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Greek Goddess Contest

By [selardorart]

Winners announced!

Voting was at <wikipoll:1714>

1st Place:

[Moluco] - Diana (or Artemis), goddess of the Moon

2nd Place:

[Asrun] - Atropos

3rd Place:

[nokturA] - Goddess of earth

Unfortunately, because the Contest creator seems to be no longer active on Elftown, the Art promised to the winners will not be delivered :(

I'm so glad I've gotten so many entries and you've all done a wonderful of now we're taking no more pics and the voting process has ended!

I've actually changed the prizes....I figure I'll award the first prize winner a drawing 8 x 10 by yours truly and the second prize winner a 6 x 9 drawing and all participants will receive a nifty badge :)

[1] (yay, first to enter) Hehe... My water nymph... by [HydroTemplar] (someone message me and tell me if i need to put up a better scan, i can't see it very well on my laptop...)

2. [Moluco] Diana (or Artemis), goddess of the Moon

3.[Iron-Man-429] Medusa, not quite finished

4. [nokturA] goddess of earth

5. [Bunny of The Moon~] goddess of love Aphrodite.

6. [wolf_demon_yuki]
a. Ananke Goddess of Fate

b. Brimo Goddess of Death

7. [Dark Side of the Moon] Aphrodite and Cupid

8. [*Midori*] The sirens. I had already done this one but i'm going to enter a new one later :)
a. <img:img/drawing/808_1115000767.jpg>
b. <img:img/photo/808_1129858787.jpg>

9. [iippo]
A) Hera. Keep that benevolent smile and you'll go to places. Upset her or make her jealous and prepare to feel her wrath.

B) Gaia. Rocking on the waves of the sea, she is the mother Earth.

10. [Kelsie]
a.Goddess of the sea:

b.Circe!! The evil greek goddess who turns men into pigs.

11. [Lerune]
A) Persephone
Persephone was the unwilling bride of Hades, and spent part of the year as the vibrant daughter of Demeter, and the other part of the year as the Queen of the Underworld.

B) Selene
The goddess of the moon watches the handsome Endymion as he sleeps...

a)<img300*0:stuff/Aphrodijittere.jpg> Aphrodite Αφροδίτη
Aphrodite after her birth.

b)<img300*0:stuff/oh-luna-mein.jpg> Selene Σελήνη
Selene and Endymion

13. [Asrun]
Atropos, one of the three fates who snips the threads of human life.

14. [Perplexity]
The first mortal woman Zeus fell in love with was Niobe, daughter of Phoroneus and the nymph Laodice.

15. [Pnelma Tirian]
So yah, I fiddled with the mythology of sirens and this is one and her unfortunate sailor.

16. [yusuf] Athena.

17. [Artemis Riddle] Artemis.

18. [Lady of Lore] "Brizo Watches" She was worshipped by the women of Delos (not the men, for some odd reason) as the Protector of Mariners. Food offerings were set out for her in little boats (no fish, of course). Brizo was (or gave answers to) an oracle who gave answers in dreams about navigation and fishing matters.

19. [dayah]
"Gaia, Mother earth"

20. [Janouk]
Kalliopé (not at all finished and very strangly changed, but O well ^.^) I hope it was ok to add it even though the dealine has been reached?

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2005-02-27 [This House is Deleted7]: Is Helen of Troy too far out of the goddess standings? She's the daughter of Jupiter, but she isn't exactly worshipped.

2005-03-01 [Hutch]: I think she'd be a minor-godess, or a demi-god

2005-03-01 [Kit Azhure]: no she is a mortal woman. she is not technically a godess.

2005-03-03 [This House is Deleted7]: I'll just have to find someone else to draw a picture of! ^_^

2005-03-04 [selardorart]: [This House is Deleted7]....she is semi-divine...her father was Zeus and her mother it's legit! :)

2005-03-09 [This House is Deleted7]: YAY!!!

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: no, she isn't look at some other myths if they are half mortal they aren't technically considered a god or goddess they had to prove themselves and who was Leda?

2005-03-09 [Hutch]: her mortal mother i believe...

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: right, i just didn't know her mortal moms name

2005-03-09 [Hutch]: I don't really know any of the mortal mom's names, except for Hercules'

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: but i thought hercules had two immortal parents or have the movies corrupted me?

2005-03-09 [Hutch]: movies have corrupted you ^_^

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: ahhhh ;-)

2005-03-19 [HydroTemplar]: no tasteless nudity... so nudity is allowed? b/c u really can't do a nymph w/ clothes... it just doesn't work...

2005-03-20 [insert stereotype here]: could the entry be of the wedding of a goddess or is that a stretch?

2005-03-20 [selardorart]: yeah nudity is allowed [HydroTemplar]...b/c you are right about the nymphs...and [insert stereotype here] long as the pic is portraying a greek goddess of some sort i'll def accept it

2005-03-20 [insert stereotype here]: tahnx  its what i needed to know

2005-03-22 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: are there any entries yet? if so, where?

2005-03-22 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: oooh, an entry =) nice one hydro

2005-03-22 [selardorart]: [HydroTemplar]...the scan looks fine to me...a nicely done, anatomically correct nymph :)

2005-03-26 [HydroTemplar]: thanx : )

2005-03-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: does gaia count as a goddess?

2005-03-28 [selardorart]: yes...she's not an olympian goddess, which is what aphrodite and artemis and hera, etc. all are, she was of the first strain of the immortals....the olympians are the third strain :)

2005-03-28 [Anvikit]: Oh, I simply must brush up on my greek mythology and enter this contest! =^_^=

2005-03-28 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hmm, might try gaia.... can't promise anything though, I get bored easily :p

2005-03-31 [selardorart]: oh so do i....i start crap, don't finish it, start more crap...somehow i always go back to finish stuff though

2005-03-31 [HydroTemplar]: hey, don't we ought to get one of those artistic nudity banners here?

2005-04-01 [selardorart]: i have no idea....maybe? other art contest pages that allow nudity don't have them, but i'm not sure.....

2005-04-02 [Anvikit]: I think those are more put up by the contest runners.. Or if its a contest based on nudity alone.. Or if its being displayed in a members house... *shrug* I donno hehe

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: I kept waiting for someone else to enter so that I would not have to put my daughter underneath a naked lady...LOL...just kidding. I am suprised that more people haven't entered this contest.

2005-05-04 [ally]: You portraited your daugther as Artemis?

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: yes, in my studies of Greek Mythology she has always represented a child-like character (except when portrayed as the hunter)...What better way to represent innocence?

2005-05-04 [ally]: You've sure studied different things than I did. According to most myths she was vengeful and sometimes cruel.

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: ????o.O only when protecting the innocent

2005-05-04 [ally]: Oh no. She killed the daughters of queen Niobe because she dhad dared to brag about her 50 children, while Leto only had two. Then there's the story of Actaeon: she let him be devoured by his own hunting-dogs for seeing her naked. And because king Agammemnon once insulted her he had to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to her (the latter got saved, but still). Want me to go on?

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: There are severl versions of the tales...Some see her as a vengeful goddess with a chip on her shoulder, others see her as a advocate for protecting innocence and the virginity of young women...

2005-05-04 [ally]: as I said, no?

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: If it bothers you that bad I will gladly remove my entry.

2005-05-04 [ally]: Yeah it bothers me :p. No please don't remove it, I was just being annoying. I like Greek mythology and have my own ideas about it, but I respect other's opinions.

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: I just don't see her as a "bad person" I see as strong, painfully virtuous, etc....yeah she was a little excentric but she has always been my favorite. She is who I base most of my rpg characters on...LOL...I guess I strange that is all.

2005-05-04 [ally]: Oh but I don't see her as a bad person. I worship her :p

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: There we go, she is now Pandia, demi-goddess of the moon and sun...I changed it. I thought ya know, [ally] has a point. THis is a picture of a little started to make me feel weird so now my daughter is no longer Artemis..I will just draw her instead. We can have 2 entries right?

2005-05-04 [selardorart]: wow...that was some pretty informative dialogue....thanks for enterin [Lothuriel]...she looks beautiful

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: Your welcome...and thank you.

2005-05-04 [Ocean Soul]: The greek sphinx wouldn´t count as 'goddess' I guess, hu? .. after all she´s a daugther of Typhon&Echidna, who on the other hand are the kids of Gaia&Tartaros.. *thinks*

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: I think maybe she would be considered a minor (demi)...I would have to look that up...

2005-05-04 [Ocean Soul]: Alright.. well, I was just thinking about that and liked the idea, but I can always do some other goddess :)

2005-05-06 [Kit Azhure]: diana wasn't goddess of hte moon she was goddess of the hunt.. right?

2005-05-06 [Yoruno]: I think she was goddess of both. ^_^

2005-05-06 [This House is Deleted7]: Diana was the goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. She was also the defender of wild creatures and children. She was also responsible for the natural death of women. ^_^ I did a project on her in Latin I.

2005-05-06 [Lothuriel]: Either way, it is breathtakingly beautiful..Will we see some color?

2005-05-06 [selardorart]: wow, i love the angle you drew her at [Moluco]...and i have an obsession with crescent moons. it looks awesome

2005-05-07 [Moluco]: I´m so glad somebody like my pic, usually the only one that say that i make something good is my mom!!

2005-05-17 [Lothuriel]: AcK!! Warn somebody next time will ya?! I was nearly turned to stone!!! LOL..seriously, I love your drawing [Iron-Man-429]. Such an original take on the creature!

2005-05-19 [selardorart]: yeah it's probably the most unique medusa i've seen...usually it's just some boring girl with snakes in her hair. that sounds like it shouldn't be boring...but it is after a while. bravo [Iron-Man-429]

2005-05-26 [Iron-Man-429]: thanks

2005-06-14 [selardorart]: very cool [nokturA]...all of your works are extremely sensual...not just referring to the actual figures but the way you paint them too

2005-06-14 [selardorart]: [Bunny of The Moon~] i was wondering when the goddess of love would appear....she's lovely. i love the pose

2005-06-15 [Bunny of The Moon~]: Thank you so much!

2005-06-17 [Iron-Man-429]: HA!!! i finished the medusa pic will post it tomorrow hopefully hope you guys like it

2005-06-18 [nokturA]: [selardorart]: thank you very much, I appreciate. :)

2005-07-18 [Iron-Man-429]: got the finished pic up finally

2005-10-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Oh how harsh! You'd think that something as popular as Greek mythology would have many more participants than this! Should be on the main page I think...

2005-10-23 [iippo]: I have an entry ready, just need to get it in.

2005-11-04 [Malve]: Can you do a photo manipulation? and enter with it?

2005-11-05 [lraina]: would a muse count?

2005-11-25 [Kelsie]: When does the contest end?

2005-12-01 [Magdalena Snow]: this might be kind of late, seeing as how it was almost half a year since the question, but i thought that selene was goddess of the moon

2005-12-02 [Blaithin]: As far as I know, Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon....Artemis also holds a bit of a hold on it but not as much. Diana is the Roman equivilant to Artemis.

2005-12-03 [Pnelma Tirian]: I thought Circe was just a sorceress, or like a daughter of a god or something,.

2005-12-04 [Bunny of The Moon~]: ever read the odyssey?

2005-12-04 [iippo]: Well, pnelma is right, Circe is a witch rather than a divinity. But I suppose it'll pass in this contest if you read it more broadly like "women in greek mythology" or something of the like since sirens aren't gods either, they're monsters.

2005-12-05 [Lerune]: I was inspired by the contest -- so thank you, [selardorart] for the inspiration. Hope you all like it. =o)

2005-12-05 [Nita]: Yay, a Persephone! My alter ego goddess :) *hugs [Lerune]*

2005-12-05 [Lerune]: *hugs back* I am glad you like it.  ^_^

2005-12-06 [Evercursed]: The picture of Persephone is just so pretty!

2005-12-06 [Lerune]: Thank you very, very much. I am honored that you like it. ^^ I think it is one of my better pieces so far. =o)

2005-12-07 [Lerune]: Just so everyone knows, I did use a photo for reference on the second piece. If you want to see the original, you can find the link in my house. =o)

2005-12-08 [Pnelma Tirian]: yeah I have read the odyssey, but not recently. Hey--is it okay if i submit my own rendition of a siren?

2005-12-08 [Jitter]: I had a reference too... It's an ancient picture though LOL

2005-12-11 [Galatea]: Hmm, I really want to enter, but I don't know if I should with such awesome competition...

2005-12-11 [Bunny of The Moon~]: Asrun that is awesome!

2005-12-12 [Asrun]: Thanks. ^^;

2005-12-12 [Lerune]: I always like your art. =o)

2005-12-12 [Asrun]: *smooches [Lerune]* :3

2005-12-12 [Lerune]: ^_^  Aww! *ish shmooched* <3

2005-12-12 [Jitter]: oooh o.O [Asrun] That's awesome *blinks*

2005-12-12 [Asrun]: <3 <3 ^.^ Muah. Thanks jitterbug. <3

2005-12-13 [Lerune]: Oooh -- nice. =o)

2005-12-13 [Jitter]: I added Selene and Endymion ^_^ Just finished :D

2005-12-13 [Lerune]: It's beautiful! I love it!

2005-12-13 [Asrun]: Pretties! ^.^

2005-12-14 [Jitter]: Thanks!^_^

2005-12-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: To [Galatea] - enter something! Why not? I haven't much hope for mine either, but you just never know....

2005-12-14 [Lerune]: But, [Dark Side of the Moon], your piece is lovely. =o)

2005-12-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Thanks [Lerune]. I was just moaning because I never win anything.

2005-12-14 [Jitter]: Meh I've never won anything either :p :)

2005-12-14 [Lerune]: Me neither. =oP But, it's fun to enter. :D

2005-12-14 [Jitter]: Yep. I'm a contest ho See: jitter as a contest junkie :p

2005-12-15 [Kaeirdwyn]: [Perplexity] did a lot of work on hers...the detail is great

2005-12-15 [Lerune]: I know -- the flowers are so nice.

2005-12-15 [Perplexity]: thank you =} 

2006-01-23 [Kuruni]: This is so odd!!!! i could swear i had an entry in here!!

2006-01-23 [iippo]: I think there is another one. Greek Goddess Contest..?

2006-01-26 [Pnelma Tirian]: and white version of this. it honestly looks better colored. aheh.

2006-02-23 [Janouk]: Can I post a sort of placeholder or is that against the rules? (which I'd understand but since the deadline has been changed :-))

2006-03-06 [dayah]: My New Contest Give Jinx a Face!

2006-03-07 [selardorart]: Janouk your entry is fine...thanks!

2006-03-07 [moira hawthorne]: WooT!!! awesome art in here!!! ... the choices are going to make voting very difficult! I have about 11 that I want to vote for! and I only get one vote! how to choose!

2006-03-07 [moira hawthorne]: Eirikr helped me decided... he choose his favourite out of the 16 I liked best! the kid has a good eye!

2006-03-07 [Jitter]: Heheh I wish I had someone to help me decide!

2006-03-08 [Asrun]: o____________________o Must... Choose...

2006-05-23 [Janouk]: It would be nice to have at least 50 votes :) I mean, we already have 43, 7 more votes should work ^_^

2006-06-13 [Lady of Lore]: Looking for a competiton? Go to Babies as we see them or Art Store Drunken Fairies Competition

2006-09-14 [Hedda]: I copied the images from Photobucket and Elfwood to Elftown. That will ensure that this nice art actually stays here ;)

2006-10-15 [Janouk]: 60 votes :o That should be enough to decide who the winner is, shouldn't it? ^__^

2007-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: A winner?

2007-02-27 [Asrun]: [selardorart]
Was last seen 314 days ago.


2007-03-20 [kittykittykitty]: Eek x.X

I have closed 6 other abandoned contests today, and that's definitely too many for one day XD

2007-03-20 [kittykittykitty]: Winners have finally been announced on behalf of the Art Contest Crew. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered and voted.

2007-03-22 [Lady of Lore]: COngrats to the winners!

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