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2009-03-03 18:53:41
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2009-03-03 [Skydancer]: Hmmm not bad, not bad at all, of course the mirror introduces distortion but still its pretty nice full body image. too bad you could not set the mirror on its side, but the real trick will be to get used to using the self time and running. :D I have to look at that manual again and see if there are any tricks to giving you more time.

2009-03-03 [Cillamoon]: Let me know if you find anything in the manual, if I had like 30 seconds on that thing it would be superb! And again, it sucks that I have to hold it upright, I just don't have anything that's tall enough, and would be out of the shot, to get the picture taken. Working on it though. This time I did touch up's before uploading, like brightness, color, croping. So I'm glad you think it is an improvement. :)

2009-03-04 [Hedda]: The very bright background makes it hard to make a good image, but the second but last image is good anyway. But it still looks like there is an atomic blast behind you.

I want to see your different faces, by the way. <img:44166_1164145305.gif>

2009-03-04 [Cillamoon]: KABOOM!!! Lol. But seriously, I hear ya. I need to work on different faces. I haven't really been on a picture spree in at least several months so I'm just getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to add a variety of facial expressions for both She's A Witch! & Green Lushness. 

2009-03-04 [Hedda]: I did just that: facial expressions free photos

I had no idea that I had so many faces...

2009-03-04 [Cillamoon]: Funny, I looked there before I even came to this page to see your comment. I've got a good idea as to what you are looking for as far as facial expressions now, thank you for the example. Perhaps I can even do those this evening.

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