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Human form:



User: [Aeolynn]

Roleplay(s): Frore's Glacier and Heaven and Hell (slightly different persona, a few years after her brothers died), Shards of Frore


Species: Sphinx (lynx/barn owl). As far as sphinxes go, they are a very physical species and tend to be very cheerful and playful. They can slip out of any restraint unheeded besides chains and in their human form they are not hindered by the elements as if they still had their fur. Sphinxes can also hear a lot better then humans, and have a higher sense of smell and sight. Even though they have mostly human heads, they still use their teeth to fight.

Age: About 24 in Frore's Glacier, closer to 27 in Heaven and Hell.

Description: Stocky cat legs and a short, bushy tail with the mixed markings of lynx and owl. She has medium gray feathers that sprout from her elbows and various other places. Mostly white with tan and bronze marks along her stomach pure yellow/brown tail feathers. Her hair is a light brown with bright tilted gold eyes set in a round, young face. Although her wings are long for a sphinx when she folds them they appear smaller and are dusted with tan spots and gold accents.

Personality: Bright and happy, Glasica makes friends easy and is very cute sphinx. She is loyal and affectionate and is often thought to flee then fight by her enemies, but her companions know better. In the snow and ice of Frore's glacier she is in her territory, and none know it better then her. Not one to be caught off guard, Glasica is a deadly foe.


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