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Glyphs and Runes

What are glyphs and runes? Well, they are magical items...well, kinda.

[Glyphs--->] Glyphs are magical energy's, kinda like a spell. No two people can control the same glyph (glyphs are one-of-a-kind). A glyph can be used indeterminatly. It is characterised by the fact that all the shapes are white in front of a darker background. It works like this...anything that you want to be affected by the power of the glyph, you draw the glyph on that object. You have to draw it either in a special type of ink, or you have to draw it with pure magical energy from your own MP. Some glyphs can be drawn in blood. Glyphs can also be drawn scroll like on a magically prepared peice of paper.
Glyphs can also be drawn in midair (using only magical energy) and then pushed to cast it. This can be done as a quick on-the-moment job for casting either on site drawings or personal glyphs. Note that while the effects are exactly the same and the time required for air castings are shorter, the chance that you'll mess up and have to do it again is greater.

[Runes--->] Runes, on the other hand, are actual solid objects, crystal-like in structure. They merge with a person, embueing that person with it's abilities, but there is a price. The rune leaves mark (scar, shining symbol, tatoo-ish, e.t.c.) in the shape of the rune anywhere on the body that you chose. Some runes have a minimum visibility requirenment. Example... the Fairy Rune has a Visibility listing of NONE to VERY HIGH meaning that it can either be invisible or very obviously visible. The Ice Rune has a Visibility listing of HIGH MEDIUM to VERY HIGH meaning that it must be at least as obvious as a very obvious (but other than that, completely normal) scar. More than one person can have the same rune, their capacity is listed in the stats as (current)/(max). Runes have certain innate abilities that work all the time or whenever you chose to use them. These take up no energy. However, certain abilities (like creating a sheet of flame) require energy to maintain, and uses up energy stored inside of the rune. Once the energy is gone, the rune's powers (all of them, even the innate ones) can not be used until the rune recharges. A good night's sleep will fully recharge almost any rune.

[MegaRunes--->] MegaRunes are man-made runes. They are incredibly powerful, containing an almost inexaustible amount of energy to run on, and they seem to incorperate the powers of other runes, and sometimes even glyphs. They also have certain innate effects. Also, MegaRunes seem to be very picky, and will generally only bond with the person who created it, or at the very least, someone who is friendly with/similar to the person who created it. Other than this, very little is known about them.
MegaRunes are an Exclusive Request only item!

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