]: Hmmm...lets make a page for topic suggestions for future contests.

2006-12-13 [maluna]: OMG that would be soooo helpfull

2006-12-13 [Lady of Lore]: Then we shall make it so.

2006-12-14 [Corazie]: Yay =]

2006-12-14 [maluna]: YAY!!!!

2006-12-29 [fangirl]: how do i put my pics on there? i have them on photobucket... do i use that?

2006-12-29 [DarkJenni]: you could use that or just upload them to elftown in your house, I can show you from there if you wish.

2006-12-29 [DarkJenni]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif> there....i did it for you.

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